Senju and uzumaki relationship

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senju and uzumaki relationship

The Uzumaki Clan is supposed descendants of the Senju Clan. There are two types of descendants. The first is lineal descendants and the. Descoperă idei despre Naruto Uzumaki. Minato is the only Hokage without a relationship with his ancestors Also Hashirama Senju ♥♥♥. Naruto Uzumaki. The only person we know had a substantial amount of relation to the well kushia said that the senju and uzumaki were related, my guess is.

Naruto has, if any, a tiny, miniscule amount of Senju in him. The only person we know had a substantial amount of relation to the Senju is Tsunade. If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. DarkAstaroth DarkAstaroth 7 years ago 14 well kushia said that the senju and uzumaki were related, my guess is that just like the uchiha who descend from the uchiha clan ancestor both senju and uzumaki descend from the senju clan ansestor, but i prefer to believe that in fact the legendary sage of six paths was from the uzumaki clan User Info: Kagayaku08 Kagayaku08 7 years ago 15 all i know is that the uzumaki has blood ties to the senju.

As to how distant those blood ties are is anyone's guess. Firstly I never said Kushina had Senju in her. Also, the rest of your info is irrelavent.

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Seeing as how the Senju and Uchiha founded Konoha, one would come to the conclusion that if anyone not of Uchiha ,or any other reknown clans, is a decendant of the Senju. If this wasn't the case how would you explain the apperance of these so called third-party clans. The world was full of warring nations so hardly anyone was migrating to Konoha aside from the Akamichi, Nara, Yamanaka, Aburame, Hyuuga, and Inuzuka clan.

What I'm saying is if you understand how family lineage works, you'd know who is of Senju and who's not. Just because Hashirama was married to an Uzumaki doesn't mean that everyone born from his family made up the rest of the Uzumaki clan. If you think about it, anyone from that family would still be named Senju. So clearly anyone with the last name Uzumaki would have no direct relation to the Senju.

The Uchiha had many clans under their control, and plenty of people migrated to Konoha after it was established. Your family doesn't need to contain any ninjas for you to be a ninja. Kakashi and Hiruzen could very likely have been from other clans, especially since Sarutobi is actually considered a clan, and could've been one of the many under the Uchiha's control.

And if Kakashi was a senju, then he'd be able to use Izanagi. Everyone that isn't an Uchiha is not a Senju. More importantly, Sannoto was fond of testing unprecedented situations, taking bold risk to see the outcome of a certain situation, such as fighting three people at once or jumping off of a cliff into a lake and waiting some time before emerging. These were looked upon as damn right suicidal, but this prepared him for virtually any situation.

His curiosity was his greatest attribute for learning. Affiliating his curiosity with sheer stupidity, which wouldn't be too much of a stretch, those affiliations are wrong as Sannoto is just extremely brave, unflappable subconsciously. Evident by the stunts he have pulled in the past, often being initiated by his curiosity, he can truly only go through with them due to his unflappable disposition.

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He'll jump into situations without hesitation to protect these people from harm, including animals as well. This also seems to be a fatal flaw for him indeed. For to save a friend, he will sacrifice everything, his own life especially.

Influenced by the spiritual energies of his Tai, his own hexagram, Sannoto also has a separate persona threaded into his own cloth of personality. Tai, as an entity attempting to achieve his mission for ten thousands of years without success, feels a great deal of guilt and a heavy mental burden for the current status of the shinobi world.

A gentle, compassionate entity, Tai wishes that he could have achieved balance for centuries now and that it is absolutely his fault that the past wars have occurred and is even more upset about the war-filled period that should have been prevented.

With a permanent and compatible fusion between him and Sannoto, this separate persona threaded itself carefully within his own personality, being hidden under his carefree and compassionate disposition, however when seeing the destructive nature of humans and the damage done to the world because of the current wars, this persona surfaces and Sannoto gets extremely depressed. This persona often causes Sannoto to take up missions or other responsibilities personally, feeling as if he has to do them alone and all on his own.

However, while he understands that by shouldering things and taking the burdens, he realizes that he works best alone on many occasions, thus he sees himself as an unfit leader, someone unworthy of leading a group of people for they would only be hurt in the process of his stubbornness.

While this guilty disposition is the main contributor to his need to do things alone, another persona that Tai threaded into Sannoto's own personality is extreme confidence. Holding centuries of knowledge, along with being completely compatible with Sannoto, Tai believes that Sannoto and he are the only ones capable of certain task which is why they must do it alone, for Sannoto's perfectly developed abilities and Tai's experience makes this fusion a wonderful one, for he can use his abilities to the best of his abilities while ensuring that the mistakes made previously are not repeated.

In truth, this is more arrogance than anything, which exactly what happened to a certain man. Indomitable Will "In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless" — Sannoto speaking to the twins The very essence of his being, both for Tai and Sannoto, is the dominating willpower for without their indomitable willpower everything else would be useless.

Raido, the rival and companion of Sannoto, once claimed that he didn't think much about willpower until one of his battles with the man. This desire, unique willpower to succeed in everything is truly what defines Sannoto. His desire to master his abilities to prevent himself from hurting anyone again is what allowed him to not allow him to be overwhelmed by the biggest sin he has ever committed, nor overpowered by any force of evil that dwelled within his heart.

His indomitable will is what supplies him with the ability to stay true to his heart, to stay true to his scholarly and artisan nature which allows him to see all the endless possibilities in the world, no matter how tunneled the world becomes.

