Jesus and mary magdalene relationship to

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jesus and mary magdalene relationship to

More than one of the gnostic gospels assign Mary Magdala with a particular relationship with Jesus, calling her his “companion.” The Gospel of. The Controversy Behind Jesus and Mary Magdalene Relationship. The 'Grail' legends, the secret 'Prior of Sion' protecting the royal bloodline. Mary Magdalene has been represented in many different ways throughout history , This prominence derived from the intimacy of her relationship with Jesus.

Did Jesus marry Magdalene?

The Catholic Church scandalously made her into a prostitute in an attempt to prove that women are the weaker sex and more susceptible to sexual sin than men. We should reject the Catholic picture of Mary Magdala entirely.

jesus and mary magdalene relationship to

Others have made her into a romantic interest of Jesus. In the Da Vinci Code book and movie Mary was implicated in this way. There is zero evidence that Jesus had any romantic interest or that he had sexual relations or children or any kind of intimate relationship with any woman. This word could imply an intimate relationship or a special spiritual one. In any case, the Gospel of Philip is a gnostic document of the late second century with no historical content at all.

It has no connection with the apostles or anyone who knew Jesus or Mary Magdalene, so we would do well to ignore this and other gnostic sources on Mary of Magdala.

jesus and mary magdalene relationship to

We should give zero credence to these scandalous attempts to besmirch the character of one of the closest friends of Jesus. Like I already said, we do not know a lot about this woman.

We know that she was a respected woman with relatively high social standing—almost certainly higher social standing than Jesus.

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We know that she honored Jesus and that she, obviously, lived a relatively righteous life once she came into contact with him. She certainly was not a former prostitute and it is absurd to propose a love interest or a physical relationship with Jesus. Let us keep this biblical.

Both images were legend, not truth. The gospels often mention crowds of people who gathered to hear him teach.

The Secrets of Mary Magdalene

So he was a noted rabbi and teacher during his life. But Jews expect a high standard of behavior at all times from their rabbis, who must be constant role models to their followers. This would have instantly destroyed his credibility as a teacher. If his disciples had doubted his integrity for even a moment, as they surely would have if he had been having any sort of illicit relationship with Mary Magdalene, they would have abandoned him and turned to some other teacher.

The Controversy Behind Jesus and Mary Magdalene Relationship

There were many rabbis and teachers in 1st century Palestine for them to choose from. In a word, NO At the time that Jesus lived, a wife would have been seen as a plus.

jesus and mary magdalene relationship to

Jews take this commandment so seriously that they have always endorsed marriage and sexual love. A Jewish wedding A Jewish man did not consider he had properly fulfilled his obligations to God until he was married.

jesus and mary magdalene relationship to

The only exception to this was a man who chose to devote himself to the study of the Scriptures, although even then he was encouraged to marry. It is not impossible that Jesus had been married as a young man and was a widower. It is more likely that he had chosen the second way of life, of teaching and studying Scripture, and had not married because his itinerant way of life made this impossible, in that culture at that time. If Jesus had had a wife at the time of his ministry, he would have been proud of the fact.

He would certainly not have tried to keep it hidden. Save Save What about the gospel of Mary Magdalene? This text was written at least a century after the events, and certainly not by Mary Magdalene.

Different translations of this piece of writing give different impressions of the vision described. The exact meaning of the words is much debated. The original remnant of manuscript is badly worn, tattered and difficult to decipher.