Phoebe and cole relationship problems

Phoebe and Cole

phoebe and cole relationship problems

I personally had no problems with Cole-As-The-Source-Of-Evil plotline .. Phoebe and Cole's relationship would have probably worked if he. I understand how the whole area of Phoebe and Cole can be a gray .. I think I know what Cole and Phoebe's relationship really was just a tad. Read Phoebe & Cole (Charmed) from the story Pairings I Like (Indefinite Hiatus! get married there was a slight problem, Cole was possessed by the source! +.

I, however, have always ageed with and applauded what Leo said to Paige about Cole in as Black as Cole. It was Belthazor who was the demon. It was Belthazor who was a cold blooded killer and it was Belthazor who was sent to kill the Charmed ones. Paige's view that it was splitting hairs may seem valid to some reasonable people but not to me. Forgive the New Testament reference here but here is the Cathloic brainwashing coming through again. Or for the more secular among us how about the following quote from Sheakspere: Does the "Empress" ring any bells Paige?

By her own admission as a child Paige also viewed the Empress as a heroine of sorts. Okay the Empress was in a past life but using Paige's own argument she should be held accountable for the sins the Empress committed, once evil always evil right with no recognition of efforts to change or opportunity for redemption.

Modern Paige also then should never be forgiven in this life for how cruel she was to her adopted parents. Okay so she says she was just going through a rebellious teen age stage but again by her reasoning there should be no allowances made for any deviation from the path of rightousness.

My case that Cole was always good in his heart and soul. Cole by his own admission had Phoebe vulnerable and powerless. He could of killed her right then and there and then went to finish off Prue and Piper. He not only didn't kill her he sent her back to reunite with and save her sisters as well. Bride and Gloom- Cole risked his life to help save Prue from the evil warlock even though Phoebe said she would not let him back into her life if he did so.

Not to mention the fact that Prue treated him like a pile of dung even before she knew he was a demon. I wouldn't have saved her that's for sure but he did it because he loved Phoebe. A true evil person wouldn't have done something so selfless. Evil always acts for its own personal gain. Good the Bad and The Cursed- When Prue said their main priority couldn't just be ensuring Phoebe wouldn't die a selfish Cole could have ignored her, grabbed Bo, split, and saved his main squeeze any way if his only motive was to impress Phoebe so she would take him back into her bed.

Instead Cole put his fears for his love aside and worked for the greater good. An evil murdering SOB wouldn't have done that. Okay so he killed a guy in the end but the guy was holding a gun on him and forgive me but I always thought self defense was allowed. He didn't have to laugh after but don't the girls always celebrate and pat themselves on the back after vanquisihing a demon?

Prue also killed a mortal in self defense in another episode and she forgave Bane because he wanted to change so why not Cole? Always seemed a tad bit hypocritcal of her to say if you want to be good Cole, your first instinct shouldn't be to kill" in my book.

Cole says "you are forcing me to because their is no way in hell I am about to let Phoebe lose another sister. Phoebe's welfare before his own. Allowing himself to be used as bait to call Fury Piper.

Cole and Phoebe Meant to Be Or Not?

Please don't ask me to be. His first instinct was not self preservation: He knocked Piper and the innocent out of the way and could have very easily took the hit of that killer energy ball himself. Once again self sacrafice, again something a souless demon wouldn't know anything about. Muse to My Ears: Similar action to save Paige from an attacking Warlock even though he could have just have let her get zapped while he selfishly comforted his stabbed bed mate.

That alone proved to me the depth of his love for this woman.

phoebe and cole relationship problems

He was willing to die in order to prove to that to her he wasn't lying about his love for her. If that wasn't love could someone please tell me what is because I obviously must be clueless because I thought it was.


Something that I thought had died along time ago my humanity, my ability to love. He put himself in very real danger to come back here and prove that to her. He is not about to let anything happen to her and neither is Prue. How can you be so sure. Because Cole loves me as much as I love him. I'm sure people who are less than in love with the character of Cole could think he arranged to have that apple core form a C in order to trick Phoebe into trusting him further so he could betray her even more.

