Mic louise and spencer relationship fake friends

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Spencer Matthews ex girlfriend Louise Thompson has thrown some serious But despite leaving all the MIC drama behind him three years ago, it looks like time on the show – as Louise went on to praise Spencer's relationship. She's my best friend and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her'. As I prepare to watch the th episode of Made in Chelsea on Monday night Harry Baron, the new Spencer Matthews-type villain, has already insisted . Meanwhile, Louise's current boyfriend, Ryan Libbey, goes red as a tomato . Spencer Matthews, whose brother married Pippa Middleton, was kicked. Who's Made in Chelsea's poshest of them all? Sam Thompson isn't quite as posh as his sister Louise (she has the upper hand when it comes.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake friends

Louise was drinking to cope with her problems at the beginning of her Made In Chelsea career Image: REX She would turn to booze to cope with her mental health problems Image: I didn't think of myself as a human being who I should look after, I just bulldozed through life," she confessed to the mag. I'd go out, get so wasted to the point of blacking out, and then be really hungover the whole of the next day.

Louise would drink until she passed out to cope Image: Loaded "It was a really bad cycle.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake friends

Every time I was hungover I'd think, 'I can't live my life like this, but then I'd do it again. Admitting she would drink to forget her deep unhappiness, Louise said she was on a "slippery slope" that would lead to embarrassing drunken situations - and after a while, her mental health got worst, resulting in panic attacks and a fear of leaving her university room.

She said a string of bad relationships took its toll on her health Image: FilmMagic She and Spencer split after cheating rumours - but she said that wasn't even her lowest point Image: Wenn "I would go out and get really drunk and forget about everything.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake friends

I'm happy with my weight… I've always kept in decent shape and I've never put on or lost loads of weight, but the camera does add pounds. Because I'm so short, I have to be careful because I don't want to look stocky.

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My problem area is my arms. I really hate them!

Louise Doesn't Find It Attractive Any More - Made In Chelsea

I just think they're short and stubby… Spencer used to call them the wubby arms — he has an obsession with them! I'm really into boxing… I get bored on long runs or on the treadmill but I love boxing.

MIC star Louise Thompson talks beauty, diet and being friends with Spencer

It's good for different muscle groups and cardio as well. I pack quite a punch! I like having a trainer because they can mix things up and tailor things to my needs — you discover muscles you never knew you had.

mic louise and spencer relationship fake friends

I'm enjoying Made In Chelsea this series… I've had two very stressful seasons prior to this where there were a lot of tears and really raw emotions so it's nice to be less involved in that sense. I feel really sorry for Binky… She's going through the same thing and I went through with Spencer and really empathise with that. The way that Alex treated Binky continually was a really big surprise to me because I saw them on nights out together and all of his attention was on her.

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People think cheating is normal now because of reality television… I was filming something yesterday with Spencer and we were joking about the cheating but I said, 'People are probably using the excuse that if Spencer and Jamie did it, it's fine', and it's not. I really hope people don't aspire to be like that. I have made up with Spencer… He's someone that will be in my life for as long as I continue to be on the show and it definitely plays in my favour to get along with him.