Sheena easton and prince relationship

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sheena easton and prince relationship

AFTER moving Stateside in the 80s, Sheena Easton is back in the West Sheena singing with Prince, whose death last year she describes as. Sheena Easton was featured on 'U Got the Look,' a No. It was, really, just the latest example of an always-unconventional relationship. She ended their relationship, possibly because he began dating US Scots singer Sheena Easton was linked to Prince after they duetted on U.

Sheena Easton on making her West End debut and why she'll never marry again

And of course we took the huff when she came back to perform at Glasgow Green inbringing with her a Debbie Reynolds accent. But what does the lady herself make of the journey? The singer, who will turn 58 next month, is wearing a black trouser ensemble and her hair hints at aubergine. I tend to squeeze in, sit in the corner, have my lunch and leave.

sheena easton and prince relationship

Then my mum had to leave home at 5am to work in a factory. I learned how to set the alarm clock, get myself up for school, do my homework when I got home, have the potatoes peeled. And tidy the house. Things had to be done. The BBC came calling. Easton became a talking point but not all the talk was positive. They would tell you when you were horrible. I did the scene and the director called out, 'That was the worst Natasha I have ever seen.

Sheena Easton relationships

My character was coming from somewhere and something had happened to me. I should have conveyed this. All I offered was Sheena Easton with a candle. To the outsider, there was more chance of Stanley Baxter becoming than Easton becoming the next Shirley Bassey.

sheena easton and prince relationship

How in the name of Miss Moneypenny did she pull that one off? And it turns out [producer] Cubby Broccoli was a fan of my stuff, so he decided to go with me. I remember once waking and having to look at the pad next to the phone on the bedside table, to see what language it was in so I could to work out which country I was in. She bought a gorgeous Jaguar convertible — then realised she hated her hair being blown everywhere.

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Money was important, however. She stepped out of the spotlight and into a modest home in Nevada, having worked for years in Las Vegas. Sometimes you work non-stop from January to July, then you have three months off and you want to shoot yourself in the face. Relaxed enough to talk about the Big Day, the concert in Glasgow Green? She smiles as she says most of the complaints passed her by. It was certainly weird. And to this day, it changes. Vanity died two months ago at the age of 57 from renal failure as a result of her earlier addiction to crack cocaine.

sheena easton and prince relationship

She had written in her autobiography that Prince was the only man she had truly loved. He told the crowd: She loved me for the artist I was, I loved her for the artist she was trying to be. The pair became engaged but never married.

sheena easton and prince relationship

Madonna allegedly left him after meeting Sean Penn, whom she went on to marry later that year. Prince's long and complicated love life Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn dated Prince briefly in the s and wrote a blog about their relationship which started when she, as starstruck fan, saw him across a nightclub and was approached by one of his flunkies.

I sat and fumbled for something to write on. Prince proposed on stage to drummer Sheila E in Sheila E and Prince Image: Getty She had became his protegee shortly after they met in Prince dated Kim Basinger, who starred in the film Batman, for which he wrote the soundtrack. Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Widespread rumour suggests the moaning noises on the Scandalous Sex Suite song are the result of a liaison between the pair.

Getty Carmen Electra Image: Prince signed her to his record label and came up with her new name: After their romance the model went on to marry basketball player Dennis Rodman and singer Dave Navarro, but Carmen said of Prince:

sheena easton and prince relationship