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The relationship between Ashura and Fai is a complex and unexplained one, but but he is a genuinely kind person, offering advice to Syaoran and getting him. Bishies like Kurogane have been born to be slaves of fangirls like Tomoyo. As no romantic relationship can exist between two men without one taking the role of a Fortunately the loving advice like "u r just jealouz cuz their both MYNE!!1!. Characters: Kurogane/Fai, Syaoran/Sakura, Souma, Tomoyo, Yuuko, mentions and Syaoran's wedding, Kurogane thinks carefully about his relationship with Fai and . The best man seemed to be giving a last bit of advice to the condemned.

He escapes to go talk to someone he has been looking for the entire journey and to find out why the heck she sent him in the first place. In fact, he wasn't really sure how Fai had convinced him to ask out the girl of his dreams. He was seriously going to strangle Fai Kurogane's mother is meddling in her son's love life.

And some confessions are made over a cup of hot chocolate. Highschool AU, KuroxTomoyo, oneshot. And yet, I know I cannot. Kurogane must be the one that takes this journey But maybe he isn't entirely against spending the day cloudgazing with his princess.

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And that's going to get him into trouble with Princess Tomoyo time and time again. Story takes place in Nihon, when Kuro and Tomoyo are kids.

K - English - Romance - Chapters: Kurogane promised to wait for her and she would wait for him. But there was only so long that time would allow her to wait. T - English - Romance - Chapters: A 'what if' situation, set in Nihon Country, after the adventure. Rated T just to be safe. KuroxTomo, slight fluff, rated for sexual situation Tsubasa Chronicle - Rated: Those were Kurogane's loyalty T - English - Friendship - Chapters: KuroTom Tsubasa Chronicle - Rated: All Therapists Are Muggles: Syaoran is offered therapy and counseling by the hospital for the PTSD caused by his torture.

He declines on the grounds of not wanting to explain dimension travel. Anger Born of Worry: Kurogane often gets angry and frustrated when Syaoran doesn't take care of himself or when Syaoran becomes afraid of him. Anguished Declaration of Love: When Fai's curse activates and he tries to kill Syaoran and Kurogane after mortally wounding Sakura, Syaoran confesses his love for Kurogane thinking they are about to die.

Anywhere but Their Lips: Shortly after becoming Friends with BenefitsKurogane kisses Syaoran on his face and neck, while withholding any kisses on his lips. Syaoran does this in and attempt to avoid angering his teammates.

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Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? After Syaoran recovers from his hangover, he asks Kurogane if they did anything while he was drunk because he remembers throwing himself at him and asking for a goodnight kiss. Kurogane takes the question a personal offense that Syaoran believes that he would take advantage of a drunk person and things quickly go downhill.

Kurogane asks Sakura why she never calls Syaoran by his name and calls him "This Syaoran. What does this Syaoran like? Well for one, he'd like it if you'd drop the 'this Syaoran' bullshit and just called him by name. Fai tries to make up for his previous negligence of Syaoran by teaching him how to bake and going book shopping with him. Syaoran doesn't enjoy it in the least because he realizes that Fai is only humoring his attempts to fit in and Fai's niceness feels extremely forced.

Syaoran tells Kurogane that his wish enabled Fei Wang Reed's plans, one of which caused the destruction of Suwa and the death of Kurogane's parents in a failed attempt to recruit him.

Kurogane gets so angry that he abandons Syaoran so he wouldn't be tempted to harm the boy. Syaoran already had bad dreams caused by his regret, but they get worse when he later develops PTSD after being tortured. Because You Were Nice to Me: Syaoran is drawn to Kurogane and later initiates a relationship with him because he was only one to show any concern for him. Initially, Kurogane is the only one to show him any kindness or realize that Syaoran is distinct from his clone.

Betty and Veronica Switch: Fai is the Betty and Syaoran the Veronica respectively. Syaoran, as he loves both Sakura and Kurogane. Fai and Kurogane track down Syaoran, break down the door and proceed to wipe out Syaoran's tormentors and their gang. When Mokona gets too far of range for Syaoran and Kurogane to speak to each other, Syaoran tells Kurogane that he has a very nice voice and finds his native language pretty.

At first, it seems that Kurogane did understand him, but turns out he didn't. Syaoran lampshades that it would have been contrived for Mokona to come within translation range just as he says something embarrassing.

Sakura is heartbroken with Syaoran's admittance of his relationship with Kurogane. Syaoran, Kurogane and Fai still have to travel dimensions so Syaoran could continue to exist and are unlikely to return to Clow.

