Nodame and chiaki relationship counseling

nodame and chiaki relationship counseling

Posts about Nodame Cantabile written by Peter S. So now, in the very last episode of the series, where is their relationship? . Therapy, or something. のだめカンタービレ Nodame Cantabile: Comic Beethoven Thus begins a stormy relationship, in which Nodame love is at first entirely Mine has the benefit of patronizing advice from Kiora, concertmaster of the A Orchestra. Nodame Cantabile - Chiaki Shinichi & Noda Megumi <3 Couples Anime, Manga. Visit. Discover ideas about Couples Anime. Nodame Cantabile - Chiaki.

Earlier I mentioned that this anime is one of the rare occasions where the adaptation is better than the mange, and the reason for this is because of the music. Where the manga made do with track names and examples of written scores, actually hearing the music played in the anime brings the whole series to a new level. While there are a number of thematic tracks on offer, the heart and soul of Nodame Cantabile are the various pieces of classical music that are played throughout the series, whether it be solo or with an orchestra.

Well it's fairly easy to explain. One of the aspects of Nodame Cantabile that can heavily influence whether one enjoys the series or not is whether you, the viewer, actually listen to, and appreciate, the music itself.

nodame and chiaki relationship counseling

People may find that in order to better understand the character's passion for music, they will in turn listen to the track in a way that they may not have done with other shows, and while this may not seem obvious to most at first, a good question to ask come the end of the series is whether your opinion of classical music has improved over the course of the series.

Nodame's antics may help things along with a good dose of comic relief, but the music is the glue that holds everything together. Given the heavy musical emphasis, one would be forgiven for thinking that something was sacrificed in order for the whole thing to work.

nodame and chiaki relationship counseling

It's surprising then that Nodame Cantabile is actually pretty close to the manga in terms of plot and story, and although some alterations to the tale do occur, these are barely noticeable as they don't really contribute to any major changes in the plot or characters.

Now, while the music is a hugely important factor when deciding if one will enjoy Nodame Cantabile, one other aspect will determine whether you love the series or not - the characters. Unlike many other romantic comedies the show has opted for a slightly more whimsical approach to love, life and relationships, and the characters are generally the epitome of this ethos.

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Noda Megumi the titular Nodameis not simply an eccentric musical genius, she is also thoroughly otaku, has a tendency to stalk her love interest, and hates cleaning. Chiaki, on the other hand, is a talented but arrogant musician who is widely regarded as the "prince" of the college.

What sets this series apart from other romantic comedies is the manner in which the characters are used. While the two leads may be the focus of the show, there is considerable development on the part of several other supporting characters as they strive to become better musicians, and in keeping with the sentiments of the franchise, this never really occurs in the way one expects.

Actually, at heart Nodame Cantabile is simply a different take on the "Beauty and the Beast" format, with classical music and a bit of role reversal thrown in for good measure.

Stay - Nodame Cantabile

That said, there's nothing beastly about the looks, although there is a slight "cartoon" element to the facial features of the characters, something which is used to good effect during the funny moments. The overall design of the characters however, errs on the side of realism in respect of their movements, and while there's an over-the-top element to the actual animation of their movements during certain scenes, the majority of the time the characters move how one would expect a normal person to move.

Nodame Cantabile -

The backdrops and settings are pretty well realised for the most part, although there is a watercolour feel to some of the scenery, and the colour palette seems more understated than in most other anime.

The combination is strangely elegant in its own way, and makes the visual comedy and parodies of typical shoujo manga scenes funnier for some reason but that may just be me.

nodame and chiaki relationship counseling

The one issue I do have with the animation is this - why on earth choose such bad CG for the orchestrral scenes. Granted the animation is technically astute when it comes to finger movements and hand positions, but the overall execution is poor, and does not mesh well with the general feel of the show.

One of the reasons why I was attracted to this series is because I like classical music, however even I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Nodame Cantabile. He has a yellow green hair and eyes.

Maestro Franz von Stresemann

He has a black mustache yellow green in Live-Action and a pale skin tone. He usually wears formal clothes like tuxedos.

Personality Edit Stresemann is an elderly, highly-respected internationally famous conductor who comes to Momogaoka Music Academy as a guest instructor. In love with the Academy's Director, Minako Momodaira. He comes as a favor and immediately is pegged as an oddball lecher.

Perverted, demanding, and not at all dignified, Stresemann seems to be opposite of what his reputation makes him. Stresemann, however, immediately takes to Nodame, and even accepts Chiaki as his one and only apprentice after repeatedly rejecting his application to enroll in his conducting classes.

nodame and chiaki relationship counseling

His wild behavior constantly gets Chiaki in trouble, but he also teaches him how to feel and express music in a way that only he can. He often takes his orchestra out for mixers or group dates, and go to night clubs and host clubs especially a place called One More Kiss instead of attending the rehearsals he is supposed to conduct.