Pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

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pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

Alias Smith and Jones starred Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes and Ben Murphy as Jedediah "Kid" Curry. They had alter egos - Joshua Smith and Thaddeus Jones. It was a pretty easy relationship. Laura: Did you think of him more as a friend or a colleague? Ben: A colleague. Laura: You've said you didn't socialize with him. Pete Duel and Ben Murphy were the reformed outlaws Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry on Alias Smith and Jones, which aired from to During the show's.

However, fame and success weren't enough.

Life certainly isn't easy for these two men. Because of their past record it is anything but easy for them to find jobs, who would want to hire outlaws?

Besides not being able to find jobs, both Smith and Jones constantly have to be on the lookout for bounty hunters, because they still have a price on their head. The result is an adventure series that is both comic and touching as well as exciting. Truly an unusual combination for television. But the show itself doesn't stop there--the producers attempt, and with a reasonable amount of success, to put together episodes that will not only be entertaining but enlightening as well.

Today, one of the major problems in America lies in the area of criminal justice, especially criminal rehabilitation reform. The producers of this show have joined many other Americans who are becoming well aware of the sad fact that many of the men imprisoned today are not guilty, but rather they are awaiting trial. And the uprisings at Attica and The Tombs also show that something must be done about the prison situation.

The producers of Alias Smith and Jones hope that their show can shed some light on this timely subject as well as providing an hour's worth of enjoyable entertainment each week. The show was in its second season this year, and doing quite well, when tragedy struck. Pete Duel, the young man who costarred with Ben Murphy on the show, took his own life on the night before New Year's Eve. Needless to say, there have been many theories evolved to give reason to Pete's decision to take his life.

The young actor certainly didn't seem to have any outward reason for his action, he was successful, and he seemed happy and contented.

As far as his career in acting was concerned, he was enjoying a tremendous success.

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He was probably one of the most popular young stars on television. He did very well in his career, right from the start. His first television series, Love on a Rooftop, earned him nothing but fine reviews.

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And as for his role of Hannibal Hayes [sic] on Alias Smith and Jones, the role was universally acclaimed. Hollywood knew, as Pete must have, that by the end of the series he would be in a position where he could just about have his pick of roles.

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Outside of his professional life, Pete was always a very concerned young man, who seemingly placed a great value on life. Ecology was one of his main interests. There is the much publicized description of his apartment to back this up. He collected, in various corners of his apartment, piles of old newspapers and mountains of tin cans, both to be recycled. He was well aware that the environment of this country is in big trouble, and that soon it would be in a condition beyond repair.

He was doing everything in his power to help save the nation's environment. But the country's environment was not Pete Duel's only concern.

He was also active in politics, using his influence on those men who he felt would do the things most urgently required for the safety and comfort of this nation. For example, inPete Duel joined forces with a large group of celebrities, including Mr. Police outside Pete's Hollywood home on Dec. Of course, Pete did not live solely for the benefit of mankind.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

That would be a very difficult, if not impossible, style of life. The thing that Pete perhaps cherished above all else was his love of Diane Ray. Although Pete and Diane never considered marriage, at least not publicly, they did live together quite a bit of the time.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

Their relationship to one another was on the same level as a married couple's would be. Even though Pete did have a fantastic career, an active life, and a fine personal relationship he, like all of us, had a certain amount of problems. One of Pete's constant problems was that it was very easy for him to become bored.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

He found it very difficult to comfortably settle into a routine. When Pete first arrived in Hollywood, he was constantly working on a number of series, doing guest appearances. These were the happiest times of his life. Perhaps it was the great variety of work that he got that he enjoyed.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

In case you don't understand the infamy reference, December 7 is the day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. An early interview with Ben.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship memes

Particularly noteworthy are his comments on why he was glad to be cast opposite Pete. An early interview that includes several interesting quotes from Ben.

The writer was the entertainment reporter for the Syracuse Herald Journal. Ben Murphy"Screen Stars, May This is the earliest long interview that I have on Ben. He doesn't say much about fan letters, but he does tell a great deal about his background--perhaps more than in any other interview. For comparison, here's a photo of Paul Newman from the same magazine. Outlaws On the Lookout for In-Laws!

Two of the Heyes photos were reverse images which I flipped. Includes quotes from Ben. Thanks to Ana for this.

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The copy's photo was too dark so I replaced it with the same photo that I cropped from a glossy print. Here's a scan of the complete glossy photo. Just the Pete and Ben sections here.