Tatsuki and ichigo relationship

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tatsuki and ichigo relationship

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - [Tatsuki A., Renji A.] [Ichigo K., Rukia K.] - Words: . Your 'relationship' ended when summer ended!". A look at the canon relationship of Ichigo and Tatsuki from their first meeting to the beginning of the Arrancar arc in the manga. Warnings: the f.

Orihime with Ichigo When Ichigo finds out that Orihime was abducted by the Arrancar, he gathers his closest allies and launches an attack on their fortress. He gets to Orihime, only for her to be pulled out of his reach once again. Ichigo finally catches Orihime being guarded by Ulquiorra and the two duel for her freedom. Ulquiorra overpowers and kills Ichigo, causing Orihime to panic.

The last thing Ichigo hears is Orihime crying his name, which causes his own power, revive him, corrupt and turn him into his full Hollow form. Hollow-Ichigo then brutally beat Ulquiorra down, the only damage he took was to his mask, which was enough to cause Ichigo to change back. Ulquiorra then dies from his injuries. A year later, Orihime is attacked by a new enemy known as Tsukishima. He cuts Orihime, but doesn't kill her for some reason. When Ichigo finds out, Orihime tells him that Tsukishima is an old friend of hers without realizing it.

It is later revealed that Tsukishima has the ability to insert his prescence into someone's past and used this ability to make Orihime think he was someone she could trust.

Ichigo Kurosaki

She was even suspicious of the concept--what sort of dim imagination must a person have to dream the same thing more than once? Orihime liked to talk about her dreams. Tatsuki could remember Ichigo saying just last year: I don't remember my dreams.

Maybe I dream about very boring things, like walking to school or taking a nap.

tatsuki and ichigo relationship

After that, you prayed for me less often … Then you entered high school, and Kurosaki Ichigo showed up, and you stopped praying for me altogether. Onii-chan never cooked, Onii-chan wore a suit and tie to work, Onii-chan was kind.

Still, Tatsuki knew it was him when she heard the creature speak.

Bleach characters! You have just learned that

Something of the timbre of the voice, although male, coarse, and muffled behind a mask, was like Orihime's voice.

Stranger than that, Ichigo's voice was arguing with it. And what the hell was Ichigo doing wearing a black dress and holding an over-sized sword? Then, with whatever sense she used to predict where a vale tudo opponent's leg was going to strike, Tatsuki knew that Ichigo's sword was going to slice the creature in the face.

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But Ichigo missed, and the bloody chunks that flew across Orihime's living room were the creature's hands. The cries in the air belonged to Orihime and her brother, and Tatsuki felt them more deeply than she felt a claw of pain in her own shoulder. Weeks later, when she and Orihime tried to piece together that night's happenings, Tatsuki could not figure out what Ichigo was doing there and why Tatsuki could see him if she was supposed to be knocked out.

What kind of books are you reading? He tried to banish the feeling by telling himself that things could be worse: He never stopped to consider why this was worse. Mortification, even when possessing a Shinigami soul, did not allow for serious reflection.

Reoccurring dreams were one thing, but this haunting feeling about Ichigo was quite another. Sometimes Tatsuki shook her head and wondered if she was obsessing about Ichigo because Orihime was.

Every time the sun disappeared behind the clouds and Tatsuki felt the absence of stinging summer sun on her face and arms, she remembered a squeaky voice saying, "We were born because of Kurosaki Ichigo.

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Why was she dreaming about Ichigo going around fathering chirping midgets? Even though Ichigo knew now that it was a Hollow, not a car, that killed his mother six years ago, the very idea of people walking alongside nighttime traffic made Ichigo nervous. Hadn't Inoue gotten sideswiped by a car just a few months ago? Inoue had this habit of not looking where she was going and knocking over trashcans even when it was broad daylight.

