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Ryan Potter as Mike and Amanda's Kiss scene in Supah Ninjas. Mike and Amanda from Supah Ninjas Ryan Potter, Amanda, Tv Shows, Movies, .. Relationship goals! Chloe, Funny Movies, Just For Laughs, Tumblr Funny, Funny Quotes. Supah Ninjas is an American action-comedy superhero series, created by Leo Chu and Eric . He finds out Mike, Owen, and Amanda are ninjas in "Quake". Checkmate: An "undefeated" chess prodigy, Nicholias Spaski who cheats and uses and is the second villain to have a close relationship with a main character. This is currently the only canon almost-relationship on the show. Mike has an There are some hints that Amanda might possibly have feelings for Mike. In pilot .

Amanda helped him take off his gloves and gave him a music box. He then leaves peacefully. He is portrayed by Esteban Cueto. A villain that steals from the rich and gives to charity, like a modern-day Robin Hood. Flint has a whole group that helps him. He seems to have an interest in Amanda.

He leaves Amanda his necklace before escaping.

Amanda McKay

They are taken hostage by Flint's debate team when he stole a suitcase filled with credit cards. Mike and Owen show up and defeat the debate team and Flint says goodbye to Amanda before leaving. He returns again in "Spring Fling" where he finds Amanda and asks her to the Spring Fling dance, soon he discovers that Chop Shop is here to get revenge on him, soon Amanda finds out that Flint stole from him, Flint escapes but Amanda is captured, soon he finds out that Mike and Owen are the other ninjas and they return to the garage and defeat Chop Shop and his crew, Flint decides to call the police himself.

Flint Forster is a reference to Robin Hood and dresses similar to Hawkeye comics. He is portrayed by Cody Christian and is the second villain to have a close relationship with a main character. A crew that lived in the shadows of abandoned subway tunnels. Every time a new member joins they give them a new name. They wear hoodies and white masks and they rob trucks full of valuable items such as money. Owen's friend James Jonny Weston used to be part of the crew.

They attempted to escape but they were defeated by Mike and Amanda, except Viper, who was taken down by Owen. A former assistant to Cameron's father, Dr. Theodore Anton wanted revenge for being double-crossed by Vanderhaussen. He wears a large dragon helmet and uses an atomic flamethrower to burn down buildings.

He is portrayed by Bryan Friday. Dollhouse captured people and put mind control devices around their necks so they would act like moving dolls. Towards the climax of the episode, Mike finds that Dollhouse never had any friends and had a lonely childhood, which influenced his evil plan. He is defeated when he attempts to shoot Mike with tranquilizer darts but Mike catches one and throws it at Dollhouse's hand. He is portrayed by Tyler Poelle.

A skilled assassin from the mob that was out to kill the person Mike's father was protecting. He was identified by the X-shaped scar on the back of his neck. He was disguised at the train conductor and took control of the train leading to a Sci-Fi Convention.

He is portrayed by Christopher Maleki. A British crime group whose weapons were cricket paddles and are led by Sir Nigel Wickett. They were after Kickbutt Lucas Cruikshank after he stole their money. They are defeated by the ninjas and Kickbutt. A boarding school where the headmistress, Ms. Morningstar, turns troubled girls into skilled thieves, who has them rob for her, they are wanted in several countries. They are all defeated by Amanda. They are portrayed by Paulette P.

He used his musical rhythms to make people fall asleep so he could steal a rare diamond called the Eye of India and also for revenge on the school. He battles Owen and is knocked out with his sleeping disk playing and his minions accidentally knock each other out.

He is portrayed by internet YouTube star Ryan Higa. DJ Elephant Head, the villain's artist name, is a spoof of the progressive house producer Deadmau5.

Benjamin Rush's guidance counselor whose actual name is Susie Scott who lived a double life as a villainess who was using devil diamond snake venom to make popular kids' skin shed because she had a horrible childhood of being bullied by popular kids. She planned to use toxic poison in Melanie's party. She was taken out by Amanda. She is portrayed by Amy Lucas. A demented psychiatrist who believes he can manipulate human nature using the word "Gemini".

