Questions relationship and self discovery

20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within

questions relationship and self discovery

Learn the most important questions you need to ask yourself. Here is a list of 20 questions to get to started on a journey of self-discovery: . Spend your time building up a bank balance and nurturing your relationships now. Self Discovery Questions Self Development, Personal Development, Life Skills, Life Relationship Questions for Couples - Discover 69 thought provoking. Asking the right self-discovery questions can be a powerful way get to know who you . How do I feel about my relationship with my body?.

The only way to break out of this is to change your reference for comparison. Are you a better person today than you were before?

Are you on a path of growth? Or are you moving forward, standing still or slipping backwards? What was your last random act of kindness? When was the last time you helped someone carry groceries to their car or just smiled at a stranger who looked like he could use one?

What goes around does come around.

questions relationship and self discovery

What will come back to you? For some real stories of inspiring random acts of kindness, take a look at this. How many hours of a day do you spend on unproductive activities? Now, multiply that number with 2.

That is the number of years of your life you are wasting away, assuming you live to be 80 and discounting the first 20 years of your life. Agreed, we all need some time to unwind but, are you OK with the number you came up with or does it boggle your mind?

questions relationship and self discovery

On the flip side, those of you with kids, how many hours a day do you actually spend with your kids without distractions like TV, phone etc.? Multiply that with 0. If your answer boggles you, come stop by afineparent. What if you lose all you money?

Will you be so distraught that you will want to end your life?

Questions to Spark Self-Discovery

Or will you be sad but eventually recover? No doubt, you will always need money. Who is making most of the decisions in your life — you, those around you or your circumstances? On that note, you are the master of your life as well. But a lot of us find it much easier to give up that power and make circumstances or the people around us the masters of our lives.

It does not matter what comes after the last word. Watch your thoughts, watch your words, and reclaim your power over your life.

What is the one thing you fear the most when you think of yourself as an old person? Are you worried about looking old? Why be scared of something that is guaranteed to happen and is very dignified if you just change your perspective? Are you worried about not having money or close family?

Spend your time building up a bank balance and nurturing your relationships now. The same goes for being sick and frail. Stop being scared and live your life now in such a way that you can continue to celebrate your life right into a ripe old age.

Additional Questions to Spark Self-Discovery

Will you ever be invited to give a talk eg. Finally, what is your life all about? Are you just sleepwalking through life or are you marching forward with eyes wide open, filled with joy and vitality?

Bonus Question And before we wind up, I want to ask you a bonus question. Or can I trace my self-worth to some internal certainties? Am I am practicing self-care, appreciating my qualities, investing time, energy, effort, and sacrifice to nurture myself? Am I showing appreciation for your own better qualities even while trying to improve my not so great ones? Am I taking care of my physical and psychological health, growth, and development?

Am I upholding my principles or standards of behavior or my belief of what is important in my life? Have I started to map out how I can reach those goals? You have to have some sense of direction in your life. Create your five year plan. Here are some resources to help you get started: If you are unaware of your emotional needs, click below to see a list of needs in different categories and take the time to identify your personal needs: Other questions to keep in mind around this topic: Do I know how to manage my emotions?

You have to be able to go inside yourself and check-in and figure out what role you played in the situations that triggered a negative emotion. This will help you avoid playing the victim role and instead be in control of your thoughts and emotions. How many of these need am I meeting for myself? And which needs do I expect my partner to fulfill? The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. This is a great book for identifying your emotional need for love.

Do I have a usual schedule that I follow? This is important because, your initial behavior will set the tone for relationship. If you drop everything you are involved with to be with a man this sends a message that shows that your life is not important to you and you will place a man and a relationship above all else including your own needs.

Make sure to stay focus on your priorities.

  • Questions to Spark Self-Discovery
  • 20 Questions to Know Yourself Better and Unlock the Immense Potential Within
  • The 5 Questions to Begin the Journey of Self Discovery

Do I have a set of my own friends and a strong social life? Horoscopes tell you what your personality is like, Cosmopolitan calls you dump material and facebook gives you shitty personality tests. All of this bullshit have been distracting you from following what comes from within you. The question is how can you truly understand yourself without falling into these fast gratification, unfounded, ego-feeding ways?

First of all it is crucial that you do the following: Write your future career plan. What do you have right now planned for your live? Where would you like to be in terms of work in a medium term future? Whatever comes, that is what you should write.

Now understand that humans have an intrinsic need to feel that they have control over their own life. People project patterns of behavior that allows them to adapt and respond to an ever-changing environment. What you wrote on that WordPad is in some way a projection of who you have been and what you think you need for your life, which may or may not be accurate. To understand if what you wrote is aligned with your core needs or if it is just some bullshit that society led you to believe was best for you you need to understand what your core needs are.

Autonomy — The feeling that: Competence — The feeling that: Relationship — The feeling that: