Kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

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kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

I hope there will be no Kuro/Tomo relationship in the end xD . I remember on the scene where Tomoyo spoke to Kurogane who want to help. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Sakura, Syaoran, Kurogane and Fay CLAMP Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Water Kurogane Tomoyo Daidouji last goodbye. THE TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLE TRIVIA QUIZ! His relationship with Sakura c. What are some nicknames Fai gines to Kurogane?.

What better price than the thing you cherish most? What is a swordsman without his sword, like seriously Along the way, they encounter so much shit. Tsubasa has themes of corruption, war, despair, etc.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

I was honestly expecting a warm, fuzzy adventure. Putting that aside, it still contains some attractive features. Tsubasa is just an example of one them. A lot of blood was spilled guys. For girls, the romance genre is bait. But wait there's more. There are literally so many of them; points to crossover bishies. It's pretty subtle, so no worries.

Tsubasa is a worthwhile epic adventure. Especially if you're an all-rounder who enjoys some diversity. I did mention that Tsubasa was a crossover series, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to read the other alternative stories in order understand this one.

No, this is an entirely different story altogether. Hence, the term "crossover". Old charming characters won't have a wow-effect on you. I highly recommend that you read other alternative works in order to enjoy Tsubasa to the fullest extent. Seeing them reappear again is pure bliss. I put off reading Tsubasa for a very long time.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

So I remained stagnant for a long time, but then got into it eventually. Like most great series, it starts off so agonizingly slow. I mean, I dropped it. I won't argue with someone who believes that Tsubasa was being flushed down the toilet around the th volume mark. But please read more than that, it'll all be worth it.

Kurogane end with tomoyo?

Okay, well now you know. His ambition was to become stronger, not for the sake of being strong, but so he could use his strength to protect the people of Suwa and his parents. When Kurogane became a teenager, trouble began.

His mother had tuberculosis and would often collapse, coughing up blood, and Kurogane would strain himself to make sure she felt comfortable.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Kurogane x Tomoyo - In Support of Hated Pairings

His father was also away most of the time to fight against the demons. Finally, one day, Kurogane came home to find his father seriously injured and his katana in shards.

With the blessing of Kurogane's mother, his father left to fight, leaving Kurogane to protect his mother at home and told him that he should always use his strength to protect the ones he loves.

Right after he left, Kurogane's mother collapsed again. Even though she was in a critical condition, she insisted that she be taken to the Inoriba meaning Place of Prayer to pray for success against the demons. Moments later, Kurogane found his mother in the Inoriba, impaled by a large sword with a peculiar bat-like carving for its hilt that had suddenly appeared out of a void and disappeared before Kurogane could react.

Despite his efforts, he could not stem the blood flow and she died. At the moment of her death, the kekkai broke and the demons swarmed through the province. As the demon devoured the arm, the katana fell to the ground.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

Kurogane's resolve broke and, in fierce rage, he took up his father's sword and charged towards the demons. She deduced that both the lord and the lady of Suwa had died, and demons swarmed the province as predicted in the dreams of her younger sister, the miko-princess Tsukuyomi. They found that all the demons were killed with Kurogane still in the ruins of his home.

As Amaterasu approached Kurogane, who was too shocked to fully comprehend all that had happened and was still carrying his mother's body, he attempted to attack her. The empress ordered her ninjas to attack, but soon realized that Kurogane had lost his sanity and would do more harm than good when he killed all her warriors with ease.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

Amaterasu decided to personally subdue him, but was interrupted by Tsukuyomi. Rather than let her sister subdue Kurogane, Tsukuyomi suggested that she do so. Using her magic, she stopped Kurogane from attacking her, knelt beside him and whispered, "Let's let your mother sleep, shall we? At those simple words, she managed to snap him out of his madness.

Realization swept over him and he broke down in tears, and finally, exhausted, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself cleaned and his hand in bandages. She introduced herself as Princess Tomoyo; Tsukuyomi was a hereditary title given to the miko princess of Shirasagi Castle.

Later, Kurogane was accepted as a ninja of Shirasagi Castle, yet he still continued to search for the carrier of the sword that killed his mother. He never found another sword like it and only recently discovered from Syaoran accidentally viewing Kurogane's memories in the Book of Memories in Rekoruto that the one responsible for his mother's death was the same person Fei Wang Reed who attacked Sakura when her feathers appeared in the Kingdom of Clow.

