Kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

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kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

A page for describing Characters: Fate/Zero: Humans. This page is for the human characters of Fate/Zero, the prequel to Fate/stay night. For the Servants, . Kiritsugu Emiya (衛宮 切嗣, Emiya Kiritsugu) is the Master of Saber in the Fourth Irisviel in the disposal yard during a blizzard as a test to determine her durability. . Kiritsugu sees his sexual relationship with Maiya as a rehearsal before this. Maiya has feelings for Kiritsugu, but acknowledges that Irisviel is the woman he loves. and does whatever he can to make the best of their Arranged Marriage.

As a knight, he adheres to a code of honour in battle and a sense of loyalty to his master, being summoned to fight in the grail war because he wants to display the loyalty to his lord that he was not able to show when he was alive.

Despite being enemies, he and Saber share mutual respect for each other, and he considers it his duty to take her head, protecting her and aiding her on multiple occasions, in an attempt to ensure that he will be the one to kill her.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

Lancer fights at Mion river with the other heroic spirits, where he is forced to break one of his spears, Gae Buidhe, in order to allow the wound he inflicted upon Saber to heal so that she can use her noble phantasm, Excalibur, to destroy Caster. Later that day, during a one-on-one duel with Saber, Lancer is forced to commit suicide by Kayneth, and dies cursing his master, Sola-Ui, Kiritsugu, Saber, and the Grail for destroying his pride and last remaining wish.

Lancer possesses two Noble Phantasms: He derives his status as Rider from a set of divine bulls and chariot purportedly a gift from Zeus, known as Gordius Wheel: His eccentric and overbearing personality along with his incredible abilities creates difficulties for his Master and their opponents. He is also the only Servant that Gilgamesh truly respects as an equal, the latter inviting him to challenge him in combat as many times as he wished.

His wish is for a second life and he plans to wage war against the United States to celebrate his revival, believing they will pose an enjoyable challenge. He is killed by Gilgamesh in single combat and, in his dying moments, finally finds Oceanus, the place he had searched for all his life. His first Noble Phantasm is Via Expugnatio: His second and most powerful Noble Phantasm is Ionioi Hetairoi: Satoshi Tsuruoka Japanese ; Dan Woren [1] English Commonly known as Bluebeard, his real name is Gilles de Rais - a mass serial killer who seems to favour killing children in particular.

Caster is a fiendish Servant who derives pleasure from first providing his victims a moment of relief before terrorizing them and then killing them. As his wish for the Grail was for her to be resurrected, Caster becomes convinced he has won the War and repeatedly tries to talk to Saber; when she subsequently tries correcting him, he believes that she has lost her memories by God's intervention, much to his rage. He has, by far, the best relationship with his master of any servant.

This restores Caster's faith in God and he decides to put on a show for Him, to show Him that He isn't the only "entertainer" who can put on a show. His sole Noble Phantasm is Prelati's Spellbook: If, at the crux, he must look a single person in the eyes and murder them in cold blood to save another ten, he will do so, and has done so many times.

Attack Its Weak Point: During the last stage of the war, Kiritsugu implants Avalon into himself, which grants him very powerful passive healing and stops aging. However, even it cannot repair damage if Kiritsugu is instantly killed by attacks that completely destroys his brain.

Combined with Badass in a Nice Suit. He defeats Kayneth by utilizing a strategy that hinges on predicting the ways Kayneth would try to counter his attacks, and changing up said attacks accordingly. Kiritsugu doesn't use fancy magic attacks or familiars to win fights.

Instead he uses very mundane tactics such as traps, conventional weapons and explosives. Most mages consider these means improper and beneath their dignity to use themselves, so they rarely plan to counter them. And that's why those methods are the most effective on mages. He experiences a number of fairly major breakdowns over the course of the story, even though he's already a hardened killer: He briefly breaks down in front of Irisviel and proposes that the both of them just take Illya and run away from it all.

Long before that, he broke down after he was forced to blow up the plane in which his mentor Natalia was trapped. Finally, his biggest breakdown was in the aftermath of his battle with Kotomine.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

The only reason he clung to life was because he found a young Shirou, still alive amidst all the death and destruction. His backstory, revealed in Volume 4, involves watching his childhood friend turn his entire village into zombies after she drank a potion which turned her into a failed Dead Apostle after he did not Mercy Kill her.

