Haruka and michiru relationship questions

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haruka and michiru relationship questions

The relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune shows Guardians of Heaven and the Deep Sea: Haruka and Michiru's. Thus, Haruka and Michiru were indeed princesses in their past life. That other relationships from the past (between Mamoru and Usagi. We see Sailor Neptune as Michiru also play with Mamoru in a similar way, though later of Haruka and Usagi kissing would have been enough for most fans. She and Sailor Neptune's relationship was a bold move on Takeuchi's part. . Topics. Anime · Individual Episode Reviews · Series Reviews.

The animation is tighter and the story is exciting, particularly because the Outer Senshi are now part of the show. All human beings can appreciate a good story.

3:17 – The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus

They teach us lessons, and they help us learn about and build empathy toward others. But they are also like microcosmic worlds in which our hopes and ideals can play out. But we have seen how much the Sailor Senshi love and care about one another overall.

haruka and michiru relationship questions

She has the strengths of both genders, it is her special advantage as a solider. Haruka and Michiru also tell the Inner Senshi that the fight against the Death Busters is their own, but the Inner Senshi want to fight alongside them—especially Sailor Moon, who becomes close to Haruka.

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I think that the Sailor Senshi see one another as family and believe in helping one another no matter what. In the next episode, Act 33, the hope and love that Sailor Moon feels for all of her friends culminates in her transformation, as well as the transformation of the other Senshi into their Super forms.

We all shared the same feelings. Since they need to tell a full story, from beginning to end, in such a short amount of time, it all feels so superficial. Which fuku do you like the best? Gakuin uniform is just so cool!

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As for Sailor Soldiers? Has Sailor Moon inspired you in any way and how? It also inspired me to study Japanese, which ultimately put my entire life on course to living in Japan, becoming a translator, and meeting my wife. My half-Japanese daughter is sitting on my lap as I type this. Saw it on tv one day back in fall of and fell in love with the series and characters.

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I loved the fact that the story continued from episode to episode — something that was uncommon in American cartoons at the time, and even now — and that even the enemies had their own motivations.

I loved it from the first episode I saw. Are you open or secret about your love for Sailor Moon? Which of the 3 cats do you like best?

haruka and michiru relationship questions

This is a weird final question. Whose backstory would you like to know more about? Haruka and Michiru are rich because… they have patrons? Who knows about that one.

haruka and michiru relationship questions

Feel free to answer as many or as few!