Shiba tatsuya and miyuki relationship

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shiba tatsuya and miyuki relationship

The only thing really annoying is Miyuki (the famous sister) who I can see that the relationship between Tatsuya and Miyuki is so hazy and. Shiba Tatsuya/Relationships - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wiki - Wikia .. mahouka koukou no rettousei shiba miyuki shiba tatsuya breast hold gun naked. The main characters are Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki, I'm here to talk about Mahouka's “Shiva Connection” and what this means for.

The power of destruction and regeneration? Both Shiva and Tatsuya also share similar personalities—being able to remain calm and reasonable even in the face of insults. They both also seem very self-aware of who they are.


Both also have nice houses and like getting nice clothes for their female counterparts. Tatsuya is ruthless and can be cold to the point of heartlessness; Miyuki is pragmatic and absolutely merciless when provoked. Something they share with the dark aspects of Shiva and Parvati.

Miyuki feels the same way with Tatsuya and immensely dislikes the fact that people continue to look down on him while she sees him as the greatest being in the universe. For their part, both Parvati and Miyuki feel immense joy just being in the arms of the one they love, and both are trying to get their male counterparts to participate more in the world.

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Tatsuya and Miyuki are as well—if one were to lose the other, life for them would lose all meaning. This may also be be why they both share the main character spot and are the central characters of their own mangas.

Shiva and Parvati also supposedly represent the perfect masculine and the perfect feminine, which Tatsuya and Miyuki also parallel with their character designs. Or better yet, just check out the flower sewn on their uniforms. I could probably add a couple more if I read further, but for now I think 20 items are enough to show my point.

He did this very cleverly, twisting and adding certain characteristics, and made them their own characters regardless of the similarities I just enumerated. Saegusa Mayumi Mayumi is the first person that Tatsuya meets in high school. Her cheerful nature and playful habits have caused much concern for Tatsuya, and is thus one of the characters he's very wary of. Still, Tatsuya acknowledges Mayumi's beauty and talent while she, in turn, holds him in high regards, admiring his skills and knowledge over CADs and Magic Theory.

While they are shown to share a friendly relationship with each other, Mayumi also has a romantic interest in Tatsuya. Evidence of this can be found in their interactions throughout the light novel and Mayumi's flustered behavior whenever Tatsuya casually praises her or whenever Tatsuya is mentioned to her by some others.

Mayumi was still in self-denial at start but after sometime she became aware of her feelings but she's still not sure whether to accept them and proceed or to halt them.

Tatsuya sees Mayumi in the changing room In addition, during the events of Volume 13Tatsuya and Mayumi met in a Fashion Center, where by chance Tatsuya happened to see Mayumi in her swimsuit. Mayumi appeared to be calmed at first, but she screamed when receding back to the changing room.

After the incident, Mayumi and her twins sisters joined the Shiba siblings at a cafe, where she apologized to Tatsuya for making a fuss. She was shown to be quite disturbed when Kasumi said that the Shiba siblings were on a date. She fails to object to Tatsuya paying for the entire cafe bill. After the death of Nakura, she was worried about asking Tatsuya for help, instead of Juumonji Katsuto. Due to Mayumi's strange focus on Tatsuya's circumstances, Mari voiced her suspicion that Mayumi is in love with Tatsuya.

shiba tatsuya and miyuki relationship

Mayumi weakly and unconvincingly objected the facts. It may be hint that she likes Tatsuya due to the loss of her confidence in her speech. Mayumi tells Tatsuya to undress her In Volume 15in the hotel at Kyoto, Mayumi invited Tatsuya to have a meal together. After dinner, they went to the bar and Mayumi told Tatsuya to join her dating game by calling her Mayumi instead of calls her senpai however Tatsuya outplayed her by pretending to be her bodyguard and he addressed her as Mayumi ojou-sama.

shiba tatsuya and miyuki relationship

After Mayumi got drunk, they leave the bar and Tatsuya delivered her safely to her room. In the front of her room, Mayumi tried to put the key in her chest but Tatsuya snatched it immediately. In her room, Mayumi asked Tatsuya to help her undress which gave Tatsuya a headache. Tatsuya stripped her quickly before anything else can happen and shoved her into the bed leaving her in her underwear.

