Stanley and stella kowalski relationship

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stanley and stella kowalski relationship

In the story "A Streetcar Named Desire", Stanley Kowalski was one of the Stanley and Stella could have an illusionists relationship, it may. Everything you ever wanted to know about Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Although Stella and Stanley fight, their physical relationship is the way that. We can even compare the relationship between Stella and Stanley to Steve and She said, " Stanley Kowalski, survivor of the Stone Age!.

He messes up her relationship with Mitch. Stanley feels like Stella is now looking down on him and when he feels like he is being mistreated, he gets aggressive and throws anything he can reach and break dishes and such.

Why did Stanley seem to change so much in the story?

Blanche seems to bring out the worst in Stanley. He cannot stand her though he tries to be polite to her. He gets thrown into a situation where he must get along with Blanche because she has nowhere else to go. He tolerates her, but slowly he starts to snap. Blanche has always done as she pleased without thinking of anyone else.

stanley and stella kowalski relationship

Stanley gets very mad when she plays music during his poker game with his friends. He gets so angry that he throws her radio out the window and then out of anger hits his wife when she tries to take up for Blanche. Stanley cannot stand how Blanche thinks that she is so much better than him and thinks that her sister can do better. Stanley likes to feel superior. In the beginning of this movie, Mitch Hiller seems to be a very sweet and lovely husband.

He fought hard to get his wife and took good care of her. He liked to be in control and for her to do things on his terms, but his wife decided to step out of the norm and protest the fact that he had been cheating on her.

He did not like her stepping over him and he began to abuse her when he got angry or agitated. His true self leaked out and showed what kind of person he really was. Thus, in order to bring these two together — to have these two encounter each other — Williams has created Stella. By simply having her married to Stanley and by having her be Blanche's sister, Williams then creates the perfect opportunity of bringing these two opposing worlds together under one roof.

Stella DuBois Kowalski is, then, a vital part in the struggle between these two worlds, and she is also the bridge between these two worlds.

stanley and stella kowalski relationship

Both Blanche and Stanley are guilty of trying to involve Stella in their quarrel. Both attempt to win Stella over as an ally. Stella is the battlefield for those two warring factions, and both try to use her to accomplish their own ends. But Stella also seems to be the only answer to peace, for she is the only bridge between these two apparent opposites.

She comes from Blanche's refined, educated, and sensitive world. She has, therefore, attained a mixture either consciously or unconsciously. It is apparent that Stella is a battleground for the DuBois-Kowalski feud. Blanche continually tries to turn Stella away from Stanley, by belittling him every chance she has. She tries to prevent her sister from returning to her husband after Stella had been beaten by Stanley during the card game.

Blanche does not try to hide her opinion of Stanley when she decides to tell Stella of her true feelings for her brother-in-law. She calls Stanley "common," "bestial," and "sub-human. Blanche does her best in trying to grasp this symbol for herself.

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Blanche's influence is definitely weighty. The argument between Stanley and his wife in Scene 3 is directly caused by Blanche's insistence on playing the radio. Stella shows strong signs of her sister's influence. She even seems to repeat exactly what Blanche would say, "drunk — drunk — animal thing, you! Kowalski is too busy making a pig of himself to think of anything else! Thus, Blanche has had some influence upon Stella.

stanley and stella kowalski relationship

But Blanche is not alone in her hopes to win over Stella, for Stanley is also guilty of trying to mold his wife's mind. He is continually trying to convince Stella that they had a better life together before her sister's arrival.

A Streetcar Named Desire

He wants Stella to ask her sister to leave, and he continues his efforts in doing this. He does not need Stella's consent to throw Blanche out of his house but he, nevertheless, strives to get his wife's approval.

Stella is reminded of the "colored lights" of their sex life together and of the happiness they once shared. He delights in telling Stella of her sister's immorality, hoping that this too will turn his wife against Blanche.