Ironman and pepper potts relationship tips

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ironman and pepper potts relationship tips

-Baby, you're in a relationship with me. Nothing is ever going to be alright." - Pepper Potts and Tony Stark from #Ironman3. #moviequotes #movies. If your only knowledge of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark's relationship comes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might want to sit down. And the second dialogue by Tony Stark means that they're about to get Engagement and wedding are two different relationship statuses.

But, for Tony to just walk up to Pepper and drag her onto a dance floor in front of all of her colleagues The conversation goes as follows: Do you want to dance?

Just like that, they are dancing in front of everyone. Read the room, Tony Stark. However, it had all of the same type of content you come to expect from an Iron Man movie. This would include big action set pieces, a colorful cast of characters and villains, oh, and Tony putting his friends in danger. This time, Iron Man goes up against Whiplash. Guess who is sitting in the back of the car?

ironman and pepper potts relationship tips

This is a harrowing event, no doubt. In fact, you could say Pepper Potts is low-key the hero of the Iron Man franchise. This is not how Pepper Potts dreamed her life would go. It is doubtful that she ever thought that her life-path would put her in a situation where she would blast a man already on fire away, or risk being blasted herself.

Now, they are saving the day, and arguably things would be a lot worse if they did not contribute to stopping the bad guys from unleashing carnage. This concept is not lost on us, but give it a week at least! In Iron Manthey were almost made food by powerful robots, the likes of which they had never seen.

After destroying said robots they stare at each other longingly, realizing that together their love binds them stronger than any mechanical suit can. Most of us would be shaking on the floor of a mental hospital from the psychological toll that those events would have had on us. This entry is just impressive. She cannot possibly do anything with this bear, other than break it down and destroy it. Neither was able to act on these feelings, as they each feared that the other would not accept them.

When Stark returned from captivity in Afghanistanshe was trusted enough by him to see his Iron Man suits and his workshop. After Stane's death, Stark made Potts his new business partner, taking Stane's place.

ironman and pepper potts relationship tips

Believing his death was imminent, Stark stepped down as CEO and appointed her as his replacement. After Stark defeated Whiplash at the Stark Expoboth Potts and Stark finally admitted their attraction to each other and began a romantic relationship. During the crisis surrounding the Mandarin's terrorist attacksPotts was kidnapped by Aldrich Killian and injected with Extremis.

She was freed by Stark during the Battle on the Norcoand went on to kill Killian herself. Stark cured her of the effects of Extremis, who temporarily gave up being Iron Man just for her. Sometime after the Ultron Offensivehe and Potts broke off their relationship, which affected Stark and left him wondering why he could not make it work while his father could.

However, shortly after the Avengers Civil War ended, Stark and Potts resumed their relationship with Stark having planned to propose to her in the New Avengers Facility in front of reporters, though Stark originally intended to introduce Peter Parker as the newest member of the Avengers until he refused.

ironman and pepper potts relationship tips

Contents Biography Early Life Virginia Potts' early jobs involved her working alongside Aldrich Killianthough she did not enjoy the experience as Killian would continually flirt with her. Unfortunately, this usually required her to send Stark's one-night stands home the next morning.

Pepper Potts

Much to her annoyance, he also forgot when her birthday was; Potts got back at him by using his money to buy herself a gift. After the test was finished, Potts gave the weapon's specifics to the officials of the US Military that watched the test. Annoyed, she used his money to buy herself a backless dress for parties. Once Stark woke up that day, he asked her to have Christine Everhart 's clothes dry cleaned while he went to work on his cars in the basement.

Once Christine woke up, Potts greeted her with her clothes, informing her that a car will be waiting to take her where she needs to go. Everhart attempted to mock Potts by commenting on how Stark still had her collecting clothes for him. Now, back to the relationship between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.

This is what makes their relationship so unique. These two characters have a genuine and growing romance where sexual attraction is absent between them. It is a romance without sexual attraction. In the first movie, Tony wanted to dance with her and kiss her, but she pushed him away and refused to become like his other women. Tony immediately regretted the dance and the kiss because he never wanted her to be that way, either. Out of all the women, he truly loves her, appreciates her, and values her human worth.

This appreciation plus his break from a sinful past has eliminated any sexual attraction between them. This relationship proves that there is a big difference between love and sex. One should never be a synonym for the other. This relationship shows that love is emotional and spiritual, freed from any physical impulses.

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In the second movie and in Avengers, these two characters are seen genuinely appreciating each other's company. Tony Stark has begun cooking meals for Pepper Potts and recognizes her management and leadership skills. To show his appreciation for her leadership skills, he gives her a hefty promotion. When he faced certain death in the second movie, he tried to push her away from him because he did not want loved ones to suffer through watching his death.

However, he alienated his friends and injured them deeply. In the Avengers movie, Tony Stark faced certain death again. The last person he sought to contact was Pepper Potts, and he was distraught when the call failed to reach her.