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Through life experience, she can become much more of an equal to Riddick. Of course these changing feelings give all sorts of opportunities to create internal conflicts and that's what makes the relationship so compelling to me. Riddick wants her, but is afraid of hurting her if he gives in to his desires. Ultimately, I am drawn to relationships between equals regardless of their respective ages.

That's why it's important for Jack to grow up a bit before her relationship with Riddick changes. Otherwise, you have a relationship where one person is too dominant.

If Riddick is driving the relationship all by himself, then things get a little squicky. It's only when the attraction is a mutual consent between adult equals that it becomes truly appealing.

So, that's my take on things Anyone else wanna chime in?? I was in a similar situation when I had just turned I met a guy through his family, and we hit it off straight away. The connection was there, even the chemical reaction despite my age. We became friends, although I my feeling were more along the attraction line than just the filial line. But he was just friendly, we had a laugh and a joke and talked etc.

Riddick/Jack age difference

The power balance had shifted to more the middle rather than just tilted in his favour. We did have a slight romance but weren't together long for various 'normal' relationship reasons. However, to deny the possibility of a relationship developing, especially given the circumstances and character backgrounds, would be denying something I had myself experienced.

Especially if they get separated for a few years and he reappears in her life when she's older. In my situation, we never got separated, I grew up under his nose as it were.

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That would be a bit more on the squicky side, if you think about it, because when people are separated, then reunited, the changes are much more apparent. As mature as you are at 16, the power balance is still too much in favour of the older person.

To emphasize that, I had a relationship with an older man from late 15 to early He was 32, so twice my then age. Looking back, I was very naive, despite being mature for my age. The power was in his hands, more so than mine. We mature faster than boys, that's a given, but often we're our own worst enemies and can jump headlong into things thinking we're okay then find ourselves out of our depths.

A sexual attraction from a 15 year old girl to an older man, may suit her for the time being, but it's unlikely as she gets older she'll have respect for him. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule as always. And some girls mature slower, some even faster. Everything needs to be decided on merit, but that's my tuppence worth. It still seemed weird to me after she was of age.

But then I read Ardath's Apprentice, and it was so tastefully done and eased into it so well, after that, it just seemed right. So I think if people aren't sure, there are definately ways to ease into it. Basically I'd say that if something makes you uncomfortable, don't read it.

I wonder, do we even know Jack and Riddick's ages? Are they revealed in the movie anywhere? Or are we basing them on the ages of their actors? Cause thats how it appears to me Age differences dont bother me, as I replied in the other thread before i realised this one was made: I believe in the PB book, Jack is said to be about Riddick is a brave individual; he is often willing to enter combat against unfavorable or even seemingly impossible odds, as evidenced by his facing one of the native creatures in Pitch Black even after almost everyone else who encountered them had been killed.

Kyra (Charmed)

He also escaped twice from Triple Maximum Security prisons. He has also instigated prison-wide riots and fought the Lord Marshal of the Necromongerswho is considered by many to be quite a formidable adversary.

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He is stealthy, always on his toes, and prefers to attack from the shadows. The Necromongers are an interstellar nomadic religious extremist society in the fictional universe of the film The Chronicles of Riddick.

He does have the capacity to care about others, though he doesn't show it often. Riddick is apparently quite intelligent, and much more observant than most humans; in the film The Chronicles of Riddick, he quickly deduced almost exactly how a battle between a group of mercenaries and prison guards happened after the fact.

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He can also calculate how people can and will behave, after gathering enough information about them. After Riddick escapes in the opening of Pitch Black, he places his handcuffs on one side of the crash site, then heads in the opposite direction to confuse Johns, who has been chasing and had recently captured Riddick.

Johns, being used to Riddick's trickery, knows what he is trying and heads in the right direction after Riddick anyway. Riddick also seems to have a good knowledge of human anatomy and perhaps even xenobiology ; he knows all the most lethal places to strike a human with a blade, and he is able to determine that the Grues, the antagonistic, nocturnal creatures in Pitch Black, have a blind spot by looking at a skeleton of one in the desert.

Eyeshine Riddick removes his goggles to reveal silver eyes. Kyra as seen through Riddick's night vision According to Riddick, while in Butcher Bay he received an eye surgeryor a "surgical shine job," as he calls it, from a doctor that gave him superlative night visionbut, in turn, made his eyes more sensitive to light; thus, he wears tinted welding goggles to protect his eyes.

According to Riddick, the surgery cost him twenty Menthol Kools. However, in the Chronicles of Riddick, it is implied that the story may have been made up. At one point in the film, Kyra or Jack, as credited in Pitch Blacknow with a more mature, feminine appearance says: Was there anything you said that was true? Image File history File links No higher resolution available. Eye surgery in the middle ages. Night-vision is seeing in the dark. Menthol is a covalent organic compound made synthetically or obtained from peppermint or other mint oils.

Pitch Black also known as The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black is a science fiction movie, directed by David Twohy. The video-game, however, which serves as a prequel to Pitch Black clarifies that Riddick's eyeshine is more than just something he picked up in a prison; after helping a character called "Pope Joe" retrieve his "blessed voice box," a radio that picks up religious programming, Riddick goes into a den to get stitches for an injury.

After he is finished receiving stitches, Joe tells him how to escape, and, perhaps, coincidentally, warns Riddick not to "trust his eyes"; at that moment, a ghostly voice informs him that Riddick has "been blind for far too long The mysterious voice belongs to a character named Shirah, who serves as a "spiritual" guide, of sorts, to Riddick.

She is featured in the video-game and in the Director's Cut of The Chronicles of Riddick to help Riddick "wake" the Furyan abilities that lie dormant within him. Little else has been revealed about her. The Furyans are a nearly extinct spiritual warrior race found in the movie The Chronicles of Riddick.

In a sequence from the Chronicles of Riddick, there is a scene which features scaly canine creatures, called Hell Hounds, with eyes surprisingly similar to Riddick's. The creatures are released into the Crematoria penitentiary at "feeding time," during which they attack inmates freely. Riddick is found by one while hiding behind a waterfall and confronts the creature with a stare. Incredibly, the creature is seemingly tamed by Riddick to which he offered the explanation: It is shown in the Director's Cut of The Chronicles of Riddick after she lays her hand on Riddick's chest [leaving a glowing blue hand print that never disappears] and says: This ability is also displayed off screen in Escape from Butcher Bayalthough it appears he did this seemingly completely on his own, as opposed to Shirah "unlocking" it as she did in the Director's Cut of the movie, therefore it may be debatable as to if the Director's Cut scene can be considered canonical; that is, it cannot be determined if the incident in Butcher Bay is the first time he does this, or if the creators intended the Director's Cut scene to be the first time it is done.