Jango fett and boba relationship memes

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jango fett and boba relationship memes

Boba Fett was a human male bounty hunter and the genetic clone of the Prior to the creation process, bounty hunter Jango Fett was recruited by the Sith . and Boba's relationship with her and the other bounty hunters began to deteriorate. Mar 3, Explore Jackyl's board "BOBA FETT an JANGO FETT" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Star Wars, Jango fett and Star wars boba fett. The story of Boba Fett. Upload Images · Video to GIF · Make a Meme After Jango was killed by Mace Windu, Boba Fett harbored a hatred for Jedi. Origin Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett. .. Concord Dawn where he was working, the relationship between Boba and Sintas had resulted in a divorce.

Boba began to explore, discovering the battle droid factory.

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After making his way back to the apartment, Jango found Boba and brought him along to meet his employer, the cold, sinister looking Darth Tyrannus. Jango and Boba were the only two people in the galaxy to know his true identity as Count Dooku.

The next day, Boba again decided to explore, this time to understand this strange new world by breaking out of city walls to the planets terrain. Once out, he heard strange noises coming from a cliff top by a red mesa.

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After investigating he saw a sand snake being harassed by two massiffs. The massiffs noticed young Boba as a potential meal and lunged at the boy. Boba quickly countered and jabbed a shard of mica rock at one, making it limp away. He barely jumped out of the way of the other massiff and it stumbled off the cliff. This is to be considered Fett's first hunt.

Getting up, Boba noticed the silhouette of the tenacious Delta After alerting the authorities of Kenobi's presence, Jango caught Boba out of the apartment and confined Boba to his room. However, Jango was still proud of his son's skills to break out of the city and find Kenobi. After a short while, Jango told Boba to follow him down the hall. He ended up taking Boba to the battle arena, where Obi-Wan Kenobi and two other fugitives were going to be executed by the hands of three ferocious beasts, one of which was a colossal bull-like reek.

Suddenly the action started, and some of the prisoners slipped from their chains. Skywalker even managed to harness the power of the reek, killing the feline nexu beast. Mace landed in the trade federation's private box, and prepared to attack Dooku but Jango blasted the Jedi with his flamethrower, but Windu jumped down from the box and into the ensuing chaos.

Jango himself put on his helmet and blasted into the arena. He landed and was about to confront Windu until an enraged reek trampled the warrior. Surprisingly, Jango got up, badly wounded, and his armor and visor began malfunctioning, however he still managed to give a precise shot to the skull of the reek, killing it.

Windu, seeing that Jango is severely injured, decided to engage the hunter.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

Jango attempted to defend himself, but proves useless. At the last moment Jango tried to activate his jet pack, but it was damaged by the reek, leaving Jango without a means of escape. As Boba watched in horror, Jango was decapitated by the powerful Jedi Master.

Ironically, the clone army appeared and sided toward the Jedi. After the battle passed over, Boba found Jango's corpse, and cradled his father's empty battered helmet in his arms. The Mighty Have Fallen After burying his father and concealing the Mandalorian armor in a cave, Boba headed toward the city. Before breaching the walls he realized a nauseating thought, he had left the black book on Kamino. He crept past all the guards and successfully made it to Slave I and off the planet, evading a lone Jedi starfighter.

After landing in Tipoka City and retrieving the book, Taun We halted Boba and informed him that the Jedi were after him. He narrowly escaped back to his ship and blasted off. Boba opened the book, and it told him to seek out Darth Tyrannus so that he could collect Jango's pay. The young Fett went through Slave 1's navigation archives to decide where to look first.

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Bogden was his first destination. He had an alien called Honest Gjon work on his ship while he searched for Tyrannus and food. Fett met a scrawny petty thief called Aia, who offered to help the lad.

He led the young Fett to a bar called The Bonny Bounty, where two bounty hunters attempted to capture the small alien, but Boba paid them off in hopes that Aia would return the favor, but he instead made a hasty retreat. But the two bounty hunters helped the boy and bought him dinner and a drink.

Boba told them the tragedy that had befell him and asked where to find the Count. The Golden Cuff Tavern on Coruscant was his next destination, or was it?

When he returned to the landing platform, Slave I was missing, as was Honest Gjon. To Find the Relic Boba was feeling uneasy until Aia returned to pay his debt. Boba and Aia confronted Gjon, who was impressed and gave Fett his ship back seeing that crime was nothing more than a mere game. After that they all seemed like friends. Honest Gjon even told Boba of a counterfeit credit scheme that was about to take place.

Boba decided to foil this plot, and having his own credits depleted, tried to reap the benefits as well. And it was a success, with a minor confrontation by a thug, whom Boba flung out the airlock. Boba said his farewells to his new friends and set course for Coruscant, realizing too late that his credits were missing.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

Fett landed on Coruscant, trying to keep notice to a minimum, and entered the Tavern spoken of the two hunters. He told the bartender who he was looking for and the bartender told the boy to wait. It is revealed that the bartender and the two hunters on Bogg IV are all working together and have been after Boba's bounty.

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The bartender tried to restrain the boy, but Boba inflicted pain upon the man and was too quick to catch. Boba tried escaping through the door but was captured by none other than the notorious bounty huntress, Aurra Sing.

Sing rescued Boba from the barkeep and took him to his ship. She told Boba that she was working for Dooku and that she was going to bring Boba to his "care. Once they were grounded, Aurra stranded the boy by a wide mountain, taking Slave 1 as her payment.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

Suddenly the mountain side started to open, and Boba dashed for the entrance. Fett was greeted by the Count, who gave Boba a room to stay in. He awoke after a brief sleep Boba opened his door and was confronted by Prax, Tyrannus's head of security, who escorted Boba to the Count's lair. Dooku and Boba had a long chat about the many things Boba had witnessed since the Battle of Geonosis.

