Real housewives of vancouver ronnie and mary relationship

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real housewives of vancouver ronnie and mary relationship

Watch The Real Housewives of Vancouver online and on slice. Happily married to her husband of 11 years, Ronnie has four children as well as a A romantic at heart, Mary is hoping to find a companion of the two legged variety to share. With Ronnie Seterdahl Negus, Mia Claman, Mary Zilba, Jody Claman. In the Season 2 finale, Ioulia hosts her art gallery show, Mary announces her new. The Real Housewives of Vancouver is definitely up there when it hope for a Mary/Ronnie reconciliation, it's clear Mary and Jody will forever be enemies. now, years later, Mary reflects on their rocky reality TV relationship.

Ronnie and Mary meet for lunch. The previews show them engaging in a kindergarten spat. No wonder Mary is anxious. Mary starts by telling Ronnie that she was hurt by some things Ronnie said in the past, such as how many millions of records did you sell, when she knows full well that Mary has not sold a million records.

Then they talk about Ronnie spilling the beans about Mary being married when she was young before she moved to Canada. Ronnie asks Mary if Mary ever told her not to say anything. When Mary says she did, Ronnie quizzes her to be specific where.

Ronnie then says, to put it to rest, all Mary has to do is provide a divorce certificate or an annulment. When Ronnie brought the marriage up at the reunion, Mary lied and said she had never been married before. In the first episode of this season they had a staged scene where Mary explained that she felt that she had never been married before because the marriage was annulled therefore it was like it never happened.

The difference is that Brandi did apologize, and Ronnie is — months later — trying to make Mary talk about the lie on camera. The other difference is that Adrienne sued Bravo to make them edit out the information, whereas Mary just made an excuse the annulment and moved on.

Back to the show. Ronnie is saying in a haughty voice that Mary has an excuse to get herself out of every situation and will never, ever, say, you know what, I screwed up. Then they start that kindergarten bickering. Then she calls Mary nuts because Mary wants to say something to defend herself. Then Mary says that Ronnie called her family members and told them she was unwell. Mary says her sister.

She implies Mary is lying because Mary originally said family members. How is that being a friend?? Mary says the friendship is over. Mary says — then you need to take ownership of that and tell people that. She wants to put the swords down. Mary cries as well.

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Mary asks if she thinks people will think they are clinically insane, and Ronnie says they are nuts. Lunch starts off well. Jody feels the need to interfere. Mary and Ronnie are riding in a limo, and agree that they are walking into the dinner together and no one will break them up. Jody, Robin, and Amanda arrive together. Jody is somewhat speechless. Ioulia immediately apologizes for going off the night before.

Robin starts crying, because she was so worried about their friendship. Mary voices over that it is a direct hit to Ronnie who takes Ativan — used to treat anxiety disorder or anxiety associated with depression. Robin starts to eat as the confrontation starts. That girl always makes sure she gets to eat at these dinners while the rest must be starving. Mary asks Ronnie to tell Jody to stay out of their relationship, and Ronnie does that.

Then Robin jumps in to defend Jody, and says that Jody is just trying to protect Ronnie. Another filming day for Top Chef Canada. Jody is at a big house and is really happy by the opulence.

The other ladies minus Mary get into a limo to head to the garden party. Robin shows up in her PJs looking like she just rolled out of bed. But to her face says she looks gorgeous, and gives her some leftover flowers.

Of course the talk turns to Mary. Ioulia is tired of the Mary talk. Amanda wants Ioulia to leave them alone so that they can bash Mary.

Mary goes on and on, and on and on, and on and on, and on and on, about her lunch with Mary — repeating all of it. Amanda tries to put a stop to it, and when Mia asks why she says, because Ronnie has anxiety disorder. Ronnie denies having anxiety disorder — which contradicts what she said on twitter about suffering from PTSD. Ronnie is emotional because Mary will be there. Ioulia is tired of the drama. Ronnie says she loves Mary but she needs to take a break. Now Ronnie starts to tell the story of Maximus the Gladiator.

I think that was the story. Mary and Robin are back to being buddies. Mary is disappointed, but what can she do. She has no idea that Ronnie is going to break up with her. Mary is completely confused, then it dawns on her what is about to happen.

