Sirius and remus relationship help

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sirius and remus relationship help

Given that as true (and I believe there's ample canon information to support both . Now, what does that have to do with Sirius and Remus's relationship, both as. including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. So Sirius was in love with James (hopelessly, because James was Alfonso Cuarónsaw the Lupin/Black relationship the same way, and, when spontaneously understand each others, aid & protect each others as couples.

Remus just smirked at him and kissed him again. The ball ended soon after and the boys went to bed after a few goodnight kisses for the Gryffindor girls' entertainment in the Common room and Remus fell asleep happier than he had ever before. After the ball the girls had seemed to realize Sirius wasn't on the free market anymore and started to really calm down.

Sirius only got few tries of flirting and date offers every day and Remus was dreading the day they would stop.

sirius and remus relationship help

He wanted to keep the game on and be with Sirius as his boyfriend, but knew that it wouldn't last forever. That, of course, didn't make it any easier. Little did Remus know that Sirius didn't want their relationship to end either, though he had not properly realized it yet. He kept coming up with excuses to not to end it, thinking the girls would be after him again the second he was free or that all of them hadn't given up yet.

The day however came, when not one girl offered herself to Sirius or asked him out, or tried to flirt with him and Sirius no longer had an excuse to keep it going, at least not after James commented on it. That's what friends are for, Padfoot. After he stood up and left the room, Lily, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation a few seats away, went after him. She found him in the empty classroom they sometimes used to study together or just chat when they wanted privacy, sitting on the couch and trying to read a book.

You're most definitely not fine. I knew it was gonna end someday. Those few months were the best months of my life. I have never been happier. I could produce ten Patronus with just one moment with him. She had never seen Remus as happy as he was when he was with Sirius and in her opinion they were perfect for each other. Only if Sirius returned Remus' feelings. He's not really as bigheaded as you think.

He's a bit oblivious to certain things, yes, but he has matured a lot this year. You really should give him a chance, you might be surprised. I knew you liked him. And he hasn't asked you out since the ball and even before that only a few times.

Furthermore, we're here about you and Sirius, not me and James. You called him James! I'll just pretend it never happened and keep hiding my feelings like I did before the whole thing.

I'll cherish the memories in my heart and never speak of it again unless someone mentions it first. We've been through this before. I won't risk losing his friendship for my feelings. James Potter could admit he was bit oblivious to some things, but usually he noticed when there was something going on with his best friends.

This was why he was overly surprised to find out that Remus had been crushing on Sirius for a long time, but hadn't said anything about it. But then again, Remus had always been good at hiding his feelings. James felt bad for Remus for having to hide his feelings and bottle things up and see Sirius go from a relationship to another as James knew what it was like to watch from the side when the one you love goes with another.

Not that he had ever tried to hide his crush on Lily, though he could admit his approach wasn't the best one, which is why he had tried to give Lily some space and not ask her out every chance he got. After hearing the conversation between Remus and Lily, James had gotten a bit of hope and was really hoping that Lily gave him a chance the next year, but decided that now wasn't the time to worry about Lily.

He needed to find a way to help Remus. In the end, after a lot of thought over the things he had heard, he decided he would keep an eye on the situation for a while before deciding his course of action. A week after Remus and Sirius break up, Sirius found himself pondering over things and trying to figure out what was wrong with him. The fake relationship with Moony had worked, the girls had left him alone and things were back to normal, but still Sirius wasn't happy.

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After he dropped the act with Remus, he had been feeling empty and somehow… incomplete. He noticed that he missed the little things and touches with Remus and that he sought Remus out from every crowd and place he went. He made up excuses to speak and just be with Remus. He had even asked him to help him study for Merlin's sake!

And that had been the wake up call to Sirius that something was wrong with him. He thought back to the months he spent with Remus in their fake relationship and smiled.

