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BB Gandanghari has clarified that Carmina Villaroel and Rustom also to end speculations on the broken marriage of Rustom and Carmina in. Carmina Villarroel shared that she already revealed to her twins Mavy Carmina Villarroel already admitted her past with Rustom Padilla to her twins Carmina Villarroel as a Generation X mom will discuss topics related to. These were Carmina Villaroel's words in recalling her bitter departure from Gomez, over her relationship with then-boyfriend Rustom Padilla.

Alam mo, it's not that I care, kaya lang he's not out, I guess. He scored 28 points, placing him in the same rank as Maui Taylor. Although he didn't finish the game, he still answered some juicy and interesting questions: Worst thing you've done to a fan? Kasi nagbigay ako ng fake [phone] number," he laughed. He continued, "Kaso ang problema, kasama ko siya all the way.

Birthday ng kaibigan ko.

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So, parang people are extra nice to me. I'm very very fortunate para sa ganoong experience. The hosts asked what age Padilla lost his virginity to males. Local celebrity who hasn't admitted to having plastic surgery done.

Mababango naman sila," he said.

Carmina Villaroel had no inkling Rustom Padilla was gay

Mojo Jojo named Carlos Agassi and Chokoleit as the past answers to this question. Padila was asked to confirm and deny Chokoleit's alleged bad body odor since they worked together in ZsaZsa. Hindi ko lang talaga makuha [style nila]. I don't get it. Imagine, with due respect sa Enteng Kabisote, di ba?

I mean sila mismo sa individual categories, wala silang pinanalo sa Enteng Kabisote.

Carmina Villarroel Reveals To Mavy, Cassy Her Past With Rustom Padilla

Then all of a sudden, Best Picture. So, parang it's a joke The fact that Carmina was also starting to build a relationship with somebody else finally meant the door was closed between the two. Zoren and Carmina While Rustom was soul searching, Carmina moved on and healed her broken heart with the help of Zoren Legaspi.

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Prior to their relationship, Zoren had been going out with Ruffa and the couple and Carmina are fast friends. But Zoren revealed that his love story with Carmina started when she was thirteen and he around Life for Carmina and Zoren had been satisfying and full with Maverick and Cassandra. Celebrity Edition, Rustom Padilla came out of the closet: The simple statement sent shockwaves across the Philippines, and Carmina and Zoren were not immune to the barrage of questions everyone wanted answered.

Many people speculated if the separation of Rustom and Carmina was in fact a gender issue. But Carmina waded through the controversy with her head held high. She respected the questions, and gave consistent answers: They were simply not meant to be. However, she dropped a bombshell when she revealed in an interview that she was aware Rustom was gay for a long time. Meanwhile, Rustom became the talk of town.

He grew up in a family known for their brawn: His past as a confused boy was unearthed. But the revelation also led to new projects that would mark his comeback in the industry. In coming back from a trip in America, Rustom finally died and in his place BB Gandanghari was born.