Ronnie says she needs to take a break. Mary is just sitting there stunned. As are Robin and Ioulia. Robin leaves as well. Ioulia and Ronnie leave as well, leaving Amanda by herself to phone Jody, presumably to tell her to not bother to show up to dinner. Preview show much more drama to come — with Ronnie screaming at someone. It was vandalized Thursday, with the storefront was splattered with paint and the letters ALF, which stand for Animal Liberation Front.

Jody claims her store only sells vintage fur or fur from countries with ethical practices. I doubt ALF cares. The endless hunting for anything she might fancy ends in failure as Sigrid leaves empty handed. Knows clothes and fashion. Back to Cameron and Amber. She is looking for a frock for her latest charity event. The same holds true for men. The stunning black gown Cameron has picked out for Amber shows that while a dress might be stunning on, going with the fuchsia reflects her fun side and will add a bit of color and flare to the event.

One more satisfied Decades customer leave happy.

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The ladies are lined up at the door. Even shouting fungus and warts wont stop us. End of day the store is a mess. Shoes who have lost their mates cry in a corner and the critical mass on finding a manager reaches a new level of panic.

Teasers for next week promise quiet the variety of candidates for the viewers to delight in. I better go update my resume. To try to pass it on and you risk hurting someone else. He believes she needs it. Another flashback of little Amanda and Eli in foster care. She is lighting matches and drawing double infinity symbols, so she never forgets what her father did at this point, she still believes he was behind the downing of that plane.

Eli was her protector, and was until she set the house on fire. Charlotte has produced some wedding photos of Amanda for the Queen to put on the website. She is very proud of her parents. They discuss Aiden, and how to get him to take the fall with the Initiative. Conrad believes he was instrumental in getting him ousted from the board, and would be the perfect patsy. Daniel reminds him that he said the same about David Clarke…He refuses to let someone else take the fall for their sins, and storms out.

He tells Jack that he can not settle the estate until the investigation is over. He suggests starting a policy for little Carl to protect him if something bad were to happen again. Declan is on his way to school, and he Jack have a little talk. Jack cannot remember what happened that night. All he remembers is someone pulling him out of a boat and calling an ambulance. Declan wants to know why Nolan told him that Jack and Faux were checked into their hotel in Nantucket.

Jack is surprised to hear this.

real housewives of vancouver ronnie and mary relationship

The Queen calls Jack to inform him about the new foundation. It will be focused on a better tomorrow for children. He chooses the former, as it seems more appropriate. The Queen tells her that she is very generous, and she will consider her offer. Enter the prodigal brother into the parlor. He introduces himself to her, Eli James, and tells her what an honor it is. Eli and Victoria exchange small talk about how he came as soon as he could, but still missed the funeral.

Charlotte found him and invited him to the Hamptons. Introductions are made, and he tells Emily that she looks familiar. Ever so quick on her feet, she reminds him that they met at the cemetery. Emily shows him pictures, and he comments that Faux looked happy. The Queen wants to know how long he is staying.

Eli explains that he was on his way back from a business trip to London when he heard the news. What kind of business are you in, the Queen wants to know. Rare books, is his answer. Emily receives a call from Nolan, who is at the cottage looking for her.

Back at the cottage, Emily is filling Nolan in on the Eli situation. They ponder if this could be another Tyler debacle, but she feels Eli is more wild card than bi-polar-con-man-off-of-his-meds. Nolan will check him out of course. She races off to the Stowaway to talk to Jack before Eli does. Emily apologizes to Jack once again, and ask him for another chance. He says okay, if she answers one question.

real housewives of vancouver ronnie and mary relationship

Eli claims she hated her father. Eli steps in to say goodbye.

real housewives of vancouver ronnie and mary relationship

Jack walks away after he finds out the two of them had already met at the Graysons. Eli calls her Amanda, points out her tattoo and says that she looks pretty good for a dead girl. Grayson Global Daniel is hitting the bottle already in his office. Conrad enters his office and tells him that the cure for guilt does not lie in the bottom of an empty tumbler.

Daniel is not able to reconcile the taking of another life as easily as dear old dad. Conrad reminds him of the foundation in her name, and that should help appease his guilt.

real housewives of vancouver ronnie and mary relationship

Daniel reminds him that they did the same when they established the Victims United Fund after they took down flight Conrad states that it was a bit of good born out of tragedy, and helped him sleep a little better. Conrad fingers Daniels Head of the Charles medal. Seeing him awarded that medal was one of Conrads proudest moments.

