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Unit 2, Faust, Part I

Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Doctor Faustus and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for. What is the relationship between God and Mephistopheles? What is the relationship between God and Faust? What kind of a deal do God and the devil make in. Why should you care about what Mephistopheles says in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus? Don't worry, we're here to tell you.

On the comic level then, there is even a greater misuse of power. The comic actions of Wagner show that Faustus' essential relationship with Mephistophilis carries a more universal significance. Faustus' actions affects other people, for Wagner tries to imitate his master and only bungles whatever he does. This master-servant relationship is carried to further comic extremes in the relationship between Robin and Ralph in the comic interludes.

Robin gets one of Faustus' conjuring books and tries to force Ralph to become his servant. Thus, the comic episodes are loosely related to the serious aspects of the drama by this servant-master relationship in which the actions of the master influence the behavior and destiny of the servant. Given what awaits him after his time runs out, Faustus had better make the most of his brief stint of power. Faustus seems to waver at times, wondering if he should turn back to God and repent.

He claims that his heart is hardened and he cannot think of heavenly things without thinking of his inevitable damnation. Then swords and knives, Poison, guns, halters and envenomed steel Are laid before me to dispatch myself.

And long ere this I should have done the deed, Had not sweet pleasure conquered deep despair. Not only does he reject God, he also believes that God cannot and will not save him. In his paranoid, depressed state, he hears God telling him that he is damned. Perhaps because of his prideful and self-important attitude, he believes he is being unjustly persecuted.

Faustus uses these feelings to justify his dangerous actions. If he believes God has rejected him, Faustus can in turn reject God. Source Because Faustus is so blinded by pride and so vulnerable because of his unhappiness, Mephistopheles has an easy time deceiving him.

He appears to warn Faustus not to make the deal: However, Mephistopheles is thinking of his own torment by being in a constant state of hell. The concept of hell in Dr. Faustus is not a physical location, but instead the absence of God. Mephistopheles chides Faustus, saying: For Mephistopheles, who used to be a spirit with God until he was thrown out of heaven with Lucifer, poena damni—the punishment of separation from God—is a real torment.

Faustus is slow to realize that he is not the one in control, that Lucifer has all the power and that Mephistopheles is merely humoring him. Indeed, Mephistopheles, Lucifer, and Belzebub reveal their true colors when they begin taunting Faustus in Act 2. Faustus is having some emotional distress, calling on Christ to save him.

The demons appear almost instantly and scold Faustus for calling out to God. Chastened, Faustus apologizes and makes some extreme promises to make up for his transgression: Who do you think will come out on top, Faust or Mephistopheles? Delacroix -The Death of Valentin with your teacher's reflection in the glass, taking the photo For many years, the Gretchen episode was the end of the drama.

Doctor Faustus

In fact, the Berlioz opera Faust is based almost exclusively on Margaret Gretchen. Continue to use Professor Bryan's excellent Study Guide. His questions will lead you to greater insight on the representations of good and evil in the later scenes of Part One. Think about the following questions as you read.

What does Mephistopheles think of Margaret as a match for Faust? How old is Margaret? It's in the text. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, only the nobility was permitted or able to wear jewelry.

Doctor Faustus vs. Mephistopheles, or The Unfair Bargain

What significance does this have for our story? What do Faust and Margaret discuss? What happens to Margaret as a result of her liaison with Faust? What happens to her family? What is Faust doing while Margaret's fate unfolds?

Doctor Faustus vs. Mephistopheles, or The Unfair Bargain | Owlcation

How does Faust react when he learns of what happened? What is Mephistopheles' role in Faust's liaison with Margaret? What becomes of Margaret?