Helen and menelaus relationship counseling

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helen and menelaus relationship counseling

This article analyses the portrayal of Helen of Troy in the Iliad of Homer, according to Hanna M. from their appearance and their wise advice. They slaughter a couple of cows and feast on the meat. Agamemnon takes the advice and gets his heralds to call the troops to battle, so everyone Inside the walls of Troy Helen sits at her loom as the gods' herald Iris approaches her. Unfortunately, I'm not sure wanting it is enough. So who was Menelaus? And what was his relationship to Helen before he became her.

An escape from his brother's control and command?

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Menelaus, from Wiki Commons If Helen was simply a means to an end, then no wonder she ran off with Paris. But if she wasn't-- if he loved her even more than Sparta's throne-- and let's not forget that Helen's beauty was such that even the mightiest of men fell within her thrall-- might he have developed a close relationship with her prior to their marriage?

Kept a jealous eye on her interactions with other men? With his potential competition? What might that have driven him to?

And how much harder might it have been for him when he realized she'd been abducted once already, by Theseus, a well known and highly acclaimed hero, if not an even more powerful king than Agamemnon. In the Myths, Menelaus is relentless in trying to retrieve Helen while she's in Troy, he makes for a sympathetic character in the Iliad, and in the Odyssey, after he's brought Helen home again, and they begin to build their life together anew.

But I don't buy that it's only about love. The thing that people overlook in the Iliad is that it's entirely possible that without Helen, Menelaus had no legitimacy as a king. Everything he'd worked for and built in Sparta would have been forfeit, and whatever freedom he'd enjoyed as a king in his own right, as an independent political unit, would have been surrendered too.

helen and menelaus relationship counseling

He'd be just another second son, serving his brother, the rightful king. In this lesson, we'll describe Helen of Troy and explore Homer's description of her in The Iliad Helen of Troy was the most beautiful woman who ever lived The Story of Helen Helen was born in Sparta, the daughter of Leda of the poem 'Leda and the Swan', which tells of Helen's conception and Zeus, king of the gods.

Helen was regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world, and thus many men sought her in marriage. There was such contention that the suitors all came up with a plan.

Whomever Helen's mother's husband Tyndareus chose, the others all agreed to support him.

helen and menelaus relationship counseling

Menelaus of Sparta was chosen to be Helen's husband, and the two were married. They had one daughter, Hermione. Helen's twin sister, Clytemnestra married Menelaus's brother, Agamemnon of Argos, who was one of the most powerful Greek men and a major player in The Iliad. Known as a fair judge, Zeus gave Paris the task of picking which goddess was the most beautiful. In the running were Hera queen of the godsAthena goddess of wisdom and warand Aphrodite goddess of love. Each promised something to Paris so he would pick her.

Summary by Charles Alex Pellett Iliad: From the coast, a cloud of dust approaches thick as a morning fog. The Trojans assemble themselves; a wall to defend yet another.

The Greeks move in silence, acknowledging their pledge to fight to the death for pride and brotherhood. From the ranks of the Trojans one emerges. It is the divine Paris, son of Priam.

Menelaus in The Iliad: Characteristics & Traits

Defiantly, he shakes two bronze spears at the Greeks and mockingly challenges their best warrior to engage him. At the sight of the Menelaus, the audacity possessing Paris flees as he to attempts to seek refuge among his fellow Trojans out of cowardice.

For this his brother Hector, commander of the Trojan army, starts on him with abusive epithets. It appears that the source of conflict arises not from the mortals, but the interplay of the gods in their lives.

Addressing all, he laid the idea before them; a battle for pride and the love of an unsurpassed enchantress. From this suggestion rose utter silence, broken only by booming voice Menelaus. He agrees to the challenge and requests that a sacrifice to the gods be made to seal the pact before the battle. Iris entices Helen to go join Priam and his council to view the events unfolding between her present and former lover. Yet again it appears that the gods are meddling with the lives of mortals.

helen and menelaus relationship counseling

Think of cicadas perched on a branch, Their delicate voices shrill in the woods. One by one he picks them out of the crowd and Helen places a history behind each face.

helen and menelaus relationship counseling

As the warriors on the plain return with the sacrificial rams, Priam is called down to partake in the ritual to appease the gods. Only with Priam at hand are the blood of the sacrificial rams spilt and the stipulations of the battle set forth by Agamemnon. If Paris Alexander kills Menelaus, Helen and all her goods are his, And we shall sail away in our ships.

Ironically, Homer states immediately after this that Zeus would not fulfill their prayers, possibly foreshadowing the events that are to unfold and the siege that is to take place later in the Epic.

The assailants arm themselves and the battle ensues with Paris striking first, his spear throw deflected by the shield of Menelaus. Retaliating, Menelaus launches his spear behind which flies a prayer to Zeus.

Helen of Troy in The Iliad: Description, Story & Facts

Enraged, Menelaus chastises Zeus for interfering with his revenge and begins to drag Paris by his helmet to the waiting Greek army. If not for Aphrodite aiding Paris by cutting his chinstrap and whisking him away in a veil of smoke, Menelaus would have surely slain him.

With this, Paris finds himself in the security of his bedroom. His wife, Helen, is present only to reproachfully question him why he had not died on the battlefield as he was beaten by a real hero, her former husband.