But Syaoran and Kurogane are happily engaged, Fai has made amends with the both of them, and Sakura accepts Kurogane and Syaoran's relationship. One of the few things that can get Syaoran out of his room is his love of books. Going to the library or to the bookstore is initially the only leisure activity for which Syaoran will leave the apartment.

Both Sides Have a Point: Fai is right that Kurogane and Syaoran's relationship is codependent, that hiding the truth will hurt them in the long run, and that Syaoran is in love with Sakura. On the other hand, Kurogane and Syaoran are right in that Fai has no right to butt in, as Syaoran is a consenting adult, and since he's not actually in a relationship with Sakura, it's his business who he tells.

Events have not been kind for Syaoran. Kurogane always threatens to punch Fai, Sakura or Syaoran in the face for doing something reckless and life-threatening. When Kurogane recovers from blood loss caused by cutting off his own arm in Nihon, the first thing Fai does his punch him in the face. Kurogane carries Syaoran this way when the latter is too injured to walk. Syaoran is disappointed and horrified when he finds out that Kurogane, his mentor and the man he looked up to, is in a relationship with his son.

By the time the story begins, Syaoran has been ostracized by his clone's friends, been imprisoned for years while the clone lived his life, doesn't know if the girl he loves is still alive, and has had to deal with the knowledge that he is indirectly responsible for his friends' tradegies. He slowly gets better over the course of the story after he is befriended by Kurogane. It's even the name of a chapter.

When Kurogane realizes Syaoran has become too fond of him and started using him as a crutch he harshly explains the reality of their relationship. It's brutal, but it breaks up their relationship as intended. He later tells Fai that he said it because he wasn't sure of his own feelings and didn't want to lie about it. What's wrong is that you don't love me and I don't love you. He does this again when he and Syaoran are discussing the practicalities of Syaoran's injuries.

I don't want to be a burden to anyone but— Kurogane: But there's no changing the fact that you will be. But Not Too Bi: It's mentioned that Kurogane has slept only with women in Suwa offscreen, but in the story he has subtext with Fai and a romantic relationship with Syaoran. According to Souma, his longest romantic entanglement lasted twelve hours.

A couple related to food: When Syaoran isolates himself from the group in chaptershe makes himself sandwiches because they are easy to make and keep fresh so he doesn't have to eat with the group. His friendship with Kurogane grows when Kurogane saves his sandwiches despite the fact he was angry with Syaoran. When Kurogane finally helps Syaoran through his Heroic BSoD in chapter 63, he makes a sandwich for Syaoran, who had been starving himself.

When Syaoran joins the group during mealtime for the first time, he endures an awkward and hostile spaghetti dinner with Fai and Sakura. When Fai and Sakura try to make amends to Syaoran after he is tortured, they both ask if he wants to have spaghetti and eat dinner with them, but he refuses out of anger. Calling the Old Man Out: When Fai tries to make amends with Syaoran, Syaoran calls Fai out for his negligence, Irrational Hatredand for destroying Syaoran's relationship with Kurogane.

You can still talk to us I'm not holding anything against you. I don't believe you. I don't want to you to think you don't have a support network. If I had a support network, then where were you after we landed in this world? Syaoran is accosted by a gang on his way home from the library, who attack him knowing that he's a chess player. They later kidnap and torture him for their amusement. Syaoran gets choked unconscious in a chess match when his opponent manages to get a rope around his throat.

The original angst for not being the clone. Syaoran is tortured for sixteen hours by his kidnappers. Agony of the Feet: Jet breaks Syaoran's toes with a nutcracker. Syaoran is threatened with this twice, either getting his eyes pulled by pliers or getting bleach poured into them.

Syaoran gets his fingernails torn off by a pair of pliers. Cassie impales Syaoran's hand with a thin sword. Gets his kneecap broken by Jet kicking it in. Cassie forces Syaoran to chose whether she will pluck out his eyes or his fingernails with her pliers. He picks his fingernails. Later her boyfriend, Jet, tries to force another choice by making him chose whether to get bleach poured into his eyes or down his throat.

Fortunately, Kurogane and Fai rescue Syaoran before he is forced to choose again. Averted, as Syaoran is easily overwhelmed when multiple assailants attack him at once, the first time causing him to flee, the second time getting him abducted. Played straight with Fai as he defeats an entire gang by himself offscreen when Syaoran is rescued. While Jet and Cassie admit they kidnap and torture Syaoran for their amusement to his face, they admit their secondary reason is because Syaoran is part of a successful chess team.

Since his team will be their opponents, they thought it worthwhile to cripple and eventually kill one of the players. Syaoran tries to excuse his shoulder injury as something from the chess match. Since Kurogane saw that he was injured before the match, he realizes that Syaoran got it when he shoved him into the wall. Compared to the manga. Fai gives Kurogane a nasty one when he believes the latter has been molesting Syaoran. When Kurogane realizes that he's the only one willing to help Syaoran, he vows to protect him.

