Libra and leo relationship 2014

Leo and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

libra and leo relationship 2014

Are Libra and Leo compatible? Are these two signs a match in friendship, love and romance? Find out in this special compatibility report into. Both very sociable people – and both rather social climbers too, if we're honest – Leo man Libra woman compatibility is underpinned by their joint charm and. Libra and Aries. In the beginning there can be a powerful attraction between these two opposites. But quickly they find gaps in each other's approach to love and.

Nothing stays hidden for long and as soon as one of them tries to stay secretive, mistrust is awaken. However, in many situations they tend to trust each other because it gets so obvious that there is no reason not to.

libra and leo relationship 2014

This is something that will not be easily reconciled and these partners could spend too much time trying to prove to one another why each of them has a point on what comes first. The problem is in the lack of understanding that each one of them has their own mission and their own role.

If they respect each other enough to accept some pretty big differences, their communication might be very satisfying and fulfilling for both of them. Leo will help Capricorn find a more positive and creative view on every situation and Capricorn will give Leo the depth and the serious intentions they need. When they combine their abilities to organize, any plan made could be perfect. Warm emotions of Leo are easily cooled down and buried, and without the ability to express love, Leo can become pretty depressed.

libra and leo relationship 2014

In return, the time Capricorn needs to build the emotional story they need, will be roughly interrupted by their fiery Leo partner. This could hurt them, or lead them to the opinion that Leo is not the right person for them, however attractive, smart, capable or beautiful they might be.

libra and leo relationship 2014

One of them is distracted by everything and the other focused only on their own needs. Because of this they could end up in a situation in which their relationship lacks trust and it might take some time for them to notice, because they will not question one another at the beginning.


Because of their natures, they could get lost, each of them satisfying their own needs. Leo does have a deep emotional background, but pays a lot of attention to words and intellectual strength of their partner.

This is where Gemini jumps in as a faithful follower, to admire their Leo partner and teach them a thing or two. If they find themselves in an emotional relationship with each other, they will probably talk about everything else but their feelings.

Leo might have the need to, in general, but Gemini partner will easily seduce them to go in another direction. There is not much room for overthinking, and they will both probably say the first thing that comes to their mind. Libra and Gemini What a wonderful mix, this duo will spend lots of time talking, listening, and challenging each other on all intellectual levels, the combination of intellectual and artistic interests are compatible. Libra being under the influence of Venus, and Mercury ruling Gemini, makes for a very good planetary configuration.

Both have an enough in common and enough in contrast to make a good partnership.

Libra and Leo Sexual, Love and Marriage Compatibility

They are affectionate, fun-loving, and like social life, entertaining, and travel. There is one area in which this relationship may suffer. Both love to spend, and neither are very good managers of their own money. Libra and Cancer These are two very different and temperamental signs.

Libra and Leo Compatibility

With Cancer being ruled by the moon and Libra by Venus, there should be lots of common ground for these two to work on, particularly in the love and romance area, where both are tactile and adventurous.

This combination usually manifests itself in a strong physical attraction at first; however, there are two strong wills at work here.

Libra and Leo Both elegant and charming, Leo ruled by the sun and Libra ruled by Venus usually form a luxurious and strong relationship.

Although the Leo loves to be in limelight, the artistic Libra will probably not be prepared to let the Lion bask in it for too long, much to the surprise of the Leo who may not be so good or willing to share.

libra and leo relationship 2014

They both have a deep love of beautiful things, and will probably keep an exotic palace full of expensive icons and Persian carpets. Herein lies a potential minefield. Both are great spenders and also both are bad managers, their financial situation will often be the cause of disputes that will undermine the foundation of their relationship.

libra and leo relationship 2014

Libra and Virgo This is an unlikely duo, although they will each have many traits that will appeal to the other. However they are likely to irritate the life out of each other.