To prevent future damages, he killed his own father for making the potion in the first place so that he could not do it again. Later, he took down a plane with his mentor and mother-figure on it after they attempted to stop an outbreak of vampirism on said plane. His horrible life prior to meeting Maiya and Iri, emotional issues, and choice to sacrifice his family for his dream has the worst compatibility with his Servant out of the seven Masters.

Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Brooding Boy to Irisviel's Gentle Girl. Through an extension of the Emiya magecraft called 'Innate Time Control', he can internally affect time. He once uses it to avoid Kayneth's autonomous search-and-destroy weapon by slowing down his own bodily functions. Kiritsugu has strong ideals, but pursues them at a very steep emotional cost. In the end, he finds proof that he would never achieve the dream he did so many terrible things for, and that he sacrificed his family for nothing, causing him to break down and abandon the Grail Wars for good.

His skill at orthodox magecraft is immense and it's reasonable to think he has passive strengthening, which is why he can perform feats like throwing knives with pinpoint accuracy in the midst of triple-backflips. During Kiritsugu's first scene after coming to Fuyuki City, he practices reloading his Thompson Contender, noting that the process takes about two seconds. This speed is put to the test during his final battle with Kirei, where on two occasions he needs to reload the gun before his opponent can get back into melee range.

Realistic and frightening, in that Kiritsugu temporarily shuts off his emotions to achieve this state.

Maiya Hisau

Kiritsugu despises war so he ends all conflicts as quickly as possible. An example is his fight with Kayneth. Kayneth mistakes his use of conventional weapons as a sign that he has no magic or abilities. In truth, it leads him into a trap Kiritsugu sets by using his Origin Bullets.

A subtle example in the beginning of the series, when he is strolling through the woods with Illya and competing to see who can find the most chestnut buds. When Illya catches up to his score he counts a wingnut bud in his favor to get ahead. Even Illya knows he's simply cheating, and he admits that this is the only way he can win. It's lighthearted, but sets a precedent for his ruthless and cunning approach to conflict. As an explicit Mage Killerhe relies on a combination of clever tactics and mundane weaponry supplemented by practical magecraft.

His magic skill is decent at best, but his equipment and skillset are directly stated to be extremely effective against magi exactly because he thinksacts and fights in ways inconceivable and unpredictable to the typical magi.

Contrasting Sequel Main Character: His Origin Bullets, made from his ribs. This actualizes his dual Origins of Severing and Binding, turning a magus' own magic circuits against them by making them tear themselves apart and mend, like crossing wires that don't match. A magus struck by it will never being able to use magic again, may be rendered severely crippled, and go through excruciating agony. His inability to Shoot the Dog when he was a child haunts him.

His failure to put down Shirley while he still could forced him into the conclusion that the most lives are saved with brutal pragmatism and not soft feelings. Use of Time Alter causes significant damage to Kiritsugu's body, especially when speeding him up, thus he is unable to go beyond a twofold speed boost.

Kiritsugu Emiya

However, with Avalon and its passive regeneration factor he was able to go three, and then four times faster, in his fight with Kotomine. Dark and Troubled Past: See Break the Cutie. Kiritsugu in his Magus-killing prime was described as appearing at battles around the world only at their most critical stages. It serves to create a parallel with his adopted son's future self.

Death by Origin Story: By Shirou's origin story, and so he's Plot Armored through this story. At the end of the novel his hopes for using the Grail to bring about a better world fall through when it turns out to be corrupted and he is forced to kill an illusion of Irisviel and Illya with his own hands and then destroy the Grail he sacrificed the real versions of them for.

When he's finally done that, he saves Shirou and becomes a broken man who can no longer believe in his childhood dream until his dying moments with Shirou. Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Kiritsugu kills off his emotions, leaving his eyes almost perpetually flat and blank as a visual cue. In order to get to Kayneth through his multi-layered magic fortress, Kiritsugu has Maiya rig the building with explosives, thus rendering all of Kayneth's careful preparations useless.

He actually invokes this one on himself. He can feel the full range of normal emotions, but he shuts them away so that he can do what he believes needs to be done.