Tyrannus then sent Boba to his room where he would wait until Dooku would call for him again to finish the training that Boba's father was unable to complete. But Boba was growing increasingly aware that the Count's intentions were evil and decided to investigate. Fett stealthily searched the facility, avoiding Prax, and discovered the sinister project known as the Force Harvester.

Unfortunately, Prax discovered Fett and brought him before Tyranannus.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

Angered, Dooku ordered Prax to eliminate Boba and left the room. However, Boba outwitted Douku's henchman. And luckily, the Republic discovered Dooku and attacked the facility, exposing a hole in the ceiling giving Boba's escape. The trooper took Boba to a gunship that was meant to escort orphans of war to the Republic star cruiser, Candasaerri. In order to hide the fact that he was Jango Fett's son, Boba came up with the alias Teff.


Ulu gave Boba a meal and a bed in the orphan section. Once rested, Boba met his first true friend, Garr. Boba and Garr became quick friends, having many adventures on their time on the Candasaerri. They spied on the clone troopers, workers, and sometimes the Jedi. But they mainly hung around in the rear docking bay.

They had cleared just about every part of the ship except the bridge. One day, Boba found an airlock and two space suits their size. They managed to get outside of the ship and make their way toward the bridge, Boba stealthily, Garr not so much.

Once they had made it to the bridge, Boba learned that the ship was about to make the jump to hyperspace. Boba and Garr hurried toward the airlock, but they broke off the safety line Boba had set. But Boba managed to use his airtank as a jetpack and safely flew to the airlock. Once inside, Boba had noticed an orange star, but this was'nt a star, it was none other than his lost ship, Slave I. The Candasaerri finally made to Bespin and had a shuttle full of the two Jedi, the orphans, and a few of the clone troops land in Cloud City.

Once landed, Boba saw Slave I on a far platform, and broke off from his group toward his ship, with Garr after him. Boba confronted Sing, who took Garr hostage. But Boba convinced Aurra to release Garr and he said his tearful goodbyes to his friend. Fett then made a deal with Sing. Sing agreed and set a rendezvous in the city of Tibannapolis, where they would meet the next day with no police.

When the time had come, Aurra had thought Boba had betrayed her when the police, Glynn-Beti and Ulu Ulix, and Garr who had come to rescue "Teff" from the bounty hunter. Sing again left Boba with Slave I. But Boba was able to use a cloud-car to save his friends and pursue Sing. Fett had made a daring move when he hovered above his ship and opened the cock-pit of the cloud-car and lept for Slave I. It seemed as if Fett was going to fall to his death until Aurra saved the boy.

Sing was impressed and made another deal with Boba which he agreed to; find the vast riches of Jango Fett on the banking planet Aargau. Once Boba reached Aargau, he was scammed by a Clawdite named Nuri who stoleof his father's money while receiving the rest. Sing also tried to steal the money from Boba, but the boy managed to escape.

He even indirectly instigated Anakin and Padme's relationship with his failed assassination attempts on Padme Amidala. Jango Fett had a hand in many of the circumstances of the original trilogy, affecting events long after his death. Unfortunately, Jango Fett was introduced and killed off in the course of a single movie, giving fans limited information about him and leaving many questions about him and his progeny Boba Fett.

His origins are heavily debated, especially after the non-canonization of the Expanded Universe. His death caused several problems in the Star Wars universe. He could have been a very different character if George Lucas had worked with ideas he had in development, and the creation of his character hit a few bumps along the way behind the scenes.

In The Clone Wars, Boba Fett finally got his chance to execute a revenge plot alongside a band of other bounty hunters he had joined. Assuming the identity of a clone trooper cadet, Boba Fett infiltrated a Republic vessel. After Boba failed to kill Windu once, the bounty hunters urged him to cause an explosion on the ship, which crashed the ship and nearly killed Windu. Attempting another plan, Boba Fett set a bomb in Jango Fett's helmet and left it in the wreckage of the damaged ship, intending for it to detonate when Windu came looking for survivors.

jango fett and boba relationship memes

After this failed, the bounty hunters then set a trap for Windu by taking hostages. In the violent hostage situation, however, Boba Fett realized his mistake in allying with the bounty hunters. When the Jedi discovered the bounty hunters' location, Boba Fett was captured, and Hondo Ohnaka convinced him to tell the Jedi the location of the hostages because Jango Fett would have wanted him to do the honorable thing. However, Boba Fett still swore to never forgive Windu. His name was changed to Jango during development, and George Lucas is thought to have purposefully chosen the name as a reference to the movie Django.

In this film, Django was a violent mercenary and drifter with a rough past in the American Civil War. Django becomes entangled in a feud between former Confederate soldiers and Mexican revolutionaries when he allies with the revolutionaries to steal the Confederate officer's gold. Lucas may have drawn on this iconic Western character when developing Jango Fett, as they share similarities in their mercenary professions, violent and cunning methods, and dark pasts.

However, Django has a relatively happier ending for its title character than Attack of the Clones had for Jango Fett. Jango Fett's iconic Mandalorian armor was not easy for Morrison to film in. Jango Fett's helmet in particular caused a few problems. Morrison explained, "You couldn't see anything! I remember filming with that mask on, one of the first days in the studio, standing there with no guns, just my fingers pointed out.

I thought they could've got me some toy guns, but I didn't even have that, would you believe!