Fei Wang originally intended to turn Kurogane into his "pawn", similar to what he did with Fai. Journey Kurogane and Princess Tomoyo of Japan At the beginning of the story, Kurogane tells Syaoran that he would not help in finding Sakura's feathers, since it was not related to him.

Anyway, he ended up aiding Syaoran and the others, teaching Syaoran how to fight and use a sword as well. Kurogane showed a strong reaction when he saw another Tomoyo in Piffle World. After hearing how she met Princess Tomoyo in a dream, he hesitantly asked her how Princess Tomoyo is. Just before he left, he affirmed that he will definitely go home.

In the Tokyo arc, Kurogane was involved in a short fight with Kamui. Fai thus became a vampire and survived. Since it was not Fay's wish to live but Kurogane's, Fai can only take blood from Kurogane.

Fai refrained from calling Kurogane nicknames from then on, in an effort to distance himself from Kurogane. Fai felt that by calling him the nicknames he had "crossed the line" that he himself had drawn to avoid getting too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change. Kurogane noticed that Fai and Sakura were up to something in the Infinity world, but he did not say anything.

After Sakura left, he finally spoke up, refusing to let Fai give up his eyesight to go to Celes. This caused an angry Kurogane to unsheath his sword and attack Ashura and Fay. String Theory in the Sense of Interdimensional Travel 4. It was first developed in concept during ancient Hinduism, but the term "multiverse" was first used by American Psychologist William James during in the follow phrase; "Visible nature is all plasticity and indifference, a moral multiverse, as one might call it, and not a moral universe.

kurogane and tomoyo relationship quiz

For example take a look at the diagram for a second. You will notice how you have one large circle The Multiverse with several smaller circles inside of it The Universes and then inside each of those have a few more smaller circles The Galaxies inside of them, to represent the multitude of galaxies inside the universe.

The theory is that you have our universe that we live in, but we also share a multiverse with many other universes, each of which have their own different kinds of laws for physics, or even different timelines! The first concept of this actually came from Ancient Hindu Cosmology, who theorized that they existed, but that we have no way of contacting them Another example of this is a matter of people. In one universe you can have one person with a face, name, personality, interests, position, and hobbies, while in another universe, you'll have somebody with the exact same name and face, but with a completely different personality, interests, position, and hobbies.

Take me for example, some nameless, insignificant schmuck who decided to write this blog on one of many anime and manga apps in our universe, while in another universe I am the President of my own United States who is rock hard and stone cold or some other thing that a nameless, insignificant schmuck can only dream of. Not that I want to be the President, oh no, not for me.

This is just one part of the String Theory, but it is the part that we will be heavily discussing on, for a quick over view of the levels of parallel universes, here you are as proposed by MIT Cosmologist Max Tegmark: An Infinite Universe that, by the Laws of Probability, must contain another copy of Earth somewhere 2.

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Other distant regions of space with different physical parameters, but same basic laws 3. Entirely different universe that may not even be connected to ours in any meaningful way and very likely have entirely different physical laws For the blog here, though, we will be looking at a small mix of all four of these parallel universe levels as proposed by Max Tegmark. Now, onto the next part. It also got an anime adaption that ran from April 9 - November 4 listed under Tsubasa Chronicle by Bee Train with 52 episodes over the course of two seasons, aswell as an interlude movie called The Princess and the Birdcage.

Unfortunately, Bee Train ran this during Japan's children TV time, which reduced some of the content that was to be shown and completely skewered the story, which led to Production I.

G airing it later after Season 3 was cancelled. G did two OVA adaptions under the names of Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations and Tsubasa Thunder Spring Chronicles that more followed the manga's story but skipped two major story arcs and was cancelled before it covered the end of the series. Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations aired from November 16 - March 17 and featured three episodes whereas Tsubasa Thunder Spring Chronicles aired from March 17 - May 15 and featured two episodes.

Syaoran is the leader of an archeological dig that took his father's life whereas Sakura is the princess of Clow Country who holds a mysterious power that can change the fabric of reality. When Sakura travels to the archeological site to profess her love to Syaoran, she touches this strange symbol which seperates her memories from her and scatters them to different worlds in the form of feathers. Syaoran is then forced to seek help from the Dimensional Witch Yuko Ichihara for aid, from which two others arrive; Fai D.