Kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

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kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

Lacus Clyne When Meer does, Kira shows no emotion, while Athrun cries with The only one thing he did in Gundam SEED series was kiss her on the .. is one problem is Fllay used him as like a ploy even Kira Yamato is. Dear Gundam SEED fandom, Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne are a canon pairing. But stop acting like there isn't a relationship there just because of reasons They're solidly together and it looks like there won't be any big issues with that?. Apr 9, "Mom, her name is Lacus Clyne, my classmate," Kira introduced their guest. " Good Morning Mrs. Yamato, My name is Lacus Clyne. "Ms. Cagalli said that a girlfriend means that you have a relationship with "Uh-oh, it seems like we have some engine problems, sorry kids, but I think we might be late.".

As Kira and Cagalli sit down for lunch, they meet a poorly but effectively disguised Andrew Waltfeld. Blue Cosmos terrorists attack, targeting Andrew.

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In the confusion, Kira saves Andrew from being shot in the back. Andrew thanks Kira, and he sheds the disguise, Cagalli realizes who he really is. Andrew's girlfriend Aisha takes Cagalli to get cleaned, When Cagalli confronts Andrew, he pulls out a gun and asks Kira if a war will end when all of your enemies are destroyed. Andrew says he does not know why Kira is fighting his own kind, but as long as Kira pilots the Strike, they are enemies.

He then puts the gun away stating that his home is not a battlefield and that Kira had saved him. Because of that, he lets Kira and Cagalli leave. Kira asks Andrew to stop because the battle is over, but Andrew is determined to keep fighting until one of them is dead.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

Battle near Orb and the Marshall Islands While traveling on the Indian Ocean, Kira remembers his final battle with Andrew, the death of Flay's father, and the destroyed civilian shuttle and begins to cry. Cagalli hugs him and tells him everything will be okay, and finds herself holding his hand.

She tells him not to get the wrong idea, as she simply wants him not to cry anymore. She asks why he is with the Earth Alliance when he is a Coordinator, he recalls being asked that many times. Later, when the Archangel is undergoing repairs at Orb, Kira ends his relationship with Flay. It is unclear whether he realized she was manipulating him or not but he mentioned that their relationship was a mistake. He also meets Athrun face to face, who is spying to see if the Archangel is in Orb.

Before he leaves Orb with the Archangel, Cagalli shows Kira that his parents are watching him depart. Kira asks Cagalli to apologize to them for him, explaining he cannot see them right now, especially when he might say things that he may regret.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

Kira tells her to be safe and thanks her. As he turns to go inside the Archangel, Cagalli embraces him and tells him not to die and to come back to see her again, which Kira promises. Athrun realizes that Nicol's death could have been prevented by killing Kira, and he vows to do so the next time they meet. Kira and Athrun both activating their SEED abilities try to kill each other to avenge their dead friends, and Kira winds up seriously injured when Athrun attaches the Aegis to the Strike and bails out before the Aegis self-destructs.

In the confusion, the Archangel is forced to retreat, leaving Kira behind. Unbeknown to everyone, someone else was watching the final duel between the two friends - Junk Guild tech Lowe Guele. During this time, Lacus and Kira grow closer to each other and he seemed to have developed feelings for her. Lacus tells Kira that he is safe and that he can stay as long as he wants to.

Kira then returns to Earth in his new mobile suit. Yzak Joule refuses to believe him and attacks Kira with the Duel. Even though Yzak killed Elle and the other refugees, Kira refrains from killing him in return. Instead, he disables the Duel and saves Yzak from the Cyclops blast, keeping with his vow to limit casualties for any and all sides on the battlefield. After the battle, Kira is reunited with the crew of the Archangel.

However, he tells them that he isn't siding with ZAFT nor with the Earth Alliance - he just wants to fight to save everyone from the war.

Kira's actions have an effect on the rest of the crew later on. With the aid of the captured Buster Gundam and it's pilot Dearka Elsmanalong with the sudden arrival of Athrun within the Justice Gundamthe first invasion is repelled. Afterwards, the three pilots talk about their place in the war The Earth Alliance attacks Orb again. Uzumi Nara Athha gives Cagalli a photograph of her and Kira when they were infants and tells her that "although she is leaving her father she will not be alone, for she will be with her brother".

When Cagalli shows Kira the photo after the Archangel and the Kusanagi ascend into space, he is shocked, especially since the woman holding them is not Caridad Yamatothe only mother he has known, but in fact their biological mother Via Hibiki.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

Kira comes to the rescue and drives the pursuers away. Lacus, however, breaks down and cries in Kira's arms, finally able to grieve for her father's death due to Patrick's zeal in wiping out the moderates within the PLANT Supreme Council.

In the resulting battle, Kira and Mu would chase Rau deep inside Mendel Colony and into the laboratories within. After that Lacus fainted. Of course, everytime she did these, Kira needed to cover her up.

Why did Lacus choose Kira over Athrun? (spoilers)

Which is a difficult thing to do. He, sometimes, ended up being laughed up, suspicious or sometimes, spyed at. Since its too late to roam around, the tour guide told us that we need to rest and reserve our energy for the next day, traversing.

I set up the campfire with the help of Athrun.

  • Kira Yamato

Everything went well until Flay came. Mirialla went up to her and comfort her, convincing her to tell us what happened. Somehow, I got a strange feeling that she and Sai had a fight. Sai love her, even before they got engaged, and treated her like his wife already. Their relationship is perfect, but the situation made me think otherwise. Suddenly, I heard Sai's voice. He called out Flay. We can talk this over! I know we can! Don't come near me!

Sai was coming towards her until she hid behind me. What's wrong with you? I said shut up! I realized one thing; you don't know anything about me! Sai was taken back. I know you better than anyone else! What are you saying? Your just my fiance!

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

You don't know anything about me! It would be hard on him, but it would be better than leading him on to think that she really loved him as much as he did her. Kira also felt the same way about letting Lacus know how he felt, or rather how he didn't feel towards her. They both hoped that it would work out in the end and that they could still be friends. Now, however, the plan would need to be sped up since she was going to have Kira's child. The first thing that she needed to do was let Kira know what was happening, although she already expected that Athrun had told him about her behavior.

As she opened the door, Athrun greeted her with a small hug and a peck on the cheek.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship problems

She returned the greeting and headed for the phone, telling Athrun that she would only be a minute. Kira heard the phone ring and picked it up after reading the Caller ID. What did the doctor say? Oh, I have to go meet Kira and talk to him about something. When she had arrived, she found Kira's car already parked outside. He's always the one to be early.

She thought as she went inside and took a seat next to him. After they had ordered Kira decided to start the conversation. Kira just stood there as he did when she had told him of her feelings for him. He took a while to let the words sink in began to speak, "Did you just say that you're pregnant? As in, going to have a baby? I'm trying to get it through to him. But we're…" He couldn't finish the sentence.

That's why today I want us to get a DNA test to see if it's true. She struggled with the words, but fought passed the fear.

Lacus Clyne

This is the best thing that's happened to me in my whole life and I'm not giving it up. And I'm not giving up on you either. Soon after, the food came and Kira couldn't help but smile at how much she was eating. Yeah, this could be the best thing that's happened to me also.

He thought as he dug into his plate. However, both still felt a little hesitant about the DNA tests that they would take afterwards, but they had faith in what they felt and decided to take that chance no matter what the consequences.

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