Siddharth malhotra and parineeti chopra relationship

It's confirmed! Parineeti Chopra to star opposite Sidharth Malhotra in 'Shotgun Shaadi'

siddharth malhotra and parineeti chopra relationship

Parineeti Chopra spoke about her relationship rumour with her Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, there were no rumours with them. Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra, who will be reuniting together after four years, are all set to begin shooting for their upcoming film in. Student Of The Year actor Sidharth Malhotra talks about working with Hasee Toh Phasee, co-star Parineeti Chopra, why he would like to woo.

Her body weight became an issue. But just when naysayers were writing her professional obituary, she bounced back. The extra kilos were gone and she was ready for her long shot. That she could galvanise the screen was never in doubt. She proved her mettle with the super hit Golmaal Again.

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If you expect her to be defensive or evasive about her low phase, you have a think coming. The actress is raring to go with her current movies. But she refuses to talk about it just yet. I take it more seriously.

siddharth malhotra and parineeti chopra relationship

I was just working for fun, without thinking, without planning, without any aim. Today I work with a plan. So, I took a six-month break. It has got so much love on satellite.

Anyone who comes to me, they talk about how they love Bindu more than any other film of mine. After Bindu came Golmaal Again, which was a big hit. Arjun Kapoor and I talk about it every day. How different is it working with him now as opposed to Ishaqzaade? Arjun and I can never talk nicely to each other. He automatically thinks for me. Nothing wrong with that though. Actors always think for themselves and their careers first. But with Arjun and me, we think of each other more than we think about ourselves.

Any career advice I need, I go to him. He does bring out the best in me, personally and professionally. Is the equation similar with Sidharth Malhotra? But Arjun and I are on another level. Is it because Arjun and you started out together? Arjun and I saw each other at vulnerable moments in our lives. It released during the filming of Ishaqzaade. I became a star in front of him. I was a nobody. And suddenly I was winning all the awards.

He saw me change in front of him. He always says that Parineeti is different from the roles she plays on screen.

On screen I appear spontaneous, bindaas and strong. If I want to cry, I just walk into his van, sit in front of him and he lets me cry. What gets to you the most about being an actor? Like, two days ago, I was on an international flight. I was curled up in my blanket fast asleep. Suddenly, I felt someone waking me up. I came out of my blanket to see this mother with her daughter asking me for a photograph. She made a face and left. I was like, how dare you do this? But was it my fault?

This is the thing that gets to me the most about being an actor. That you must fake it no matter what. I remember I was getting my security check done at an airport. I was removing my shoes and this aunty comes over, holds my hands and clicks a selfie.

Our professional life is out there. Personally, if you want to know who I am dating, to a certain extent that is allowed.

siddharth malhotra and parineeti chopra relationship

I saw that video of Katrina Kaif and that fan who took advantage of the situation. I know what it feels like to be on a world tour, the kind of fatigue Social media has given too much power to everyone. People have started behaving badly. What are the things that perk you up? I just came back from a holiday, feeling refreshed, genuinely excited to go back on set tomorrow.

It was only a five-day holiday after months. But it has charged me up again. Apart from a holiday, it could be just one evening of unwinding at home. It could just be not talking to anyone, keeping my phone aside and watching television, eating or just sleeping. When I started working, I used to be on the set, talking all the time.

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You must choose yourself sometimes. What has brought this evident change in you? When I took the sabbatical, I was going through a low.

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That was a huge awakening for me. It came early in my life. I was 25 and suddenly failure hit my life. I was down financially, professionally and on the personal front. Nothing was working out. They say your failures teach you a lot. I came out of those eight months feeling aware. Do what you like to do now. A career is important but you must balance it out. Actors, when they are super successful, forget their personal lives and then it is too late to work on it.

He is not making so much money in life. He has been pressurised to make a certain amount of money by his family, friends and especially his girlfriend.

At the same time he is also trying to figure out his goal in life. He is not the typical go-getter kind of guy and he is not a bad person at heart.

He might speak rubbish about somebody, but he would not harm anybody for his own profit. We have tried to make a romcom between two hatke characters and not between a hero and a heroine. You term the film a 'romcom', whereas Karan Johar insists it should not be called that As I said, it is a romcom between two characters and therefore it is not like the typical romcom where there is a hero and heroine and then the villain takes her away and the hero saves her.

It is different, as the two characters are different. Vinil Matthews has tried to show a romance between these two characters who are definitely way different from a mainstream hero and heroine. It about how these two not so likeable people meet, spend seven days together and fall in love. The sentiness comes into his character because nothing in his life is going correct.

He has so many grudges in life and he yearns for so many things and all that makes him sentimental. Even after having all these issues he is someone who would not harm anyone. This is your second film with Dharma Productions Cutting in Actually, this is a film by Phantom Films. Dharma Productions is just a backing studio and they are only doing marketing for the film. The production, script, direction Only now we have come to Dharma Productions for their marketing skills.

Phantom came to Dharma with the script and they specifically asked for me. Karan asked me to meet Vinil and have a better knowhow of the script. That is exactly what I did and everything started falling into place. So people came to watch your first film as it was a Karan Johar film, but now people will come to watch a Sidharth Malhotra film. Does that thought scare you - that now you have to drive the film and people will come to watch you?

We all are in this business for this. We all want to have solo releases eventually and today I have got my chance. Obviously there is pressure for performance and you are always nervous whether the film would work or not, but that thought lingers in your head for every film. More than anything it is a Friday that I have been waiting for since a long time, as it is my first solo release.

So you mean to say that it is a content driven film? It is like how two black sheep of the family end up meeting and falling in love. The quirkiness in the writing is the USP of the film.

So do you think your first film was not content driven and was just a KJo movie? You got me wrong.