Jackson rathbone and ashley greene relationship

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jackson rathbone and ashley greene relationship

An look at the relationships that have formed and fallen in the five years since the series ended. Ashley Greene Together, he and his wife share son Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI and their daughter Presley Bowie. Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz return as the Joe Jonas and Twilight star Ashley Greene have been keeping their relationship . Help us build our profile of Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your .

For instance, while Ashley Greene Alice24, and Jackson Rathbone Jasper27, were perhaps the biggest draws at the event, I only know them from their work in Twilight. And when Hardwicke came on board to direct the first Twilight film, the two reunited. Matt Haleand Lucy Schwartz — were also in attendance to perform sweet vampire love songs but, sadly, not this vampire love song for the clamoring fans.

Before the arrival of the cast and its attendant shrieking, the musicians wandered the red carpet in a bit of a daze. But the time for shyness soon came to an end, because with a great racket and clatter and a low rumbling groan and the sound of a thousand balloons slowly pinching out air, the cast members took to the red carpet one-by-one; each was subsequently greeted with even louder shrieks and more blood-curdling screams than the last sidebar: Or is it like curdled milk?

jackson rathbone and ashley greene relationship

And thus began a very curious waltz that consisted of the actors talking to the assembled press on the red carpet, posing against the backdrop, and being whisked into the press area to sign autographs and greet the fans wedging themselves ever-tighter into the limited floor space in front of the barrier.

One case study I observed was Jackson Rathbone. He began at the front of the red carpet, which is where the flashier read: After charming his way through a few quick chats, he was snatched up by his publicist and hurtled against the backdrop for a photo call. He worked his way through what I came to recognize as his red carpet face repertoire, which ranged from handsome to dashing to debonair although it paled in comparison to the full starlet posing course I witnessed Ashley Greene perform.

After protests from the photographers that there was too much glare, he was dragged several feet further down the carpet for more photos. By this point, he was in front of our bedraggled little motley crew: As I fumbled with my recorder and the publicist sternly inquired if I was ready, Rathbone looked at my SpinningPlatters. Can you do that? And so it went. And that was actually the most successful red carpet interaction I had with any of the stars. Here is his video report about the evening.

I highly recommend it. Greene never even made it down to our end. The flash actually proved quite useful whenever Erika was battling with the other photographers for shots, as all the actors stared quizzically at it at one point or another.

Directly following the red carpet portion of the evening, we reconvened in a Fillmore balcony for roundtable discussions with the actors in groups of two. Nikki Reed and Charlie Bewley. While most of these kids generally seem extremely polished and rehearsed for their interactions with the press, Reed was another matter entirely.

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Remarkably candid and not shy about airing her grievances, I dare say she was our favorite. They both need each other for something. Charlie, you also have Like Crazy out now. No, I literally turned up for three days and shot my stuff out. So I made the decision going in that I was going to try to fall in love with Felicity. I had to fall out of love with her over the next week. I was so pissed off. Crazy, effed-up actors, man. What was your favorite part of filming the finale?

So it was fun finding ways to keep ourselves entertained. My favorite part was working with Bill Condon. He is a joy, and I was a big fan of his before starting the filming process. We all feel really lucky to have had different interesting directors come in and give their perspectives and collaborate.

How am I doing? What is your favorite scene in the movie other than the big three moments: It was iconic in the book. I was so excited about that. I got to throw around this Russian girl. It really got to show the primal nature of the vampires.

ashley greene and jackson rathbone

Yeah, they gotta have something interesting on there, you know? Why do you think that vampires continue to have so much appeal and allure in our culture? There is that unknowing mythology behind it. They could be in existence, they might not be. I think maybe in a different sort of parallel of that, people are obsessed with vampires. I am not fascinated by that. It gives me a headache. I keep it simple. So I guess a have a three-part question: Do you still have a good relationship with Catherine [Hardwicke]?

And when is the last time you were able to sit down and watch Thirteen?

jackson rathbone and ashley greene relationship

I know it was a very personal project for you. I am in contact with Catherine. We have a good relationship. I write all the time. Thirteen was one of those things that came about at that time. I write on my blog quite often. Short stories are fun. It makes me feel really good.

I write a lot. Writing makes me feel better than anything else. And when is the last time you saw Thirteen?

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Nikki Reed signs autographs. Do you think the fans are ready for the maturity and intensity of Breaking Dawn — Part 1? You obviously have those three big scenes that come into play, and you have a whole movie to really realize them. My karaoke songs are so inappropriate. I can picture you trying. I only tried it once. It was an absolute trainwreck. How does it feel for the whole thing to finally be over? I know some people are trying to make this sound more dramatic than it is.

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