Hart of dixie zoe and george relationship counseling

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So, Hart of Dixie has to come back for a Season 4, right? Yes, Wade's cheating did lead to the end of their relationship and rightfully so In the beginning, it seemed the show's creators wanted George Tucker and Zoe to be endgame, Any relationship based on advice from Tansy was sure to end poorly. Hart of Dixie The Race & the Relationship Original Air Date: Apr 30, Alyssa Lavon taking a step back regarding Zoe and George was the right decision that the wedding's off only to be roped into couples counselling. Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter Previews George and Lemon's Future, for seven seasons, you'd see more of the Zoe/George relationship, but they.

They became really good friends, even best friends very quickly. But they have also a mutual sexual attraction. Zoe fell in love with him really quickly almost in the beginning. But they became closer every day. They are always there for each other. Their romance almost prominent.

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George fell in love with her too. Although at first these two seemed destine in the series for each other, it seems they are becoming friends in a near platonic way now. Yes; at first they clearly had sexual tension, but now it's more like awkward residue left from their dramatic history.

Season One Edit In episode 18 of the first season, he realizes that Lemon had been cheating on him with one of his best friends In episode 19 of the first season, after finding about Lemon's affair, George decides to take a motorcycle trip to New Orleans.

Zoe is invited to New Orleans as well and they subsequently share their first kiss. Also Zoe reveals that she is in love with him. Not even Rory Gilmore did the right thing all the time and she was basically the poster child for Doing The Right Thing.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship counseling

But this is not that kind of show. But she goes about everything the wrong way. Zoe made progress in the season finale when she tried to leave town so George could get married peacefully.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship counseling

And she made progress when she admitted to herself that she wanted Wade just as much as he wanted her. He just wanted her to give them a shot so he could prove how well they worked together. And then she walked back in to her bedroom, where a half-naked Wade Kinsella was in her bed, and she just stood there looking both happy and confused. I understand the setup.

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I only hope the writers can find a way for Zoe to grow up — she is almost 30 years old for crying out loud. She needs to start taking responsibility for her actions and she needs tappropriate making reckless decisions on the fly.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship counseling

I genuinely enjoy Rachel Bilson, but Zoe Hart is an awfullif infuriating character. It feels tired and worn out already on this show. I like that the show seems to be giving more depth to tertiary townspeople like Tom and Annabeth.

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So many wonderful subplots surrounded people like Kirk and Taylor Doose. And you really felt like you knew Miss Patty and Babette. I hope the writers continue to give voices to the people of Bluebell. What did you think? Ever since the beginning of the show, George has always been in the back of her mind as the end game for Zoe.

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Has Wade finally shifted her focus, or is that still her goal, to end up with George? It surprised us, I would say, as well. But for right now, coming back, Zoe and Wade are making a go of it.

hart of dixie zoe and george relationship counseling

What do they look like in 10 years? And at some point, obviously sooner than 10 years, I think that Zoe will have to start asking herself those questions. And the possibility that George is out there is always going to exist. Was this always planned for Zoe and Wade to test things out, or did it just happen organically as time went on? It happened kind of organically. We loved them together last year and we obviously did not plan so super much into the future. So we are kind of feeling it out, that there is not necessarily one true love in this show.