Past life regression relationship issues and dating

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past life regression relationship issues and dating

7 Signs Your Past Life Is Affecting Your Love Life Today Or maybe you find yourself having the same relationship problems over and over However, if you realize that everyone you date ends up being a liar, or a . Michelle Brock, a spiritual life coach who specializes in past life regression, tells Bustle. Past-life regression helps you remove a connection from a past life that could be Despite therapy or other forms of healing we do, our problems persist. This is a few months ago, she had since been through two frustrating dating scenarios. Heal the past life trauma, and you heal the current life drama, it turns out to be that for all others involved improving your current life relationships with them. . She told me her brother had gotten a girlfriend then and she had told him . One Soul Journey is in general sufficient to get to the core of that one issue and heal it.

But one thing you can count on: How can you tell? First, you have to stop and consider it. But some connections—the valid ones—ultimately prove themselves over and over again, if you pay attention. But always, with the opportunity to improve your relationship so that the next time you meet, things will be even better especially in the case of former enemies! The principles of interdimensional science and your own personal design may mandate it.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

And you might not even be able to define why. In view of this list, take a closer look at them. Where do your lines of compatibility cross? Both love the same foreign language, food, or culture? Enjoy a similar sport, art, hobby, pastime? Have you done this together before? Do you work well together, like smoothly oiled gears?

Accomplish more together than separately? Cherish it, no matter how briefly work partners or long friend or family it may last. Unquenchable anger directed toward you. Nothing ever seems agreeable to you both; you can never make them happy; they seem to you to act as if you owe them something.

How Are Your Past Life Relationships Affecting You Today?

You fight a lot over these things. You sort things out—and it happens again. It might be that certain specific things act as a trigger. If you can figure out what they are, you might be able to identify the past-life situation, which will help you move on, or resolve it in the present. Which is certainly a good thing now and then, but every time, with the same individual, signifies something unseen at work. You feel you owe them, but this is probably not in your conscious awareness.

You are always looking out for them, taking the extra step, doing more, overcompensating for something invisible in your present life, but still alive deep in your history. They might be a child, friend, parent, sibling, spouse, or coworker in the present life. Knowing that should help the balance slowly or rapidly shift. This, by the way, is a very common bond between people: Nothing is lost or forgotten in the Infinite scheme of energy-life.

Bathtubs, dentists and dry-cleaners were unknown on the human scene until recently.

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This reminds me of a woman I regressed into a prehistoric lifetime where, according to her, her mate was really ugly. Joan, a recent widow, had come to be regressed because she had loved her deceased husband very much. She wanted to know if they had been together in another lifetime, and if so, she desired nothing more than to go back to their very first life together.

The lifetime she was regressed into was prehistoric. As she described him, her utter distaste for his physical appearance was obvious. There absolutely was no enthusiasm on her part ever to go into that lifetime. Soon she realized there was much more to true love than a handsome face. Before the session ended, she found herself deeply in love with this man who always protected and loved her.

Past-Life Regression Removes Relationship Blocks to Move On in Love

I found it interesting to witness her transition as she moved through her present-day value system into the one she had had when she lived in caves. As you might already have guessed, the cave man had been her now recently deceased husband. For example, you meet a young man, fall madly in love with him, marry and have children.

You love each other very much, and your sex life is fantastic. Then one night while making love, you suddenly feel that what you are doing is wrong. Feelings of aversion to any sexual contact with your partner sweep through you, and for no known reason you begin to feel guilty about having sex with him.

At first you may shrug off these totally inappropriate feelings, chalking them up to stress, overwork or just a temporary hormonal imbalance, but the feelings of repulsion and guilt continue to intensify over the ensuing months. Neither you, your mate nor your marriage counselor can understand what has happened to your once perfect marriage, which now is falling apart because you refuse to have sex with your husband. At some level, the feelings from the past relationship bleed through into the present.

The trigger to this may be reaching a certain age, an inadvertent glance, a particular mannerism or some action taken by either one of you. In one such case, the trigger was the husband giving his wife a pair of diamond post earrings. Her acceptance of his gift unconsciously triggered a time in her past when her husband had been her father who had given her a pair of diamond post earrings on her sixteenth birthday.

Through regression, she was able to change her unconscious misperception, and release the inappropriate feelings from the past, which were damaging to their present relationship. Thereafter, everything between her and her husband returned to the way it previously had been. In another case, a male client lost all sexual interest in his wife after giving her a pearl necklace. As she accepted the gift, he flashed on her playing the part of his mother in an earlier life.

