Rin and yukio relationship questions

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rin and yukio relationship questions

future of his brotherly relationship with Rin and Yukio, but Amaimon has The memory of these happier times reminds Mephisto of questions. Rin & Shiemi: super long relationship development ” ((tfw you only the truth in alternative universes didn't help with Yukio's issues at all. 日本未YET Yukio is Rin's younger twin brother. While Rin has repeatedly stated throughout the series that he is the older of the two, it is mentioned by several.

Yukio then asked Rin how their father's final moments were. Rin answered that he was very cool.

rin and yukio relationship questions

The class then came back into the room shocked of the state of the room. Then, after, Yukio and Rin went to their rooms, only to Rin's surprise they were sharing one room. Yukio told Rin that he would need to keep watch over him at all times. Rin then agreed to Yukio's challenge. Rin wanting to come with Yukio The next day, Yukio found Rin reading his manga. He told him that instead he should concentrate on his studies. He told Rin that he needed to go to do a request and go shopping while he's at it.

Rin then offered to go with him, telling him that it is a better way to study for him. Yukio said that he could come. When they arrived Yukio went inside the shop to greet Shiemi 's mother who told him that Shiemi's legs are getting worse and worse.

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He then said that he will have a look at them. Entering the garden, he saw Rin and Shiemi together. He asked Rin why he was there and then told Shiemi that he should have a look at her legs. At first sight he concluded that it was the work of a Demon. He asked Shiemi if she had had any contact with Demons. While declining, Shiemi collapsed. After that they took Shiemi back to her grandmother's room.

Yukio and Rin talked to her mother about how she never had any time for Shiemi. Yukio saved Shiemi and cured her legs When Rin and Shiemi were talking, Yukio came and told Shiemi that they will be able to exorcise the Demon.

Angered by this the Demon revealed itself and used Shiemi as a shield. Yukio asked Rin for help which he gladly gave. Yukio realized that he had no other choice but to fire a harmless bullet, tricking the Demon and giving Rin a chance to kill it. After the Demon was killed, Shiemi went to apologize to her mother.

The next day, Yukio introduced Shiemi to the whole class as a new student. Then continued the lesson. Exorcist Training Camp arc Yukio announces the beginning of the training Yukio along with Shura are head of the training. He leads the Exwires to the camp location and explains the task to them. While the Exwires venture into the forest, Yukio stays at camp with Shura. A signal flare is sent up shortly after and Yukio goes to retrieve the ExWires who needs help.

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On exiting the camp Yukio is attacked by a swarm of moth Demons and surprised at how many and how aggressive they are. While he is fighting the moths, Rin starts fighting Amaimon. The moon is out and his thoughts drift towards Rin and Yukio Okumura and what they could be doing at this hour. If he has to fathom a guess, Yukio, hardworking as always, is doing his high school assignments or planning for cram school lessons while Rin, on the other hand, is asleep.

They are both rather predictable. The two brothers, despite their differences, have always been quite close. It almost makes Mephisto wish that he had been able to spend time with them when they were young.

Shiro Fujimoto had sent photos of the boys, highlighting their lives with the pride only a parent could have. The twins were once adorable children, Mephisto has to admit.

The memory of these happier times reminds Mephisto of questions he has been trying to dismiss ever since the night Satan possessed Shiro and changed Rin and Yukio's lives forever.

What would it have been like to see his half-brothers grow up as humans do and become the people they are today? Would it have been better to tell them both of their demonic heritage so they could together learn how to protect themselves if Satan caught wind of their existence?

Should he have allowed Shiro to hope that his sons would have normal lives? As much as Mephisto dislikes dwelling on the past, he cannot deny that his friend's dearest wish was tragically in vain.

All I can do is assure that they have everything they need I love how Yukio appears from the shadows. I did not think we would see this confrontation until chapter 95! Now I read the raws at well, and I think this part here was translated completely wrong. Mephisto actually answers Yukio with "Okotowari shimasu" or "I respectfully decline". That is no way close to just a plain "no" in english.

It shows that Mephisto truly is messing with Yukio, and refuses to anwser even the simplest questions about his origin. Mephisto than mega burns Yukio saying he won't help a child on his journey of self discovery. Best line of this chapter! The conference goes into panic mode about a shooter in the building.

Yukio is taken down by security.

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Mephisto thinks he's fine, but realizes Yukio did something to the bullets. To keep this body from dying, he has to let go of his Gehenna barrier earlier than planned!

rin and yukio relationship questions

He gives Shura the details of his plan and Shura immediately goes to contact the Vatican about the barrier's soon dissipation.

Looks like Mephisto is heading towards a comma. Definitely did not see Mephisto being down and out for the next big arc.

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This image really speaks for itself. Gehenna's gate has been fully released. Angel is right at the front lines of it. I wonder if he will get killed off and then they will have to scurry around in the chaos to find a new paladin! I'm going to keep my theories short, sweet and to the point.

rin and yukio relationship questions

Was definitely worth the wait for this chapter! Amazing plot twists and a new dark arc on the horizon! What are you looking foward to?