Transposable elements and human cancer a causal relationship is valid

Exogenous retroviruses, such as human immunodeficiency virus relationship to other mobile genetics and transposable elements specifically. . of oncogenes and interference with tumor suppressors, if inserted into the correct location in the .. Infectious agents and cancer: Criteria for a causal relation. The somatic mobilization of transposable elements is more common than .. that TEs are mainly mobile in germ cells is not always correct. Chénais B. Transposable elements and human cancer: a causal relationship?. domains are neofunctionalised fragments of transposable elements establish causality, showing that these RIDLs drive the nuclear localisation of their host lncRNA. If lessons learned from mRNA are also valid for lncRNAs, then short . Human cervical cancer cell line HeLa and human lung cancer cell.

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Transposable elements and human cancer: a causal relationship?

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