Again, the present relationship suffered until he was able to release his inappropriate feelings. In most any case, once the truth has been unearthed and the detrimental feelings and distorted perceptions of the mate are released, the present-life relationship can be salvaged.

However, there are some people who are unable or unwilling to release their former feelings. The following is such a case.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

As Lynette, a middle-aged woman, sat across from me in my office, her eyes filled with tears as she talked. She told me she had been deeply in love with her husband of eleven years.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

According to her, they had a wonderful life together. She said she had never met a man with whom she could communicate or respond to as passionately as she did with him. Best of all, he apparently felt the same way about her. After discussing what a wonderful marriage she had for about fifteen minutes, she finally got around to telling me why she wanted to be regressed.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

Despite everything she had going for her in her marriage, she was unable to feel intimate with her husband. For instance, she never allowed him to hold her hand. When he tried, she quickly withdrew her hand from his, a practice which had become embarrassing to her. For the answer to her dilemma, we had to go back about years to a time when she and her husband were living in England near the coast. Nearly everyday they spent many hours together walking, hand in hand, along the cliffs watching the sea breaking on the rocks below.

Their relationship truly was a romantic and intimate relationship. But because he was a seaman, he had to go out to sea for several months at a time. Each time he left, she faithfully vowed to wait for him until he returned. While he was gone, she would go to the cliffs daily, hoping each time to see his returning ship.

They had been married for about ten years when one day his ship did not return on schedule. Many lonely years passed as she continued to go to the cliffs daily and wait in vain for him to return.

No one ever knew what had happened to his ship, but she kept the faith and never was dissuaded. On her deathbed she vowed to be with him again, even if it took forever.

past life regression relationship issues and dating

She actually died of a broken heart. Since nobody wants to carry that pain any longer than they have to, she happily dumped it. As I always do at the conclusion of every regression, I asked if she knew anyone from that incarnation who was with her this life.

My husband then is my husband now! My present husband and I met when I was twenty-nine years old. At soul level she felt she was betraying the vow that she would wait forever for her former husband to return. Her guilt immediately vanished when she realized her past and present husband were one and the same soul. He had, indeed, returned to her just as he had promised. In retrospect, she realized the reason she did not recognize him in this lifetime was because her English husband was five foot six or seven, with blond hair and blue eyes, and this time he was over six feet tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

In England he had been a fisherman, and now he was successful businessman who never failed to come home every night. As she left, I asked her to let me know how things were going.

A week or so later, she called to tell me she no longer pulled her hand away when her husband tried to hold it. She said he also immediately noticed the change. With a giggle, she told me she could hardly let go of his hand long enough to eat dinner. It was as though I had known him forever. There was no adjustment period, we just fit. My feelings were too deep for words. Then, after only a few days together, as suddenly as it began, it was over.

Just like that, we said goodbye, and surprisingly, that was OK. He went his way, and I went mine. Although I could not believe it at first, it was as if whatever we had to do together now was completed. The chances are that somewhere along the way the two of you parted prematurely but made a date to meet again to finish out whatever was started. This kind of thing is more common than most people imagine, and, when it happens, there usually is no logical way to explain it other then reincarnation.

Such an affair may run against every moral principle you have. It may be totally out of character for you.

So We Meet Again: Past Life Relationships | Unariun Wisdom

You may even he happily married to someone you love very much when it happens, but it happens anyway. Such was the case of a budding entrepreneur who lived in Chicago many years ago. Trent and his two partners were attempting to put together a major business venture of which he was the initiator. As is the case in any venture, it reaches a point of no return where the project will either come together or fail.

It was at this critical moment that Trent was forced to turn over the chore of management to his two partners because he had to be out of town for two months on other business. Believing they were capable, trustworthy, and responsible, he left. Upon his return, however, he discovered neither of them had followed through, and some extremely critical business had been ignored until it was too late. This set the stage for not only a potential delay of several important months, but also for the eventual collapse of the project.

When the first partner told him he thought the other partner was taking care of things, Trent was very upset, but when he phoned his second partner and heard the same lame excuse, he became incensed. He had never known himself to be so completely enraged with anyone in his life.

He literally saw red when he slammed down the phone. Instantly his left shoulder was seized with excruciating pain. He felt as though his left arm had just been ripped from its socket.

Break Your Relationship Pattern