Kaiki and senjougahara relationship help

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kaiki and senjougahara relationship help

But Kaiki's Senjougahara is something else entirely. . of staff came up with a slogan to help ease the acceptance of the changes they were . The stripping away of these unhealthy relationships are necessary steps on that. Kaiki did it because he deemed Hitagi not having a future as long as her Kaiki that the last time he tried to help out Hitagi, it didn't go so well. the light novels and I have a question about Kaiki and Senjougahara. I gahara having a 1st love crush and him really wanting to help her.

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She pries and pries, backing him into a fence and demands that her need to be with him be met, to which he finally obliges. It's always a nice feeling when two people get so close that they can come to this kind of understanding; to open up in such a way with no holding back. It was just a nice touch to deepen their bond, to confirm that they should be serious with each other.

The arc of the cat was mainly focused on Hanekawa, but there was one separate from the main storyline episode near the end where Araragi and Senjou share a beautiful, genuine moment of romance together. I really enjoyed the brief discussion her Dad had with him after Senjou left the car for a minute, telling him how he had never seen his daughter so happy before: After they reach a little clearing in the forest, Senjou asks Araragi to lay down with her: It made me love their chemistry and both of their characters as a couple, and as individuals, so much more.

I love how, when Senjou allows him to leave, he just breaks out of the chains in an instant with his vampiric strength: Araragi can be quite the sweet guy at times, I must admit.

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This rotten conman is possibly the only one who can help, as Kaiki could possibly deceive Nadeko with his poisonous words and cause her to change her mind about planning to kill everyone once the school year ends. Hitagi has to do so much convincing to Kaiki, and to act as friendly as possible despite her inner hatred for him.

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He is a con-man, liar, and a fake. He loves money, and can be described as selfish and evil.


His knowledge of the supernatural is very likely not as extensive as other specialists. Instead of real powers or ability, Kaiki uses what he calls instant hypnosis. When confronted by Araragi Koyomi, Kaiki says the following: There is one more attribute of Kaiki that is not directly mentioned, his most defining characteristic.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship help

Kaiki is a man of conviction. He has very strict personal beliefs that heavily influence his actions — sometimes to a point that is not logical. In fact, this personal honour has so much influence on Kaiki that it is likely the reason why he distances himself from others. He makes a conscious attempt to avoid relationships specifically because he knows how far he will go to protect them. One quote from Kaiki that summarizes his character is this: Not very characteristic of a villain.

Kaiki mentions that he loves money because it is valuable yet replaceable. He says that he hates things that are valuable and irreplaceable.

Relationships could be an example of something valuable and irreplaceable. The most prominent example of this is when Kaiki is approached by Senjougahara to deceive Sengoku Nadeko. There is a scene where Kaiki is in the washroom trying to manufacture a reason for why he could take the job. He knew he had no logical reason to take the job, as he was not offered very much money and it was potentially dangerous.

But he managed to create a very weak reason to accept the job — Senjougahara and her boyfriend Araragi had connections to Kanbaru Suruga, who is the niece of Gaen Izuko and daugher of Gaen Tooe. Kaiki lies to Senjougahara about being in Okinawa. When she calls him out on this and tells him that she will be flying to Okinawa, he proceeds to fly himself to Okinawa in order to make it seem as if he did not lie.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship help

Granted, he still took the money, but the prospect of going against Gaen is notable. He could have just walked away — if he truly only cared about money and nothing else, this is what he should have done.

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Why is Kaiki Deishuu, a man who is supposed to only be driven by money, doing these things? The connection to all of these events is Senjougahara Hitagi. Kaiki And Senjougahara Senjougahara describes him as a con-man, a fake and a liar.

She holds resentment for what Kaiki did, something she says she will hold for the rest of her life. But what really happened between these two? Senjougahara approached Kaiki hoping that he would save her from her infliction, the crab god, that removed her weight and emotions.

The important part is that Kaiki began to consider Senjougahara as someone that he valued. Senjougahara in middle school was athletic, humble, friendly, and an achiever.

This is a personal theory, but I think that Kaiki was trying to teach her to be more skeptical and not trust others so closely.

He probably made a genuine attempt to help Senjougahara with her infliction — but he is not a specialist, and never was. Senjougahara cut ties with Kaiki, branding him a fake, a liar, and a con-man. This failure is something that Kaiki would carry with him moving forward.

Until he was provided a second chance: This was an opportunity that Kaiki could not pass up, and that is why he did everything he could to come up with a reason to accept the job. That is also why he turned his back on Gaen, and risked his life to deceive a snake god. A chance to redeem himself.

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One other important thing to note is this: The problem is that when it came to Senjougahara, Kaiki failed. And if he failed once in the past, there was a chance that he would fail again. In fact, the way this topic was covered by Ononoki made it feel like failure here was inevitable.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship help

So there was nothing to deceive in the first place. Interestingly, this was foreshadowed by Hanekawa. Detective Kaiki missed that one crucial piece of evidence. What Kaiki proceeded to do after was his true redemption — he managed to convince Sengoku to return to being a human.

But not with lies and deception, but with truths and hope.

kaiki and senjougahara relationship help

The words Kaiki uses in this moment are truly amazing, and resonate with me because I have nothing but respect for people who create and strive to achieve.

Kaiki says the following two statements:

kaiki and senjougahara relationship help