Megatron and starscream relationship tips

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megatron and starscream relationship tips

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Megatron, Starscream for a non-violent relationship between Megatron and Starscream (I know, the irony. . way up to the very tip of the wing and started massaging it lazily but firmly. Megatron and Starscream didn't think they could ever figure out the key to their bizarre relationship, but over time they'd thought, why ask why? with the tip of Starscream's wing, the only sharp enough object he could find. Okay, this may seem like an odd question, but what do you think the relationship between Megatron's top three lieutenants is like? Do you think.

Starscream finally felt safe with Megatron, knowing how he truly felt. Megatron was not one to express his "feelings"…in fact, he wasn't sure he actually had any. Not until he met Starscream, that is. The first day they met, he had become fascinated with the young Seeker. Even then Megatron remembered trying to keep his eyes off the perfectly proportioned body, unique color design, flawless wings, glowing red eyes, and smirking face.

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The jets annoyed Megatron for the most part—they were…different, at the least, sometimes stupid, often tricksters or just plain weird, almost always extremely horny. They had violent tempers and declining health when they didn't fly, but most of all, they were, well, beautiful. Megatron thought Starscream was great-looking and his personality was, if anything, more snarky and funny. Even back then he had quite a mouth on him, but it wasn't a problem and Megatron never took it personally.

Then again, Megatron had a faction to rule and, later, a war to run. This became his first priority and he willingly set any unfamiliar feelings aside. For the most part, he thought feelings were impractical and stupid. Feelings were something Autobots had, not him, and he felt that getting "in touch" with emotion would be a loss of self-control.

Megatron believed that crying never solved anything. Once Megatron found out that "loyal" would not be a good word to describe Starscream, though, he ended up getting angry at him all the time and taking things out on him, even when the circumstances were out of his control. Whenever Starscream attempted to overthrow him, he threatened him about being disassembled, terminated, choked, melted, or damaged beyond repair.

But every time, something stopped him. Of course, he didn't know exactly what, but when Megatron saw that Starscream was hurt, or upset, because of something he had done, he always felt kind of…bad, remorseful even.

In the end, he knew when to stop, even if Starscream didn't. Neither one of them realized what they were truly feeling, in a sad, awful, terrible way—love. I probably shouldn't have saved you, but I did. There was nothing else to do. Surely, some earth twig couldn't have pierced his plating. Some tiny Decepticons for us to take care of. Slipstream was trying to play it off like she could remember every detail, even though she very obviously didn't, as she was still finding the odd piece of her own wardrobe scattered around the hotel suite.

Rumble and Frenzy, who had had front row seats to the previous evening's debacles, were animatedly whispering to themselves. It was unnerving that they kept looking in Starscream's direction. But even more unnerving were Thundercracker's stares of utter doom that were being fired at both him and Megatron. Soundwave just appeared angry at everyone, and that alone was terrifying. Starscream had never seen so much emotion on his face at once.

Dear Primus, what the pit had they done?! Breakfast, if it could be called that as most of them were nursing coffees and downing pain killers, was dragging on in a very awkward silence. The only noise to be heard, other than the twins whispering, was Fluffy's excited panting as she weaved between and around everyone's legs, optimistically waiting for someone to drop food.

The toaster popped, and the noise was soon accompanied by the strong smell of burning -because Megatron was fond of eating charred bread.

megatron and starscream relationship tips

Starscream swallowed thickly, fighting back his nausea. How their leader could force himself to eat in this state was beyond him. Eventually it was Slipstream, who could never keep her mouth shut for long, that decided to break the ice, "If you're going to shout at us Soundwave, can you do it now?

I've got shit to do today. He'd prefer it if no one shouted at anyone for a while. Slipstream did, glaring at him, though it was difficult to take her seriously with her smudged massacre making her look like a panda.

His gaze returned to Slipstream again, "Starting with you. He must have realised that that was the best he was going to get out of Slipstream and moved onto Skywarp.

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The youngest seeker, who had up until this point been doing a very good job at pretending to be invisible, barely looked up from the table. And next came Starscream, who was still concentrating most of his energy into not being sick. Then he noticed everyone staring at him in expectation. He saw Thundercracker's jaw clench, his eyes narrowing. Across the table Slipstream laughed, "You were the worst one!

megatron and starscream relationship tips

They had all been as bad as each other last night. It was more what Starscream had apparently been hiding from him for Primus only knew how long that was making him angry.

