Mr and mrs gardiner relationship questions

mr and mrs gardiner relationship questions

Mr. Bingley, a well-off gentleman, arrives in town and Mrs. Bennet sees it as an opportunity for one of her What does Wickham relate to Elizabeth about his relationship with Darcy? What does Mrs. Gardiner suggest as a diversion for Jane?. On the way home, Mr. Gardiner attempts to reassure his niece that Wickham will Mrs. Bennet, of course, is hysterical, blaming Colonel Forster for not taking care of her daughter. Mr. Bennet gladly acquiesces, deciding that marriage to a scoundrel is better than a ruined reputation. Take the Chapters 46–49 Quick Quiz. Surprisingly, the excellent Mr Gardiner is Mrs Bennet's brother. Austen wants She questions Elizabeth about her affection for Wickham (Chapters 26 and 27).

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mr and mrs gardiner relationship questions

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