Tony and ziva secret relationship fanfiction

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tony and ziva secret relationship fanfiction

Tony and Ziva are in a "secret" relationship. Now they have to put it all on the line. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Ziva D., Tony D. Tony and Ziva have been dating in secret four months now. No one seems to know, but when something happens their secret relationship is. Tony DiNozzo. Ziva David. Secret relationship. What more do you Ziva David. Secret relationship. What more do you need? fanfiction. ncis. tiva. tonydinozzo.

tony and ziva secret relationship fanfiction

Her hand easily found him and he immediately groaned as she squeezed and stroked him. Tony reached down and pushed her hand away from him with a groan. He mumbled something against her mouth but she didn't care and couldn't understand it. He smiled and pushed her so her back was against the wall. She hooked one leg around his hip, allowing him to slip between her folds and rub her clit causing her to scream out slightly. He bowed his head with a grunt as he fought to control himself.

He looked at her shocked and confused for a second but he quickly recovered and pressed his lips hard against hers.

They pulled apart for air eventually and he reached down and positioned himself and easily slipped into wet heat causing them both to moan loudly. She pulled back from his neck and rested her head against the shower as she gazed up at him.

Water was sliding down his cheeks and she could tell from the color green of his eyes that some were tears. She tilted her head to the side and ran her hand through his hair.

He wanted to tell her that the reason he was so emotional was not because of what happened to Jenny, but because she was in his arms, needing him. He groaned as she wrapped her other leg around his waist. Tony finally took the hint and realized he hadn't moved since entering her. Ziva moaned as he withdrew slowly before forcefully trusting back into her. After a few more thrusts he buried his head in her neck and thrusted harder and faster, and she met him for every thrust and every moan.

He smirked into her neck, proud he made Ziva David, Mossad assassin, whimper in his arms. Tony groaned and he thrusted a few more times as she kissed him with her hands roaming and scratching at his back.

He grunted as started to twitch and spurt inside her, Ziva smiled into their kiss as he filled her with his white hot seed. They broke the kiss for air and Tony buried his head into her neck as he held her body tight to his, her legs sliding down his as she stood on her own and wrapped her arms around his waist and they stood for awhile longer, holding each other as they tried to come to terms with what happened that day.

Your review has been posted. He seems to be very serious about this certain girl. Who is Tony's girlfriend? Do I really need to say it? Do you have a girlfriend at the time? He, Tony and Ziva were sitting in the bullpen, doing their paperwork.

Tony gave Ziva a look that their co-worker couldn't identify. When did you break up with the other one?

[ NCIS ] tony and ziva - secret love

He was obviously referring to the girl, Tony had told him about a couple weeks ago. Since, um, well almost a year now. Ziva laughed a little. McGee started to stutter nervously: I was just pretty surprised. She's the love of my life. What he didn't know was that these words caused Ziva to shiver.

And how is she like? Tony rolled his eyes. His co-worker was way too curious. He had to be careful with choosing his words. She has her own opinion and always says what's on her mind. Plus she's totally individual. She's perfect for me and I love her with all my heart. Tony when will you finally learn. My girlfriend opened my eyes. I don't have a new one. Almost one year now. So, how does she look like? Ziva tried really hard not to look up or make a comment but instead pretended to be totally focused on her work.

She was glad nobody realized that she was that quiet.

Tony continued to speak: Ziva looked up, staring at him, then turned her attention back to work. There was silence for a couple minutes. Then Abby started to speak again: Tony stared at Abby and McGee. He should have seen that one coming. Tony had never been that glad to see his boss entering the bullpen before. Tony shook his head. So, you did sleep with her, right?

tony and ziva secret relationship fanfiction

Tony kept calm and answered: We don't want to rush anything. We're both absolutely comfortable. We're happy that we have what we have. When he grinned even brighter, she quickly stared at her computer screen again.

What are you doing over there? She should have known.

tony and ziva secret relationship fanfiction

The rest of the team didn't notice but of course Gibbs did. He always noticed when she was that quiet. The others followed him. Let me tell you one thing. There is never the right place, time, words. When Tony nodded, he continued: Tony smiled and took a step back.

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Ziva could now hear their conversation again. Is she at work? Before it's too late. I meant to ask her but I waited too long.