Everyone next glanced at Megatron. Thundercracker stood up from the table fast enough to make most of its occupants jump, "Aren't you two just perfect for each other! But he couldn't, could he? Not unless Slipstream had told him He glared in her direction briefly before turning back to his elder brother, "Happy together?

Thundercracker glared back silently. The twins snickering had grown too loud to ignore. Starscream glanced around at all of them, waiting for someone to explain, "What?! Megatron dropped his half eaten toast. Fluffy quickly laid claim to it. Confused, Skywarp tugged on Thundercracker's sleeve, "Married?

But Starscream had more important things than Skywarp's feelings to worry about at the moment. He punched Megatron in the shoulder to get his attention, "Tell them it doesn't count! This isn't my fault! My judgement was impaired! What kind of idiot would marry us in the first place?!

Except for Thundercracker, who looked annoyed. And Megatron, who looked confused. And Starscream, who looked furious. Unfortunately all she succeeded in doing was causing Megatron to move towards her menacingly.

She snatched up her coffee and hurried out the room, shouting something vague about being late over her shoulder. At her exit Skywarp saw the opportunity for escape, muttering something about bed before scuttling off with an entire box of cereal. He didn't bother to take milk. The twins didn't move, still anticipating a dramatic climax to the newlywed's argument, and neither did Soundwave or Thundercracker, who were still glaring at them.

Starscream took one look at the expression on his face and decided going anywhere alone with Thundercracker was probably a bad idea. But Thundercracker was already grabbing his wrist and pulling him up out of his seat. His grip was too tight for Starscream to break out of without making too much of a scene and he had to allow himself to be dragged in the direction of the bedrooms.

megatron and starscream relationship tips

He glanced over his shoulder before they reached them, silently pleading with someone, anyone, to come to his rescue. No one, not even his so-called husband moved to intervene. When they reached the door Thundercracker swung him in first, causing him to stumble slightly. The door slammed behind them and Starscream turned to see his brother standing in front of it, having reassumed his intimidating stance.

Starscream rolled his eyes, "What is it now, Thundercracker? Thundercracker's expression darkened, "You know exactly why you're here. Thundercracker chose to ignore that comment.

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He was too confused to start considering his deeper feelings in regards to his leader this morning. Thundercracker seemed to pick up on these repressed emotions. Eventually he placed a comforting hand on his brother's shoulder.

Starscream restrained himself from shrugging it off. Starscream accepted it for all of three seconds before shoving him away. Are you talking about sex? It was a very rare occurrence indeed to catch Soundwave with his guard down. So Rumble and Frenzy weren't likely to let an opportunity like this go to waste.

Soundwave sat with his chin propped in one hand, eyes closed and breathing even. Also asleep and curled in his lap -despite being a little too big and heavy for that now- was Fluffy. The events of the night before had obviously finally caught up with both of them. Just to be sure, Frenzy lightly tapped Soundwave on the knee, "Soundwave?

Rumble grinned, "See, I told you. Warily, he lifted it to Soundwave's face, almost positive his creator was going to jump up the second the pen tip met with his skin and ensnare them with those inconveniently fast reflexes of his.

He ended up putting the tiniest dot on Soundwave's cheek, and when he didn't suddenly find his personal space invaded by his irate creator he moved more boldly, snickering to himself.

Frenzy quickly hid the pen behind his back, he and his brother assuming expressions of innocence. Luckily, it was only Skywarp.

megatron and starscream relationship tips

The seeker still looked a little hung over, and at a loss of what to do with himself. He stopped when he saw the twins, "What are you two doing?

Rumble and Frenzy exchanged a glance before revealing the pen, holding it out to him. Skywarp came forward and took it, "What were you-? The twins ran for it, leaving a confused Skywarp holding the pen aloft. Megatron looked up, having only just noticed he was there, and then raised an eyebrow as he caught sight of Soundwave asleep in the chair, and the moustache he was now sporting. Skywarp followed his gaze, and instantly dropped the pen, "It wasn't me! His panicked exclamation woke Soundwave, who then tried to pretend he hadn't been sleeping at all.

Fluffy also lifted her head at the noise, tail wagging excitedly. Neither Skywarp nor Megatron said anything as he looked to them for an explanation, "What happened? Skywarp lifted a hand to gesture to Soundwave's pen covered upper lip, but Megatron stopped him. Soundwave, having no reason not to trust his commander nodded and moved off, likely in search of the twins. Skywarp waited until he left before looking to Megatron for an explanation.