Tatsuki was anything but clumsy, and even she had gotten hit by a car. Probably had her guard down after a big match. All that excitement over being in the Nationals and blammo!

tatsuki and ichigo relationship

The car broke her arm. The way Keigo was bouncing around like a monkey off its leash--how did someone so unbalanced ever manage to survive to teenhood anyway? The way Keigo contorted himself for attention and yelled crazy stuff was just begging for some festival drunk to come along and-- Fuck it, Ichigo thought.

I'm worrying like an old woman. This is summer vacation. Tatsuki and Orihime were already falling behind. Ichigo fought the urge to hang back with them, to protect them if need be. Let's just be normal teenagers who have all the time in the world. Why are you looking at me like that? First Ichigo had pulled away, and now Orihime was … going somewhere? She knew that the spirits that now populated her world had something to do it, and there was a feeling of dread in her stomach.

Please don't die, Orihime.

tatsuki and ichigo relationship

If a wonderful girl like Orihime were to die, she wouldn't be one of those loser spirits that hung around annoying people. She would be off to heaven, and Tatsuki would never see her again. I'd much rather hang out with you. Clouds glowed red at a distance. Look at him, she thought as she approached the gang and saw the back of Ichigo's bright orange head. He's like a safety light. Tatsuki only crossed Ichigo's mind once while he was in Soul Society. The week after Aizen ascended, when everyone was recovering, and it was plain that the eleventh division was the meanest, loudest, most rag-tag and belligerent of all the Shinigami divisions, Ichigo thought, If Tatsuki were a Shinigami, she would fit right in here in the eleventh.

I can't imagine any of these guys making her back down, not even Captain Zaraki. Tatsuki worried like hell the whole time Ichigo and Orihime were gone. She was quite certain that, wherever they were, they were going to fall in love with each other.

If they were going to do something like that, why couldn't it happen with Tatsuki around?

tatsuki and ichigo relationship

That way she could at least make fun of them. Then, one afternoon at the arcade, Oshima mentioned that Chad had gone missing for days. Then at the Tanabata festival, some of those sewing freaks were bemoaning the absence of their two best sewers, Inoue Orihime and Ishida Uryuu.

Tatsuki felt the absence of these people with some sense she didn't know she had. They were just not here. Every time the sun came out from behind a cloud, and Tatsuki felt the summer heat sting her face and arms, she knew that Chad and the sewing guy were with Ichigo and Orihime.

Something is happening to people who care about Kurosaki-kun. He looked perfectly normal. He acted perfectly normal. His dad had hung some goofy talisman on his shirt and there was some skull-looking thing hanging out of his uniform pocket, but other than that….

Why was I even worried? Tatsuki felt dreary routine settle in her bones the very first few minutes of class. Same as it ever was, same as it would always be in English class…. Then Ichigo shot like rocket out of his chair and said something about having to go to the bathroom, and then Orihime had to go the bathroom, and so did Chad!

When Tatsuki looked out the classroom window, a Shinigami was running across the Karakura High School outdoor track. Giant unsheathed sword on his back. Tatsuki turned to face the blackboard. Her breathing was shallow. Orihime, being an ordinary human like Ichigo, has no such problem.

Ultimately, though, she has her official job and its duties as a Soul Reaper, and her loyalty to that cause makes it unlikely that she would abandon it to stay with Ichigo.

The final chapter of ‘Bleach’ causes controversy, but ultimately satisfies

In fact, by chapterRukia was promoted to Captain rank among the Soul Reapers, proving her loyalty to her work rather than a mortal such as Ichigo. There was no sign that he wanted to run off to be with Rukia, and at any rate, he fought alongside the Soul Reapers during the series, but never showed any inclination to actually live among them.

Their constant bickering, and sometimes uncomfortable behavior with each other is the type that sometimes segues into romantic involvement in other stories, but the characters never did take the next step in that direction. They remained friends and trusted allies, but little to no romantic tension was shown, aside from minor comedy relief in the earliest chapters.

By contrast, in the chapter Storm Warning: Chapter 8, Goodbye, Halcyon Days, Orihime Inoue approached Ichigo in his sleep, and openly confesses her love for him, and nearly kisses him.