He might feel sorry or haunted afterwards, but in the moment, he simply acts. Kiritsugu is idealistic, but he can't imagine a practical way to achieve his ideals without some sort of "miracle". Angra Mainyu's curse eventually cost his life, as his limbs were lame, his sight failed, and most of his circuits became useless. His last moments were with Shirou, watching the moon outside his garden. It would be his happiest memory, during which he reminisced on his life, noting that it was full of regrets especially his inability to save his daughter.

Revealing his childhood dream to Shirou about becoming an 'hero of Justice', Kiritsugu admitted that the dream was impossible to accomplish as he became an adult.

Shirou, who looked up to Kiritsugu, hated the way he spoke of his weakness and reassured Kiritsugu that he can accomplish it as he is still a child in Kiritsugu's place. Though Kiritsugu felt it was a fruitless dream, he did not tell Shirou what truly thought after seeing how enthusiastic Shirou was about it. He dies peacefully as he vaguely stared at the moon and commented how beautiful it is. He died at the age of thirty-four, five years after the end of the War, passing onto Shirou his ideal of a 'hero of justice'.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

In his last thoughts, he recalled when Shirley asked what kind of adult he wants to become and he had said: I want to be a hero of justice! He is buried in the graveyard behind Ryuudouji, though Shirou rarely visits.

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His death left Shirou frustrated, depressed, and alone. Shirou frequently recalls how Kiritsugu saved him and how Kiritsugu had offered to adopt him, along with revealing that he was a magus.

When Shirou expressed interest in learning Magecraft, Kiritsugu disapproved and initially refused until Shirou's persistence wore him down.

Advising that Magecraft should only be used in secret and to the benefit of others, without attracting suspicion or confusion, he taught Shirou very basic and incomplete knowledge of sorcery. However, this knowledge would lead Shirou down a dangerous path with little results. Before dying, Kiritsugu had revealed to Shirou how he once strove to become a "Hero of Justice" - a person who could save everyone - but gave up once he realized it was impossible, citing it was a dream that could not be achieved by an adult.

However, Shirou took the ideal as his own, promising to accomplish it in Kiritsugu's stead. Archer generally disapproves of the ideal; in Unlimited Blade Works, it revealed that Archer is a possible future incarnation of Shirou who he regretted the path he took. Archer's memories are incomplete, but he remembers certain events, one of the important events he remembered was when Kiritsugu saved his life after the fire.

He understood Kiritsugu last words and experienced the same suffering that Kiritsugu had. In his duel against Shirou, he claims that his ideals are borrowed and he simply admired Kiritsugu when he saved him. Furthermore, she is stunned into disbelief when she sees how Kiritsugu was an entirely different person in Shirou's memories.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

In the Fate scenario, she wants to know why Kiritsugu betrayed her until Kirei Kotomine reveals that the Grail was tainted. Finally understanding why Kiritsugu destroyed the Grail, she eventually accepts and agrees with her former Master's actions. Saber also expresses gratitude toward Kiritsugu for implanted Avalon in Shirou which saved his life many times, first when Berserker attacked Shirou and when Kotomine heavily injured him. Upon her entry into the war, Illyaviel von Einzbern specifically targets Shirou because of his connection to Kiritsugu.

Believing that Shirou had stolen her father away and that Kiritsugu had left her mother to die in the Fourth Grail War, she attempts to fulfill the Einzbern's desire to achieve the Third Magic and avenge their loss after Kiritsugu's betrayal. In the Heaven's Feel scenario, after being abducted by Dark Sakura and informed about Avenger and the corruption of the Holy Grail, she admits that her father was correct in his choice to destroy the Grail.

When Kotomine first meets Shirou, his interest is piqued because Shirou shares the same surname as Kiritsugu. Taiga often asks Shirou to take her to visit Kiritsugu's grave. Abilities Kiritsugu is only average as a magus, and instead specializes as a "Magus Killer.

Compared to someone like Rin Tohsakawho would have a high numerical value as a magus, Kiritsugu would have a low value as a magus, but a much higher evaluation as a specialist.

His relationship with the Association is much like how the Church treats its Executors. His abilities are great enough that even the Church considers him to be "an individual that requires surveillance.

