Rachel and ivy relationship trust

Ivy and Rachel: Heating up the Hollows' Journal

rachel and ivy relationship trust

This does muddy the waters a bit in regards to Rachel and Ivy's relationship . Power of Trust: Rachel initially worked alone but has gradually learned to rely on . Rachel finds that she still loves Undead Ivy, but she may have to make some hard really invested in the relationship building between Rachel and Ivy, and was. It feels like Ivy, Rachel & Jenks are all moving in their own directions now. Nina at the IS and now that Ivy and Nina have a relationship going on, I'm not I'm not sure I trust Jax at all now and I'm a little nervous that he might.

They had SO much chemestriy between them, I found Ivy's and Nina's relationship too implausible and like a quick and easy way to a forced happy end. So what is your opinion on this: Cassie last edited Feb 09, And I think that Ivy and Rachel were perfect for each other.

I know everyones big complaint was the Ivy was needy. I mean honestly compared to Rachel who is the more needy of them, really?

Rachel could barely stand on her to feet without some ones helps. Ivy was kickass powerful with a need for love. And Rachel was a weak ass earth witch who made choice with her heart and not brain.

rachel and ivy relationship trust

They balanced each other Ivy was the sword and Rachel was the magic and Jenks the mirror. Ivy fixed Rachel and Rachel fixed Ivy, and who gets the prize? Rachel did what she wanted and Ivy picked up the pieces, Ivy did what she wanted and Rachel picked up the pieces. They understood each and by the end they were working amazing together without the fall out. The scene where they took out the coven it was like the finally they figured it out.

So, I guess this means the possibility of Ivy and Rachel ever being lovers in KH's books is DEAD?

And then I think about Trent and what he did for her to make her a better person, I come up empty. And I tried to force myself to like Trent so that I could continue reading without gagging.

rachel and ivy relationship trust

She's proactive the first time she gets the call, but after that she doesn't do anything until she's called in and I was disappointed with this book. She's proactive the first time she gets the call, but after that she doesn't do anything until she's called in and then it's to refuse to help.

Kistin's murder feels like a bookend, it's the focus of the beginning and the end of the book.

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Rachel is actively pursuing it in the beginning but then it gets pushed to the side and Ivy is the one doing the investigating. I felt like it got shortchanged, which is unfortunate. I think the person who actually did the deed was an interesting choice and that discovery could should have been a book of its own.

The shunning seems to come from nowhere. If it was going to happen I'd much rather it happen after Rachel actually did something to cause it.

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Instead it happens after she she did nothing other than show up. From what I recall, no black magic was actually used at the scene by Rachel or anyone else, the accusation seems completely made up by the press. So I don't understand why Rachel acts as though she's made some kind of mistake that justifies the shunning.

There have been plenty of things she's done in the past that might have justified it, at least from an outside point of view, so I really am not sure why Harrison decided to have her shunned for something she didn't really do and why she has Rachel accept it.

The shunning is clearly a response to the accumulation of things that Rachel had done in the past, but it's just as clear that the events at the mall were the straw that broke the camel's back. I just wish that straw was real. The revolving door that is Rachel's love life is starting to get really, really old.