Despite the wars, the sin, the corrupted nature of the world influences many everyday and love seems to be a forsaken term, forgotten among this current generation who dwell and prosper after the Fourth Shinobi World War, every day balance seems to get further and further away from the world. His indomitable willpower supplies him with something that is greatly appreciated in modern society, something more important than natural skill itself; perseverance.


His greatest feat in which he truly persevered excluding his desire to master his abilities is during his battle with Raido, where he solely fought the man after being wounded heavily using sheer willpower to continue battling as if he was suppressing the pain himself.

This feat is was made Raido think highly of the willpower of the Senju Clan. His willpower combined with his physical attributes often makes people compare him to a monster, for when his physical attributes finally succumb to weakness his willpower picks up the slack considerably.

Relationships Over the course of his vast life, Sannoto has forged relationships with a variety of people especially due to his adventures across the world exposing him to a large amount of people. Family Mito Uzumaki Mito loved Sannoto more than the world. That was an obvious fact, evident by the amount of time she spent simply caring for her child. Whereas his father was nothing but harsh, tough, criticizing, Mito was the enabler. She would correct his mistakes, then offer a compliment, which proved beneficial to his development.

As a result, Sannoto held a very Tsunade Tsunade, despite the insurmountable conflict that she endured to ensure Sannoto's survival following his birth, was rarely present during the preliminary stages of his childhood.

senju and uzumaki relationship

As a child, Sannoto laid his eyes upon his mother perhaps once or twice every six months or so. Each time however, she rarely ever welcomed him warmly into her arms; she fought him as hard as she possibly could.

senju and uzumaki relationship

Obviously, each fight ended with his failure, but despite his growth that he displayed from one battle to the other, Tsunade never complimented him. All she uttered was disappointment.

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Her goal would be to strengthen her child physically and emotionally. She hoped that he would demand her love and affection, and to earn it he would improve his skills. However, Sannoto never sought his mother's attention, nor his father's. He immersed himself in his creations; that was the only acknowledgment he required.

For this reason, Tsunade and Sannoto have a relationship that many would consider incredibly strained. He knows very little about her, and the secret of the true identify of his biological father is one that he has yet to attain. Even after years of being separated, while under the notion that the other could have possibly died, their conversation remained formal upon meeting one another again.

Despite Sannoto's impression that his mother cares very little for his well-being, the truth is that she does. Disillusioned by Dan's death, she intentionally withdrew her love out of fear that if she perished, Sannoto would be subject to a grief she had experienced. Not only that, but the intense training sessions that she forcefully subjected him to were all to prepare him for the rigors of the shinobi world that lay ahead.

Upon meeting naruto however, Tsunade would later begin to regret how she raised Sannoto, and how she watched as he remained imprisoned for all those years without uttering a sound.

It was for this very reason that when she assigned him to his mission, that she took in his daughter and raised her with every possible motherly fiber in her veins. Regardless of this, Sannoto was never able to truly come in terms with his mother, and this would later fuel his desire to mend the rifts with his own family.

Sayuri Uchiha Because of his fiance's unfortunate passing during childbirth, Sannoto was forced to raised his daughter as a single parent for much of her young life. Regardless of the struggles, he loved her and spent every second of the day with her by his side.

If he was issued a mission, she would accompany him disregarding any dangers that awaited. Although she physically bore very little similarities to her father, even a stranger could conclude that they were father and daughter just from the incredible dynamic held between them. Their relationship would falter after he was assigned a secret mission from his own mother, Tsunade, to track and record the Akatsuki's movements.

Though he denied several times, it was concluded that this was a necessity. Afraid of the dangers, he decided to leave his daughter in Konoha without him, and he planned to leave in the middle of the night, but she followed, forcing him to render her unconscious.

With tears, he departed, leaving his daughter safely on a bench. Although their relationship eventually faltered due to a lack of communicating with one another, Sannoto still loved his daughter more than the world itself. Everyday, he would check the newspapers, journals, and occasionally request messages from Tsunade detailing her achievements, and progress. He would brag about her to strangers in the bars, criminals that he captured, partners that he worked with; he was confident and proud of his daughter, and he let the world know.

News would detail Sayuri's humiliation from his enemies, as they would often brag about touching the daughter of the almighty Senju, and Sannoto would slay them all with a mighty fist. The money he made from doing odd jobs, and selling gold, he would send every scrap back to Tsunade to take care of his daughter and to provide her with all of life's benefits and wonders. Following the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sannoto continued scavenging the world for remnants of the Akatsuki and to put an end to their philosophy.

senju and uzumaki relationship

However, in the midst of his journey, false news of his daughter's death reached him; it was around this time that he had met another female Uchiha, who helped him through his grief, resulting in a mutual love that arose, and another child.

Unfortunately, Sannoto wouldn't come to know that the news was false until his daughter began committing atrocious crimes. Regardless, he immediately began traveling the world to find his beloved daughter, and it was his pleading that caused the world to forgive her crimes. It was then that the rift they had was mended; he attended her wedding, worked with her children, and retired from his life as a shinobi so that he would never find himself separated from his family again.

Seigetsu Senju Born following the impression that Sayuri had died, Seigetsu was all Sannoto was focused upon. He loved his son, and Sayuri's death only made him appreciate him more.

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He would hold him as a child, take him to the park and spend hours chasing him in the grass. However, he grew paranoid that he would fall to his enemies just as his daughter had, thus he began training him at an early age.

senju and uzumaki relationship

Whereas Sayuri was accompanying him to battles, and taught how to punch with explicit instructions, Sannoto was tossing Seigetsu into the forest in the middle of the night without assistance. He had developed a form of tough love.