Toya and yukito relationship trust

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toya and yukito relationship trust

The most notable relationship in the series is between Sakura and Syaoran Li, largely . Yukito brings her some food up, telling her that Touya made it, but is too shy to Sakura holds a lot of trust in Tomoyo, often allowing her to take lots of. When Toya says Yue's name and Yue goes all shy. a kid so the whole Toya/ Yue/Yukito relationship was not something that I focused on. i am a simple woman, i see touya and yue/yukito, and i upvote. we have to give The full scale of his abilities is unknown, so I prefer to trust CLAMP's story writing. I'm fangirling so much today reading Touya/Yukito fanfiction that I don't even know my favorite part of their relationship is the solid, intense, and incredibly loving they accept each other for who they are, they trust each other completely and.

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toya and yukito relationship trust