The problem is that Kurogane's Hair-Trigger Temper ends up hurting more than helping. Due to his past imprisonment and being shunned by the rest of the group, Syaoran becomes so isolated that he becomes desperate for any sort of affection or acknowledgement. Did Not Get The Guy: Fai had been struggling with his eventual betrayal of the group and the exhausting effects of lying to everyone.

By the time he comes to terms with his love for Kurogane, Kurogane has already gotten together with Syaoran and he has watch them became lovers. After being gone so long, the actual Sakura finds out that Syaoran has already moved on.

When Syaoran looks at the mannequins in the clothing store: Flowing dresses with sequined accessories hung from plastic dolls made to resemble the human figure, if that figure happened to be anorexic. Syaoran needed a lot of build-up in order for the audience to believe that they could and would get together. The opening has Syaoran ostracized and hated by his clone's former True Companions for his clone's betrayal. The isolation is so bad that Syaoran becomes a Hikikomori to avoid it.

His attempt to connect with Kurogane ends with him almost being attacked. Sakura expresses sympathy for Kurogane when she figures out that he's in love with someone, pushing him to confess his feelings because once they resume their travels he'll never see that person again and he will regret never telling the person. This is ironic on several levels as the person Kurogane is in love is Syaoran which Sakura doesn't know. Syaoran does this when Sakura cryptically releases him from his promises and rejects him and when Kurogane dumps him for the first time.

In the latter case, Fai actually confronts him on it. Earn Your Happy Ending: By God, did Syaoran deserve it. Syaoran quickly forgives Sakura for shunning him and refusing to talk to him when she apologizes and admits that her reasons for behaving as she did were not good reasons.

When his ultimatum forces Kurogane and Syaoran to break up, Syaoran refuses to have anything to do with him as he points out that it was due to Fai's coldness that he needed Kurogane in the first place.

He eventually forgives and apologizes to Fai later in Nihon. After suffering a blow to the head after a roof collapses on him, Kurogane loses his memory of the argument he and Syaoran had before the roof fell. The story initially seems to be playing this trope straight, as Kurogane had no memory of his journey, but it's quickly subverted as he quickly regains his memory when he looks at Syaoran.

When Sakura eavesdrops on Fai and Kurogane discussing love, she gets the impression that Kurogane was in love with Fai. When the gang members are introduced, they attack Syaoran armed with wrenches and pipes when he's by himself and disarmed.

They fight him, knowing that he's disarmed while one of their members, Cassie, cheers for blood. Kurogane's anger often makes him ignore the consequences to his actions, limits his ability to empathize, and causes him to hurt people who he doesn't want to hurt. When necessary, he avoids confrontation altogether because he doesn't want to lose his temper, such as when he walks away from Syaoran after Syaoran admits that it's his fault Kurogane lost his family, rather than staying and potentially harming Syaoran.

Kurogane makes a point in calling Syaoran by his name when they are alone. When he doesn't do this it tips Syaoran off that something is about to wrong. Five Stages of Grief: The group embodies various aspects of the stages of grief: Fai and Sakura represent Denial as they refuse to acknowledge Syaoran because doing so forces them to think about the clone's betrayal and the loss of their friend.

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Kurogane represents Anger as he refuses to let himself to feel any sort of sadness and deals with it by getting angry. Syaoran represents Depression as he frequently wallows in guilt and despair. All of them eventually turn to Acceptance when they realize there's nothing they can change and trying would be too high of a cost. While they do have a practical reason for kidnapping and torturing Syaoran, Jet and Cassie readily admit that they're doing it for the hell of it.

When Syaoran nearly gets run over by a car, he notes that a car accident would be a relatively quick death and he could have died in worse ways, like being tortured or impaled by a sword. He gets kidnapped and tortured in chapter 41 and rammed through his clone's sword in chapter Syaoran desires affection and friendship at beginning of the story, Storge and Philia, while his relationship to Kurogane grows from lust to Eros.

Fai eventually repairs his relationship with Syaoran and has Storge affection for him. Syaoran tends to have these as a result of his PTSD.

When the act of simply going to the bathroom becomes a tremendous effort because of his injuries, Syaoran breaks down in tears, half-heartedly contemplating suicide. Kurogane accidentally triggers one when he and Syaoran get into an argument over the latter shutting everyone out. The Friend Nobody Likes: Tragically, Syaoran is only tolerated by the group because they need him and because they were close to his clone.