The ninjas were escaping from him but Mike was caught. He tries to turn Mike evil but came to a failure and taken out by him. He is portrayed by Todd Stashwick. An evil scientist who believes the only way humankind can evolve is through machine, he saved his children, Optic and Buzzsaw.

Mechanov saved them from an explosion and turned them into cyborgs. During his last battle with Mike's Grandfather, his lab exploded and was assumed dead however he survived but was left in a coma. When he comes of age and begins to die, his children go to steal purple diamonds that can power an exoskeleton in order to save his life.

His kids are defeated by the Fukunagas. Mechanov's exoskeleton with him in it was defeated by Owen, but was then ironically finished off by Martin. A secret society who ties with Benjamin Rush High School. They leave hidden messages by leaving behind a key and a strip of paper which is decoded by being wrapped around the key, they were after a hard drive for an unknown reason and are defeated by the ninjas and arrested. However, a return is hinted when Amanda and Mike find a message wanting revenge from their leader, the Skeleton King.

His original name was Lemuel Lightner, a villain who originally went to college and performed drama with three celebrities and is angry that they became famous and he didn't.

Supah Ninjas

So he kidnapped them and wanted to kill them so he could become famous. He is however defeated by Owen and his henchmen are taken out by Mike and Amanda. He is portrayed by That '70s Show star Danny Masterson.

William Block, a villain whose family used to own the Lickety Splits ice cream company. For vengeance, he kidnapped criminals by freezing them and keeping them prisoner in his old factory instead of handing them over to the police.

He tried to freeze Amanda when she found out his secret, but she was able to defeat him when she threw a shuriken at a liquid nitrogen tank and it froze him.

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He is portrayed by Steve Monroe. Shadow Fly claims that he is one of the ninjas that stops the villains of Empire City. Owen warns him to tell everyone he isn't a real ninja.

Shadow Fly tricks the ninjas into thinking he's kidnapped so he can capture them. The ninjas stick him to a billboard and everyone figures out he's an imposter. He is portrayed by Bobb'e J. He is the science assistant of Dr. Warner Krowsa; he was tired of listening to Dr. I don't own Supah Ninjas or any of the characters. Will Conner win and separate them. What is this about the "Relic Rated: Do things get better or worse for my supah ninjas. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Special Notice in Chapter 4!

Heat of the Moment by JackxxxKim reviews Mike and Amanda have always have had this spark between them. Lately Mike has been having trouble controlling his emotions. Will the heat between the two teens become too much? Your just gonna have to read to find out change to M later Rated: She does have secrets though, even from her team, every girl has secrets, but will Amanda's secrets from the past mess with her future?

The White Ninja by Ms. Phinx reviews A new ninja is in town, and not only that, but Mike's cousin is staying with them for who knows how long. T for some kisses, really I don't think they're that bad but just to be safe. But what happens when the new force is getting things from the Ninjas' personal lives. Have the Ninjas met someone who can defeat them once and for all? Not a romance fic, but there is some in here. When Amanda falls he holds her with both hands. Amanda tells Mike to save himself, but Mike yells that he will never let her go referencing to Pletinous and Electornia When Owen pulls both of them to safety, Amanda was holding on to Mike's shoulders with both hands and smiling.

《Mike❤Amanda❤Flint ~ A love triangle 》

Mike turned to Amanda and smiled at her. In the end, Mike says that he will never let her go referencing to Pletinous and Electornia, and the incindent on the train. Amanda is jealous of Mike and Julie. She then tells him to pretend that she is Julie and he then starts expressing his feeling toward Amanda instead of Julie.

When he is done, Amanda touches his hand and they both look down, Amanda then runs off nervously. Most likely Amanda starts to have feelings for Mike once again.

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Mike says that his favorite mission is Katara and Amanda says, "Really? Cousin Connor Mike gets jealous when Connor tells him that Owen and Amanda have a thing for each other. Owen tells Mike in front of Amanda that he would never do that to him knowing how he feels about her. Amanda is stunned and then says what do you mean how he feels about me he goes out with Julie remember? When Owen almost gives away Mike's secret crush on Amanda in front of her he acts very nervous.