He went out of the room without a second glance back at her. In the afternoon, Mayumi asked Tatsuya why she wore only underwear in the bed, Tatsuya lied to her by saying that she stripped herself when she got drunk, Mayumi then dropped the bomb, she said she remembered everything, that Tatsuya should not have shoved her too roughly and her cheeks became red when their eyes met. At the National Magic High School Thesis Competition, Mayumi told Tatsuya that she will forget what happened that night in front of Tatsuya and Miyuki, this made Miyuki jealous and as a result she interrogated Tatsuya about what happened between him and Mayumi.

Mayumi thinking of playing the part of snatching Tatsuya away from Miyuki In Volume 17Kouichi explained to his daughters that Tatsuya and Miyuki are from the Yotsuba Clan, he noticed the strangely shocked behavior of Mayumi after she learned about it.

Kouichi also told them that Tatsuya and Miyuki are engaged and then he proceeded to ask Mayumi what she thought of Tatsuya as someone of the opposite sex, Mayumi blushed when she answered the question. Miyuki is appalled and disgusted at the thought of being touched by any other male aside from Tatsuya.

Aside from dancing in social functions, the thought of another boy touching her repulses her. For Miyuki, her entire body, heart and soul is for Tatsuya alone. Miyuki claiming Tatsuya as her Guardian Tatsuya is the person that Miyuki loves and respects the most, which is in contrast to the way she viewed him three years before the current story.

Three years ago, Miyuki neither liked nor despised her brother; she just didn't know how to act around him. Nevertheless, Miyuki had shown jealousy at the interaction between her normally emotionless brother and the Kuroba siblings and she had also shown sadness when she thought that Tatsuya was forcing himself to show affection to her.

Miyuki was horrified when she discovered the truth about why Tatsuya could only love her. After the Okinawa Invasion, Miyuki has devoted her entire life to Tatsuya, saying that the life that her mother had given her had been lost and that she lives only because of the life that her brother had given her.

Because she is afraid of the day when Tatsuya might put some distance between them, and also because she wants to avoid Tatsuya from thinking that she doesn't need him anymore, Miyuki intentionally puts on some acts in front of Tatsuya so that he sees her as an unreliable sister. Spoiler Miyuki confessed her love In Volume 16, after Maya announce Miyuki as her heir, she also announced the engagement of Tatsuya and Miyuki.

This made Miyuki Tatsuya's fiancee. After hearing Miyuki's confession of love, Tatsuya was surprise. Tatsuya quickly assured Miyuki that he would not push her away and that he did not consider her as someone abnormal while telling her that he would stay with her till death. Tatsuya then tell Miyuki that, currently, he only sees her as his little sister, but would try his best to love her as a woman, much to Miyuki's satisfaction. Yotsuba Maya Miyuki is one of the most likely candidates as Maya's successor as head of the family.

This reason was why Tatsuya was allowed to stay with Miyuki during her time at First High. Miyuki does not like Maya that much, but she appears to like her a bit more than the rest of the Yotsuba clan, as she appears to be one of the few who truly respect Tatsuya and aids him at times. However, Miyuki still has a strong disdain towards her aunt for making her Tatsuya's "chains" during their time together.

Miyuki appears to have a plan to somehow help Tatsuya once she becomes the next head, but Maya has once claimed that she has already planned ahead for such a thing, therefore it is unknown just how much one knows of the others' plans. Shiba Miya In contrast to the attitude of her mother to Tatsuya, their relationships were the mother and child relationship, in particular, in volume 8, Miya was shown as a caring mother who regularly cares about the welfare and upbringing of her daughter.

In her turn, Miyuki has shown respect towards her mother like a daughter should.

shiba tatsuya and miyuki relationship

It seems Miyuki does love her mother since she comes to despise Tatsurou for marrying Sayuri when not even a year has passed after Miya's death. It is also shown by her mentions of the time when she was greatly mourning her death, and Tatsuya slowly making her feel better. Shiba Tatsurou Miyuki's relationship with her father is an estranged one. She despises him for not only marrying another woman very shortly after Miya's death, but also for treating his own son as nothing more than a family tool.