Obito and madara relationship memes

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obito and madara relationship memes

The manga finally reveals the the fake “Madara's” identity: Obito. Tobi also talks about Madara's relationship with his brother, Izuna, when. goreless. naruto text post meme: i forgot the caption 6/? Me, crying over Naruto at 3 in the morning again: this is it, this is their canon relationship. On Anime and Manga - Naruto, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I like how Madara is being condescending to Tobi*spoilers*". Let's just say our relationship is not okay. I smell a new meme which is not okay.

This led to various ninja villages developing, including Naruto's home of Konoha, which further spiralled into tales of war and politics as various factions tried to assert dominance and take control of the world.

Shippuden, which saw love and loss factor in more. Naruto found that allies, betrayal and enemies were at every corner, which was also connected to his close friend, Sasuke, and the fallen Uchiha clan. Fans were treated to a lot of drama by writer Masashi Kishimoto, but despite all of these awesome points, the road to the Great Ninja War and Kaguya's revival was filled with a lot of noticeable plot holes. CBR decided to look at the 15 biggest ones!

Hashirama of the Senju Clan and Madara of the Uchiha Clan were the first vessels respectively and they went to war, which led to Konoha being formed.

When their time ended, Naruto and Sasuke were the next reincarnated forms.

obito and madara relationship memes

However, when Hagoromo's mother, Kaguya, came back to wreak havoc on mankind, Naruto and Sasuke put aside their differences to stop her. Hagoromo appeared to them, revealed their history and then powered them up to take the villain on. They barely defeated her, which begs the question -- why didn't he do this for Hashirama and Madara? Helping end their feud earlier would have brought peace, unity and prevented centuries of war.

He's so tactically sound that people have even called him the Batman of the franchise as he's always planning 10 steps ahead. One of the most outlandish and flawed arcs though is his plan for his village's safety. Itachi slaughtered his clan to keep peace in Konoha and then left to join the Akatsuki. As part of the terrorist organization he was supposed to keep tabs on them for the Third Hokage leader of Konoha but he didn't do a great job.

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Konoha was attacked by the Akatsuki with several lives lost, Naruto and the ninjas who stored the Tailed Beasts came under threat, and also Orochimaru an ex-Akatsuki member plundered the village too. Kishimoto seemed to forget Itachi existed and wrote his backstory in reverse. It becomes more apt with the revelations in Chapter where Naruto is revealed to be the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths youngest son.

Remember the fact that the Sage of the Six Paths created ninshu? This may have been a part the explanation of why Naruto can do what he does.

GARuto following Naruto's taking a level in badass. NTRuto - Has gained this from the unfortunate amounts of crossover fanfics that have Naruto stealing Canon couples or harems.

Spanish portmanteau of Naruto and the Spanish word Bruto: Used by Latin American fans. He's also named, in a more derogatory way, as Naputo literally Narufag In Spain, he's sometimes nicknamed Raruto, also a portmanteau of Naruto with Raro Weird. Both Naruto the character and Naruto the show are often referred to as Nardo which is sort of how the japandese pronunciation of Naruto sounds by mocking non-fans and self-deprecating fans.

Naruto is a father of two with Hinata in the epilogue. Also "Boruto's Dad" due to a Crunchyroll tweet gone memetic. After he becomes the Seventh Hokage as an adult.

Emo-duck - Sasuke, arising from his perceived emo and the resemblance of his hairstyle to a duck's ass. Sasuke is often dubbed "The Sauce" by die-hard fans and die-hard haters alike. Yaoi fans who prefer Sasuke as the uke in their pairing of choice sometimes render his name as "Sas- Uke ". Very common for haters too. Snakes, thanks to Itachi's idea. The Great Snake Escape - The nickname given to a particularly inexplicable example of Plot No Jutsu when Sasuke escaped Deidara's suicide explosion by summoning Manda a giant snakecontrolled it with genjutsu, and then teleported it away with some ability which was not elaborated on or mentioned again.

After the explosion had already gone off not ten feet from him. While out of chakra. In the epilogue he fathers a child with Sakura. Even more sophomoric ones might use "Suckura" or "Failkura". Less insultingly, "Mamakura" after she had a daughter with Sasuke and was later revealed to have raised her alone. Before his name was revealed, the leader of the Akatsuki was often referred to by fans as Sir Leader.

ToMaTo - the name given to the character whose identity is severely conflicted within the story; is he merely Tobi, Madara, or Obito? This, combined with the guy's actual resemblance to a tomatoled to the affectionate moniker. In the Spanish fandom, he's named "Bobito", a Spanish diminutive of the word "bobo". Moron or in context, "Lil' Moron" The Mask, because he's constantly wearing one, and it's hard to be sure of who's under it.

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At least this name can't be Jossed. The events of Chapter have led people to call his master plan Instrumentality. The place he sends Karin and Sasuke to in that same chapter has also been called "The box dimension" or occasionally " Hueco Mundo ". After Chapterhe gained the nickname "Obitobi" in reference to his true identity, Obito Uchiha.

Prior to the chapter, fans who theorized it called him "Tobito", which became more popular after the confirmation. This doesn't make sense since Minato was a hero-- he saved the village, allowing everyone to continue on with their lives as if nothing had happened.

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  • Obito Uchiha

Pushing an innocent child away will only lead to despair-- look at Garra, for example. However, choosing to make him a Kage out of the blue was certainly unexpected. However, Sasuke wanting to become Hokage is even an even bigger joke. Sasuke and Gaara are the last two individuals who should be allowed to rule.

obito and madara relationship memes

However, slowing down his maturity was simply a cheap ploy to get more manga sales and future anime seasons launched. What would the fight between Jiraiya and Pain have been like if Naruto was there fighting at full capacity? This was especially evident when she mentioned giving him a chance at having a relationship with her upon his return.