While there is no actual evidence, events such as planting a bomb in public and striking down an airplane with many passengers on board are believed to be caused by him. After becoming cursed by Angra Mainyu, he is slowly killed over a number of years as his flesh keeps growing weaker, his limbs become atrophied, and he completely loses the ability to use magecraft. Once he fully succumbs to the curse, he dies peacefully.

Combat tactics Kiritsugu is a very unconventional magus, known as a Spellcaster, that treats magecraft as a mere tool in which he has acquired knowledge rather than the object of his lifelong goals, and he freely supplements it with the use of modern technology to gain an advantage over enemies. Compared to someone like Tokiomi Tohsaka, who refuses to use phones and the like despite their convenience, he freely uses anything at his disposal in order to accomplish his goals.

He learned most of his skills from studying Natalia's abilities while also refining his own as her assistant in his pursuit to become a "hunter" that stops other heretical magi like his father. Much of his ability comes from the fact that he can act cold and ruthless to complete his objectives.

After having spent time in retirement with his wife and daughter, he believes he has degraded a great deal compared to the Emiya Kiritsugu from nine years before. He is no longer as willing or capable of being as ruthless as he once was due to his interactions with them, which he believes he needs to change.

He wishes to restore his cold manner of judgement as fast as possible in order to be able to obtain the Grail. He developed his skills working as a Sealing Designation Enforcer for a number of years, learning methods of tracking, assassination, the usage of various weapons, and other skills needed to be able to catch up to his prey under all situations and conditions and bring it down.

He sought to have his body master the skill of "killing people" that humans have spent an endless amount of time and intelligence to research. He is very skilled with using numerous blasting techniques from the past to the present, and he feels a certain appreciation for the certain art of destruction. He uses C4 combined with a precision blasting demolition technique used primarily to demolish tall buildings, allowing him to destroy the Hyatt hotel with a minimum amount of explosives.

With the blueprints and planning, it only takes him an hour execute the entire plan. Targeting the load-bearing walls and key support structures, it collapses downward and inward on its own weight without any debris spreading onto the surrounding streets. He is very familiar with the workings of Magic Circuits and the related temperature changes in the body of the practitioner. Having trained and studied the correlation, he is able to read the current status of the Magic Circuits through the heat distribution of the practitioner when viewed on the thermal output of a heat detecting scope.

He is able to tell the difference between an ordinary person and a magus, allowing him to seize an opportunity to shoot upon the release of prana.

Compared to magecraft, which can see through the dark better and detect the position of an enemy magus, it can be said guns fall behind.

Its advantage is that it takes no prana to use firearms, leaving a magus unsuited to the battle conditions of a soldier trapped in the dark and unable to detect any prana. He is extremely skilled in penetrating Bounded Fields, allowing him to break through the Tohsaka residence's strong bounded field in three hours. It is an almost miraculous method allowing him to overcome a first-rate security system specifically guarding against magi that wouldn't be broken even if attacked continuously for a whole year by magecraft.

Due to it being created with magi in mind, he was able to overcome it precisely because he is someone who does not seek results by way of magecraft and from his experience in fighting against magi by perceiving traps wrought through magecraft. He supplements familiars with miniature CCD camera tied on the abdomen as a measure of recording the true nature of the area. There are often illusions and camouflaged bounded fields based on using suggestions on an observer, but most magi would never develop countermeasures for electronic-based threats.

Even though it slows the the familiar's speed, it is also useful to have video records to rewatch events at a later time or show them to others. Anti-magi tactics He has the mindset of skilled assassin, and rather than facing another magus in a direct duel of abilities, such as in a battle between their Mystic Codes, he makes use of various plans, traps, and schemes that utilize both magecraft and modern weaponry in order to take out his targets.

He preys on the weak point of magi, their negligence from arrogance, which makes them believe that the only threat to them cannot be anything other than a similar magus. He relies on the fact that a self-conscious magus, having stepped into a world of mysteries beyond human intellect, is unable to relate to the stereotypes of a narrower world, such as the conditions of a battlefield or scenarios a regular soldier may face.

He follows the methodology that the attack the enemy doesn't expect is a shortcut for all battles, and preys on the fact that they constantly stay on alert to the slightest trace of magecraft.