Syaoran is very much aware of this. Kurogane and Syaoran eventually become close friends and form an agreement to begin a sexual relationship. Kurogane does this to comfort Syaoran and initially believes that Syaoran understood that the relationship was temporary. It hits a snag when Syaoran starts to believe that Kurogane has feelings for him, which Kurogane tries to nip in the bud to no avail. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! Kurogane grabs Syaoran's arm to drag him out of his room when he refuses to eat or leave his room for four days.

This ends up triggering a panic attack. Fai orders Kurogane out when he mistakes Kurogane kissing Syaoran for the former sexually abusing the latter. Early in story, Syaoran tends to get jealous of the other's close bonds. Kurogane has a temper.

When asked by Fai what he and Syaoran do when they aren't around Kurogane tells him that they "talk. After a night of drinkingbreakfast time becomes a test of Syaoran's endurance and stomach. When comparing Sakura to Kurogane, Syaoran notes he has a thing for people of higher status than him. Kurogane seems to have a thing for male Broken Birds as seen with Fai and Syaoran.

Fai has a gradual one after he confronts Syaoran on his drinking: Kurogane points out that Fai treats Syaoran as if he's a ghost instead his own person, a problem not helped by the fact that Fai hasn't actually spoken much to Syaoran since Tokyo, which was several months ago.

Syaoran hides in his room to escape the group's antipathy towards him, only coming out for his basic needs and chess matches. Kurogane slowly breaks him out of it. Averted, as it takes several weeks for Syaoran's torture injuries to heal and he needs physical therapy to be able to bend his knee again.

Kurogane is bedridden for days due to blood loss after cutting off his arm in Ceres. Even with Tomoyo's passive magic to speed up the healing process, it takes him a while to fully recover.

Syaoran tries to keep his chin up and hope that Kurogane will rescue him when he hears footsteps. It turns out to be the other kidnapper, Jet. Early in the story, Kurogane tries to alleviate Syaoran's physical pain by drugging his food with pain medication against his wishes. He later becomes angry and stubborn when Healer Hinata does the same. Fai acknowledges that he is a massive Hypocrite when he tries to force Syaoran to tell Sakura the truth about his relationship with Kurogane when Fai himself has being lying to all of them the whole time.

Fai says this phrase word for word when Kurogane passes his Secret Test of Character by vowing to leave if he finds out he injured Syaoran. Kurogane didn't take being emotionally played and lied to lightly. I Need a Freaking Drink: A common response to emotionally agonizing events. Fai realizes that he loves Kurogane but knows that he can't do anything about it since Kurogane and Syaoran are already in love.

Fai decides that he will be happy for them and give them his support. Averted when Sakura finds out about Syaoran and Kurogane's love for each other. She is extremely upset and has a hard time accepting it.

Syaoran stops eating and leaving his room after Fai forces his ultimatum due to depression and anger with Fai Ignored Confession: Kurogane deliberately pushes off Syaoran's growing romantic feelings for him in an attempt to keep their relationship as it was. When Fai and Kurogane confront Jet, who is about to pour bleach into Syaoran's eyes, he tries to deny it: Hey man, this is a misunderstanding— In-Universe Nickname: Syaoran refers to his clone as "The Other.

Kurogane notes that Syaoran is more open about his emotions and very affectionate when drunk. Sakura, believing Kurogane fell in love with someone in Infinity, tries to give romantic advice and tells him to confess his feelings before it's too late.

Since they will eventually leave Infinity and Kurogane intends to return to Nihon, he will likely never see this person again and will always hold regrets that he didn't confess. Since Kurogane is debating on his feelings on Syaoran, this gives him a harsh reminder that they will eventually be separated.

Fai casts a sleep spell on Syaoran so the latter wouldn't be in pain from his injuries while Fai and Kurogane transport him to the hospital. He also does to Kurogane to force the latter to rest while they wait for Syaoran's surgery to finish. When Cassie begins to torture Syaoran, there is this dialogue: Actually, I just got over a cold so I'm not sick anymore. Fai finds out thirty chapters later and Sakura finds out chapters later Interrupted Intimacy: Syaoran and Kurogane rekindle their relationship and share a passionate kiss when Fai walks in on them.

Invoked by Syaoran when a nosy healer interrupts his reunion with Kurogane. He decides to mess with both of them by undressing and giving Kurogane a passionate embrace to make the healer think she interrupted much worse.

Syaoran and Kurogane's temperaments improve and both get less depressed after they turn to each other for affection. Syaoran tries tempting Kurogane with affection to get him to calm down. It ends in tears. He slowly grows out of it. It Meant Something to Me: Kurogane ends his Friends with Benefits arrangement when it becomes clear that Syaoran wanted more than what they were both ready for. He later realizes that he loves Syaoran when he hold him after they rekindle the arrangement.