Dear Old Dad reminds Daniel that the reason he does what he does is for the family he already has, and Daniel will for the family DOD hopes he has someday. Aiden interrupts, and they discuss his nomination to the board. Aiden and Daniel agree to meet after work for a drink to discuss some propositions.

Emily and Eli take a walk on the docks as he questions her about her life after foster care. He tried to find her, found a stripper trying to pass herself off as Amanda. No con, she was tired of her trying to outrun her name and traded it for a new one. She wanted a fresh start.

Eli states the obvious—he sees what Emily got out of it, but what was in it for Faux? He says she can trust him, and we get another foster care flashback. Emily reminds him that he is doing well for himself now too. The chief's grandson asks, "Which will win? I haven't heard a story that profound since Robin later meets Amanda for lunch, where the Vampire Squid named after her bloody facial injection a couple of episodes back tries to bring the Texan over to her and Jody's side.

You're either on this side, or on this side. Anyway, we come to the episode's climax early, and it's Ronnie and Mary having lunch at a revolving restaurant.

RHOV’s Mary Zilba: ‘I Wasn’t A Victim’

The previous night saw Ronnie and Mary's friendship grind to a halt after Ronnie couldn't take any more of hearing Mary and Jody squabble like Canadian geese. It's an epic scene that seems to go on forever, and when Mary arrives Ronnie looks like she's ready to eat her for lunch she probably could. Mary doesn't feel that Ronnie has supported her in her music career, like when she sarcastically asked how many millions of records she sold.

Mary then admits she hasn't sold a million records. At least she's honest Then Ronnie lays into her, and it's here that my information gap puts this recap at a disadvantage. What I gatther from the exchange is that Ronnie is accusing Mary of keeping her first marriage a secret from her own children. Mary says she told Ronnie not to tell anyone, but that her alleged friend went ahead and told her sister about it anyway, which Ronnie denies -- Mary telling her not to tell anyone, she claims, not the fact of her telling her sister.

At this point I'm inclined to believe Ronnie because Mary does nothing to deny it. But that's neither here nor there as the two continue to argue, talking over and down to each other before Ronnie accuses her of being a compulsive liar, who has to stack one lie on top of another just to keep them all propped up.

Mary then tearfully apologizes for nothing in particular, but Ronnie thanks her for it nonetheless. Then Ronnie starts whimpering like a puppy, and the whole scene is just pathetic to watch. Because their moment of catharsis sounds like this: I want to go for our facelifts together.

And that takes us to dinnertime, when the girls meet at upscale restaurant Brassaii. Amanda predicts "another evening of ordering delicious food, and not eating it! I like to call this the housewives diet!

Robin and Jody lightly chide Amanda for wearing a mesh shirt to dinner. This isn't just any mesh though, this is actual steel mesh that doesn't bother to conceal a tube top beneath. It's a fashion faux-pas that would offend some medieval torturers, or as Jody puts it, good enough for Henry the V. Ronnie and Mary arrive, and Jody notices that Ronnie looks a little "glazed over.

Then Ioulia the blunt Russian arrives, and all is well. You have to at least give this woman credit for showing up by herself. She sits down and sets right to work on the housewives, telling Amanda she was hurt to find out that she "rubs her the wrong way.

Ioulia doesn't understand why the women burst into tears so quickly. Then Amanda gets all up in the action and accuses Robin of trying to kiss Ioulia's ass. Then the money shot: You see, Ronnie takes Ativan, it's a drug for anxiety disorders. Amanda eggs her on further, but curiously, the Amazon doesn't respond in any meaningful way.

It was just a few episodes ago that Ronnie was ready to destroy the amateur gremlin, but maybe she's been beaten into submission. Since no party would be complete without it, Jody starts egging Mary on, telling Ronnie that she should shun Zilba for five years just like she did before.

Mary tries fighting back and Jody responds, "You're so rude! Don't be so unkind! The two make a show of being friends, but Jody has clearly performed an enhanced form of inception on the Amazon and this just won't end well for her and Mary's friendship. Jody is back in the spotlight soon enough, as she and the Top Chef Canada crew host a garden party at a mansion on Toronto's tony Bridle Path it's actually in North York, but Torontonians like to claim that part of the suburbs as their own.