Magi generally only hone their skills and counter measures towards thaumaturgical threats, ignoring any attack that is purely physical and void of magecraft. They view the sharpest knives and strongest bullets as secondary menaces they have no need to fear. Before such an attack actually pierces their flesh, they are confident in their illusions, paralysis methods, and defensive bounded fields being able to completely negate any such attacks.

They despise technology and underestimate what a human without magecraft can accomplish, which makes them weak to non-magical attacks from Kiritsugu's experience.

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Though most magi would take the idea of entering the lair of another magus as a challenge worth taking, Kiritsugu takes an opposite approach. When faced with the Hyatt hotel, Kayneth's stronghold, which has been fortified with magical furnaces, spirits and apparitions, and a large Bounded Field, Kiritsugu decides to destroy the entire building. With as much pride Kayneth has as a magus, he is willing to stay inside, believing with all certainty that Kiritsugu will invade rather than giving any thought that his entire castle will be destroyed instead.

While Kiritsugu is able to fight most magi with modern weaponry, there are some special cases he calls "formidable enemies.

Though most magi won't deviate from that generality, there exist those that cannot be measured with rules and experience. Against those who Kiritsugu's normal strategies will not prevail against, he must act as a magus and use his Mystic Code, which is his most powerful weapon.

kiritsugu and maiya relationship test

Even facing such an opponent, he is extremely adept at forming strategies and analyzing enemy movements and magecraft. Within just one encounter with Kayneth's Mystic Code, he is able to find three weaknesses, form a countermeasure against it, and plan for his final assault. Partners Kiritsugu is able to work in tandem with multiple parties, but he regards those people simply as "tools" to further his goals.

She is a "supporting machine" whose actions are even more akin to a machine than those of the machine called Emiya Kiritsugu, and an " indispensable final weapon" to help him win the battle. Out of all of his teachings, she is most skilled with using bat familiars supplemented with cameras, and she makes use of a Steyr AUG assault rifle with a replaced night vision scope while still remaining under five kilograms. She is more of a solider than a direct combatant, so he generally trusts her with reconnaissance and scouting due to her skills with familiars, and he allows her to procure all of his equipment.

They have exchanged strands of hair between them, which Kiritsugu used as the basis for a spell in order to act as a measure indicating the worst-case scenario in which it has become impossible to use a wireless network or familiar to convey information. The enchanted strands were embedded in the subcutaneous tissue of their pinky fingers with the purpose of sensing if the Magic Circuits of one of them entered a state of extreme stagnation, the stage at which one's life force was weak on the verge of impasse with death.

If the hair embedded in either one of their fingers starts to burn, it is a warning to notify them of the existence of danger, and it really essentially acts only as a signal to inform that "it is already too late. Despite Saber being one of the most powerful Servants of the Saber class, he finds that Assassin or Caster would suit his style of combat more appropriately.

Due to Saber's chivalrous preference for direct confrontations and fair battles, it is hard for him to coordinate with her. He instead has Irisviel pretend to act as Saber's Master, while he acts from the shadows. They only speak a few times in total, and are unable to ever agree with each others methodology. Equipment Kiritsugu lacks the various ritualistic catalysts used by normal magi like a dagger, cup, talisman, elixir, or spiritual container.

He instead uses all state of the art weaponry that are unable to store any prana, which is the "heresy" that earned him his title. He utilizes a large number of different firearms and weapons to kill his targets.

He also makes use of personal hand grenades, stun grenades, smoke grenades, C2 plastic explosives, and landmines, and he is skilled in incorporating them into traps with trip wires, hidden fuses, and a detonation system using a cellphone to trigger them through modified communication loops. He has number of Claymores, which simultaneously release around seven hundred steel balls with diameters of only one or two millimeters. They radiate outward in all directions in a fan formation with enough power to destroy an infantry unit in one strike.

He is also familiar with setting up surveillance systems, allowing him to use a number of concealed CCD cameras throughout the Einzbern castle. He also has specialized magical equipment, such as an eye drop bottle filled with a liquid made from refining the body fluids of a succubus.

It is sensitive to the blood of men and aged things, allowing it to immediately identify such substances. It is capable of comparing substances and distinguish differences accurately, allowing him to compare left over residue from shaving to a bloodstain to identify both as being left by Tokiomi.