Sirius couldn't remember a time he had been happier than then. He could vividly remember their first kiss in the ball and how they had given a good show for the onlookers. Sirius could almost feel Remus soft lips on his and the electricity he had felt when they kissed for the first time.

sirius and remus relationship help

Now that he thought about it, Sirius realized that he had never felt that with any of the girls he had dated. Sirius replayed the moments with Remus in his mind and realized that he had loved every minute of it.

He had even forgotten their relationship was a fake at times and just enjoyed the time with him. He hadn't even wanted to end it when the time came, even though there hadn't been any reason to continue.

Suddenly it all clicked into its place and Sirius realized why he sought Remus out every chance he got, why he was feeling so empty and why he missed Remus even if he was just across the room.

He was in love with him. As the realization hit him he smiled at himself for being so stupid and not realize it with all the signs he had, but then followed the question: He could always tell Remus, but what if he didn't answer his feelings? Remus had never shown any sign of attraction to Sirius or any boys for that matter so Sirius didn't even know if he was gay.

What if things got awkward between them?

sirius and remus relationship help

But then again Remus had dated him — err… fake-dated him. But he could have done it just as a favor to his friend. At least that's what he said: He had been paying close attention to Remus and Sirius for the past week and had decided it was time to take some action. He had cornered Lily just a few moments before and asked her for advice of what to do. For your information I have no intention to ask you out. He locked the door and cast a few silencing charms before starting to speak.

I overheard you talking the other day, but that's not the point.

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I know he's hurting, but I think there might be a chance that Sirius returns Remus feelings. I have kept an eye on them for the past week and noticed that Sirius has been quieter than before and maybe a bit depressed and is always seeking Remus out wherever we go like he did during the time they were together.

I think he likes Remus, but hasn't yet realized it, but I'm not hundred percent sure. So, I'm asking you what to do about it. Lily stared at James for a moment in wonder thinking 'what the hell happened to Potter' before she shook herself out of it.

If he doesn't… well, there's really nothing we can do about it. I never thought about it before, but they were happiest I have ever seen them. And they kinda… complete each other, if you know what I mean. Anyway, thanks for the advice, Lily. End of Flashback So, here he was trying to find out whether Sirius liked Remus or not.

You've been acting weird since you dropped the act with Moony. Remus has been acting odd too… he's more studious and withdrawn than before. Did something happen after your 'break up'? I — I think I might have fallen for Remus. I have fallen in love with Remus, my best friend. He heard Sirius let out a disappointed breath, and it was a few seconds before he resumed his conversation with James.

This time, however, Remus listened without rolling his eyes. He hid his hands under the sleeves of his robes so no one could see them shaking, and tried to muster every single piece of confidence that could possibly run into his Black blood. He could do this. Immediately he heard the other boy let out a shaky breath. He pulled the drapes aside, revealing a curled-up lump on a corner of the bed.

The lump- Sirius- was shaking with silent sobs. Remus assumed that, under any other circumstances, he would have snapped.

Remus turned his head slightly to look at him. I get them a lot. They went to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night and nights that followed. We need to confront him about it.

sirius and remus relationship help

We need to do something! What do you want us to become, animals? Remus fidgeted with the hem of the sleeves of his sweater. His hands felt cold and he was sure most of the color had drained from his face right now. His heart was thumping painfully in his chest, and he took a deep breath in, playing off his dread with an awkward smile.

Sirius, James and Peter stood in front of him in their room, and looked at him directly in the eye. James seemed to be pondering, trying to read him. Sirius, on the other hand, seemed to be looking for the right words to start.

Peter kept throwing worried glances at James, and James was still looking at Remus as if he were trying to read into his soul. Embarrassed, he put his face between his hands and rubbed his cheekbones furiously. He sniffed into his palms, trying to stop the convulsing sobs from shaking his body from head to toe.

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He felt James sit next to him and put his hand on his shoulder. Then he felt Sirius sit on the other side. Remus agreed very much. Moonymoonymoony we did it! His heart, once again, was hammering wildly inside his chest.

James nodded, a huge smile spread across his face. When it did, he beamed at the three of them.