Of course if this is the case the director and Julian Mcmahon really screwed up. Sorry Julian, you know I don't believe that.

phoebe and cole relationship problems

The shocked and I've just been punched in the gut look was a really inappropriate interpretation if that was the intent of the scene. To me that look said she's my soulmate but I'm supposed to kill her?

What the hell am I supposed to do or feel now? That head long rush, that spiral into infinity that comes with falling in love. Whose falling in love? Ooh what was that? You are falling in love to and I can feel it. My evidence to support my belief that season five is inconsistent, totally without basis or even the minutest smidgen of credibilty. In my HO it is a complete fabrication and an isult to the viewers intelligence and memory.

Sluething With The Enemy: I was just a man in love with a beautiful girl. I wanted that so badly I started to believe my own lie.

You can have that. We can have that life together. Phoebe this is my battle. You need to let me handle it. I won't sacrafice your safety. I've lost too many people I love already.

  • "Not Meant to Be"

I won't loose you too so if that means I have to fight a few extra demons along the way to keep that from happening bring them on. Here Cole let us vanquish half of him for me and I can't even muster a simple yes to marriage. I cannot blindly accept that he would allow himself to be possessed by the Source and then lie to Phoebe about it. The Cole I knew would have warned her and either offered to let her vanquish him then and there or even found a way to commit suicide.

Or he would have begged her to find away to save him from the Source with good magic. Not to mention that complete and total garbage that he would ever even consider the possibility of having Phoebe turn evil with him. He already had a golden opportunity for that and firmly shouted, no I won't do it.

phoebe and cole relationship problems

Evil Phoebe "Isn't that the way you want me? That isn't what I want.

Sexualized Saturdays: The Not-So-Charmed Love Lives of the Charmed Ones

That's not the way I want for us to be. There is no such thing as evil love Phoebe. Our only chance to preserve our love is if both of us are good. He was just a phase that I'm over now. She also would have never just stood by dry eyed shooting glaring daggers into the heart of the man she once claimed she was so in love with while he wept like the lost little innocent boy he was all along. All the while taking evil back into himself to save she and her sisters.

That Phoebe and that Piper were vicious,cruel, evil, ungrateful, hypocritical, self righteous monsters, and imposters. In fact I think they should now be renamed because they aren't the same characters we started with. Cole does what he can to assist Phoebe and Piper from Shax's attack after Prue died from Shax's attack in the previous episode. Piper and Phoebe regain their full abilities, becoming Charmed Ones once again when they discover their younger half-sister, Paige McGowanwith whom they destroy Shax.

In "Black as Cole", a power-stripping one causes Cole to lose both his Belthazor form and demonic abilities, becoming wholly human. After the Charmed Ones successfully kill the Source Peter Woodward in "Charmed and Dangerous", the Source's essence fills the space left by Cole's vanquished demon half, making Cole the new Source; as the Source, he is guided by the Seer Debbi Morgana manipulative demoness who has served multiple Sources.

Paige continually suspects him of being evil. On discovering that Cole is the Source, a pregnant Phoebe stands by his side to become the Queen of the Underworld, though she returns her sisters to help vanquish Cole in "Long Live the Queen".

In "Womb Raider", the Seer uses a spell to take Cole's child from Phoebe, becoming the Source herself, but becomes overwhelmed by its powers and dies.

phoebe and cole relationship problems

Phoebe hears Cole's voice call to her on the wind, and in the season finale, "Witch Way Now? Phoebe visits him there, insisting to him that he move on to his afterlife. After she leaves, he accidentally discovers he can acquire the powers of other demons vanquished there.

He becomes powerful enough to kill the beast that consumes the essence of those vanquished there and, finally, to escape. Once back in the world, he saves the sisters' lives from a witch hunter. During "Siren Song," he saves a young woman named Mellisa, revealed to be a future Whitelighter from death in an attempt to impress Phoebe and fails.

When he tries to confront the Siren, she tries to kill him, but his powers allow him to survive, though he falls under her control. Under this influence, he tries to strangle Phoebe to death, but Leo vanquishes the Siren with Piper's powers, breaking her hold over him.

phoebe and cole relationship problems

Phoebe nearly dies, but Piper manages to heal her.