Oz and willow relationship trust

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oz and willow relationship trust

Willow and Oz seemed like a couple that would last a very long time, into a had a chance after Willow cheated, because the relationship was young, .. I mean, one could say that there was a lack of trust because of what. People rarely just break up on Buffy, their relationships usually end relationship after that episode, there was a sincere respect and trust between them. Oz and Willow were great together, easily one of the best couples in. Despite her surprisingly healthy relationship with Oz the werewolf, . Meanwhile, Anya doesn't trust Willow because Willow and Xander are.

Had she not been unceremoniously sliced in half — which we are also still crying about — these two would certainly have gotten back together. After watching Willow pine for Xander for a season and a half, it was a relief to see her find someone who recognized how amazing she was. Their relationship was both happy and healthy.

oz and willow relationship trust

It was also the most drama-free romance on the show, despite the fact that Oz was a werewolf. They even continued dating when they went to college together. However, by the time he did, Willow had already moved on — and so had we. That kind of turned the lore of the series on its head.

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Spike was a monster to everyone but Drusilla and he accepted her just the way she was, crazy and all. James Marsters and Juliet Landau had the most incredible chemistry.

They were, without a doubt, one of the most fantastic couples in the Buffyverse. Spike and Dru were held so dear that when Spike initially fell for Buffy, fans were actually upset about it, because this meant that he and Dru were really over. Still, even in flashbacks, these two lit up the screen. His obsession with her was completely creepy, regardless of how you felt about him as a character. He had no soul, so he was no different from Angelus. Yet, he was a bit different, somehow.

Spike showed an emotional spectrum that far outmatched that of his grand-sire. His feelings for Buffy — although taken to extremes that ranged from mildly disturbing to truly terrible — did become something real. He may have been a lovable monster, but he was a monster just the same. However, season 7 gave Spike a chance at redemption and as Buffy watched him become a champion, her feelings for him began to change.

Although the series ended with them in a place of uncertainty, their relationship in the comics has really blossomed.

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It took both of them a while to come around to it, but these days, they are in a loving and supportive relationship. It turns out that they are pretty great together. From the moment that Angel first appeared as an enigmatic stranger, fans knew that a relationship between him and Buffy was inevitable.

Theirs was a rapport rife with longing and, no matter how hard they tried, they always found their way back to one another. Plus, the chemistry between Boreanaz and Gellar was pretty incredible. Also, happy and in love people are often kind of boring to watch — which is why on a Joss Whedon show, if a couple is doing too well for too long, someone is either going to die or turn evil.

Their lives are inextricably linked. Wes had been in front of her the whole time, but Fred was always looking elsewhere. When they finally got together, it felt truly earned. However, this is a Joss Whedon show, so no sooner had they come together, that Fred was killed off. It was absolutely brutal.

Willow/Tara and arguing

After all, she was wearing the face of the woman that he loved. Wes taught Illyria what it means to be human. In a strange turn of events, Illyria fell for Wes, a man who could never truly love her back. She may have looked like Fred, but she was not.

It was as beautiful as it was tragic. Although they were not given much time as a couple, Fred and Wes shared one of the greatest romances in the Buffyverse. Theirs was the healthiest, happiest, and most stable romantic relationship on either series. Everyone fell in love with Willow and Tara. Fans were clamoring for him to return. When Willow and Tara began to grow closer, some viewers were hesitant to accept where their relationship was going.

The relationship between Willow and Tara was also completely revolutionary considering when the series aired. It may not seem like much now, but Willow and Tara had one of the first long-term relationships between a same-sex couple ever to be portrayed on network television.

Those early boundaries were slow to break down and BtVS was on the front lines. It took a year into their relationship — and Whedon threatening to quit — before we ever saw their first onscreen kiss.

Amber Benson almost reprised her rolebut the deal never quite came together.

oz and willow relationship trust

Everything you love -- every book, movie, TV show, and other media -- is a little bit problematic. Every piece of media has an area where it falls down, even just a little, a spot where it fails to service a subsection of the population, a place where it insults or offends. A perfect piece of art does not exist.

Now, while that's sinking in, here's another secret: The purpose of art isn't to be perfect. The purpose of art is to make you think and to spark conversation, to capture and express something, not all things. We've already explored how my favorite show of all time, The X-Files, had sometimes huge issues with certain subjects cough transphobia cough. Today, though, I want to explore another of my favorite shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

From the time it premiered in to when it went off the air inBuffy the Vampire Slayer was a groundbreaking piece of American television. The entire purpose of the show was to upend stereotypes about teen girls in the horror genre by being about a teen girl who is the only one that can save the world from the supernatural horrors looking to do it harm. It also featured one of the first same-sex romances between two main characters ever depicted on American television when it put Willow and Tara together in the show's fourth season.

But just because it pushed boundaries doesn't mean it did so gracefully and without issue. Let's start with Willow and her developing sexuality over the course of Season 4. When we first meet Willow, she has a massive crush on her best friend, Xander, so much so that her feelings for Xander become a major element of her character development over the first two seasons. She is in love with him her words and those unrequited feelings become a major point of tension between the three of them Buffy, Xander, Willowwhich is revisited again and again.

Zoom In In the second season, Willow meets Oz, a fellow high school student, frequent hair dyer and lead guitarist of Dingoes Ate My Baby, the hottest high school band in Sunnydale. Oz is immediately infatuated with Willow and the two eventually fall in love and spend nearly two full seasons killing monsters and being adorable.

Their relationship is built on mutual affection, trust, and understanding, which is what made it so heartbreaking when it all fell apart at the beginning of Season 4. Some episodes later and Willow meets and befriends Tara, a fellow witch. Tara is shy and sweet and completely into Willow and to the show's credit, they waste no time in putting the two of them together.

Like her relationship with Oz, Willow's romance with Tara is built on a real foundation of emotions and trust and a lot of very sexy magic. Here's where things went a little sideways. From the moment Willow accepts her new relationship with Tara as legitimate and romantic, she is capital G gay.