Rosalie and bella relationship questions

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rosalie and bella relationship questions

We compiled a list of personality questions as well as scenario . When it comes to your relationship would you consider yourself passive or assertive? Maybe you want to be clumsy and awkward like Bella? Rosalie Bella. Ask anything you want to know, or answer other people's questions. Question: When Edward and Bella were by the lockers at school, how come Edward couldn 't read Bella? Share. Edit .. to Edward? What is the relationship here?. Edward drives Bella home, and they find Billy and Jacob Black waiting there, As they eat dinner, Bella reveals that she is dating Edward.

Bella is seventeen years old when she meets Edward, a vampire who's eternally physically seventeen, but her eighteenth birthday is rapidly approaching. She has been attacked numerous times by vampires who see her being human as a weakness, and want to use her as leverage against or revenge on Edward and his family.

She and Edward disagree very strongly on whether or not she should become a vampire like him, and both have their reasons for feeling the way that they do. She wants to be able to fight to protect herself against their enemies She doesn't want to become older than Edward and wants to be with him forever She wants the power and beauty that comes with the transformation She wants to be able to shimmer in the sunlight 17Where does James lure Bella when he tries to kill her?

Alice's visions vary from time to time, but when she has one of the immediate future, it's usually accurate. One of her visions during the baseball game is of a trio of ruthless vampires coming their way.

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They know that Bella is in danger, so they try to protect her - but unfortunately, it doesn't work. One of them is James, a masterful tracker with a particular thirst for Bella's blood. In addition to skillful, he's also a bit twisted, so he lures Bella somewhere sacred, where she once felt safe.

Twilight - The relationship between Rosalie and Bella?

Her mother's house A ballet studio from her childhood Her father's house Her childhood home 18What ability does Edward have that doesn't work on Bella? Every vampire has a basic set of special abilities that the entire species has, like super strength, speed, and being unnaturally alluring.

Each individual vampire also receives an ability that is unique to them. Alice has visions of the future, sometimes immediate and sometimes down the road. Jasper can influence peoples' moods.

Rosalie's beauty surpasses that of even the most breathtaking vampires, and Emmett's strength is multiplied by a million. Edward has a special ability of his own too - although it doesn't work on Bella, which is part of why she startles him so much at first.

The ability to control peoples' thoughts The ability to read minds The ability to steal and alter peoples' memories The ability to physically control others 19Why was Bella so deeply unhappy on her eighteenth birthday? Eighteenth birthdays are usually a time for celebration! But maybe not when you're an awkward girl who's just moved to an entirely different state and weather system to live with your dad, while your mom gallivants around the world with her professional baseball player husband.

Alice organized the wedding and helped Bella get dressed and taught her how to walk in heels. Eclipse click to play it.

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Meet her other friends too Charlie thought that Bella was spending too much time with Edward. In order for her to not be grounded she had to hang out with her other friends too, especially Jacob.

New Moon click to play it. Edward The dream was about Bella seeing her reflection on the mirror looking like her grandma, and Edward still 17 next to her. Bella was also afraid of her grandma seeing Edward sparkling in the sun, but he wasn't afraid.

rosalie and bella relationship questions

Isabella Swan Bella hates it when everybody in Forks calls her Isabella. She has to repeat her self nearly every time she meets someone. For example, after Edward saves her from getting hit by Taylor's van, Bella goes to the hospital. When Carlisle Cullen calls her 'Isabella', she murmurs 'Bella'.

Question by author QuizzyGirl The meadow In the very beginning of the movie Bella and Edward are in the meadow. Bella is reading a poem, "Fire and Ice".

Bella says she is studying for her Literature final and then they kiss and Edward says, "Marry me", and she says, "No". Bella only says no because she doesn't want to get married at such a young age. Ultimate "Twilight" click to play it. No Bella doesn't even realize she busted her head until Jacob mentions it. She thinks she is able to just jump back on the bike and try again.

Bella, who is used to being around vampires, apologizes to Jacob for bleeding but he just laughs it off. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 click to play it. Alice plans the ceremony, as well as the reception and it is not hard for all the Cullens to pitch in. Breaking Dawn, Pt 1 click to play it. Question by author jzthecoolest. He rebelled against him and went off on his own.

rosalie and bella relationship questions

Edward told Bella he rebelled against Carlisle and went off because he wanted to know how it felt to hunt. Although the only people he killed were murderers or as he says "monsters". Question by author SBook. Edward Edward had mentioned this when Bella said, "Two out of three marriages end in divorce. He was trying to encourage Bella to look at the positive side to the marriage.

He wanted to convince Bella that vampire weddings were different. Question by author sparklyniamh She describes how she was engaged to Royce King and how he got drunk one night and tried to kill her.

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Carlisle came and turned her into a vampire because she was close to death anyway. After she was turned, she killed Royce's friends and then Royce. She killed Royce last so he knew that she was coming. Question by author squidgybop. Riley Riley thinks Victoria loves him, but she is manipulating him to control the newborns.

rosalie and bella relationship questions

Question by author jasper If you look closely on Alice's head you can see a brown headband and you can see a headband on Bella's head too. Question by author twi-hard2. Question by author Maryland Jake gives Bella a dream-catcher, saying it catches bad dreams. The Twilight Saga - New Moon [2] click to play it. Question by author Redvixen. Emmett tells her that he's already installed it in her truck.

rosalie and bella relationship questions

Emmett is Rosalie's partner and loves nothing more then a challenge as we see in the first two "Twilight" movies.