The catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test

The Catcher in the Rye Symbolism: Interpretation & Analysis

the catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test

Start studying catcher in the rye objective test. Learn vocabulary what new knowledge does holden gain watching phoebe on the carousel. he realizes you. The Catcher in the Rye Characters. Holden Caulfield - The protagonist and narrator of the novel, Holden is a sixteen-year-old junior who has just been expelled for academic failure from a school called Pencey Prep. Stradlater - Holden’s roommate at Pencey Prep. Everything you ever wanted to know about Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye, Plans · Test Prep · Literature Guides · Learning Guides · Finance · College My kid sister Phoebe goes to bed around nine o'clock— so I couldn't call her up. . In fact, it seems to us that he feels like he can't have a sexual relationship.

Holden tries to explain it to his date, Sally: Try it sometime,' I said. This could be read as Holden's way of pushing people away from him. Holden has a tendency to isolate himself and make bad decisions that push him further into a pit of loneliness and depression.

the catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test

Throughout the story, Holden frequently wishes himself dead or decides he already is dying from something: I almost wished I was dead. Holden's issues appear to begin with the loss of his little brother, Allie.

Allie was only 11 years old when he died of leukemia while in Maine for the summer. Holden, who was two years older, exploded with rage on the night that Allie died.

the catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test

Adding to Holden's grief, his mother has difficulty coping with the loss of her youngest son and becomes nervous and edgy. Is it just the loss, or is there more? What Holden keeps to himself is a memory of the time when Allie wanted to play with Holden and his friend, but Holden would not let him. Holden wishes he could go back in time and change that conversation.

The guilt Holden feels is what haunts him. Holden also seems to be afraid of growing up.

the catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test

Fortunately, there is a new elevator operator on duty who does not recognize him. Holden pretends to be visiting the Dicksteins who have an apartment on the same floor as his parents.

Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye: Character & Analysis

Using his key to enter, Holden sneaks to Phoebe's room only to realize that she now is sleeping in D. Holden peruses items on her desk, by lamplight, until he wakens Phoebe. She reveals that their parents are out for the evening and will return very late. The maid is in the apartment to care for the girl.

Phoebe in The Catcher in the Rye

As they talk, Phoebe guesses that Holden has been expelled and concludes that their father will kill him. Upset, she hides her head under a pillow. Holden goes to the living room for cigarettes. Analysis Phoebe's significance in the novel is crucial.

Despite her youth, she sometimes seems to be Holden's best friend. He can confide in her and share his dreams.

the catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test

Like a real friend, she does not always agree. She often sees right through her brother, detecting early on that he has been kicked out of Pencey Prep. Her advice frequently is superior to what Holden plans to do.

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Phoebe is also Holden's most trusted connection to family and home. On the other hand, she has trouble understanding Holden's darker side. She wonders why he is so self-destructive and why he doesn't just succeed in school the way she does.

She may not quite grasp what he means by being the "catcher in the rye.

the catcher in rye holden and phoebes relationship test