Trunks and goten age difference in relationship

What is Goten and Trunks' age in Dragon Ball Super? : dbz

trunks and goten age difference in relationship

Their relationship is like a mix of the HS Gohan/Videl rivalry and the I know that Goten and Bra have a big age difference but my support for. Goten is Gohan's younger brother and Trunks' best friend. pregnant, Goten does not meet his father Goku until he reaches the age of seven. .. At this point, Goten has developed a father-son relationship with Goku based on . the rift and the Timespace Tournament wear teams of fighters from different timelines compete. Goten envied Vegeta and trunks father son relationship. Piccolo Father Son relationship and yet they only have an age difference of like 4.

Chichi met Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament and ended up betrothed to Goku under false pretenses because he thought a bride was a type of food. Videl similarly won Gohan through bribery and blackmail. First by insisting that he train her to fly and then by forcing him to fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament along with her. The similarities don't stop there.

trunks and goten age difference in relationship

To top it all off, Chichi and Videl's fathers were both successful fighters, each earning the title of World Martial Arts Champion at different points in their competitive careers. Gohan witnessed the entire incident, becoming more and more enraged as Videl's outcome worsened. Gohan's feelings for Videl were powerful enough to awaken SS2 in spite of the fact that they hadn't even started dating yet. Naturally, the film starred Mr. Like Videl, Cocoa figured out that Gohan was actually the Great Saiyaman and held this against him to force him to fly her around town, but she didn't stop there.

Cocoa threatened to reveal Gohan's superhero persona if he did not give her a kiss.

trunks and goten age difference in relationship

In fact, she was the one who trained Goten in martial arts. When Chi-Chi was sparring with her son, Goten retaliated, instinctually going Super Saiyan and striking his mom. Not only was he the first to go Super Saiyan 2, he was also able to dominate Super Buu after having his power unlocked by the Old Kai. The sad, and somewhat dark part about this is the fact that Gohan wasted his potential as a fighter and a hero after the Cell Saga.

Or rather, Chi-Chi wasted his potential. Sure, we get why Chi-Chi would want her son to get an education, but the fact that he was able to defeat Cell when he was barely a teenager shows that he has the potential to be the world's greatest protector, especially in Goku's absence. Goten offers to help his dad by driving the tractor for a while so Goku can get some training done in the fields.

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However, Goten ends up driving the tractor off a cliff, forcing Goku to save him. Goten is absentminded on two fronts here; he didn't see a freaking cliff coming, and he almost died because he somehow forgot he can fly and is super strong. Seriously, that would have been a dumb, dark death for the young half-Saiyan.

trunks and goten age difference in relationship

The fusion dance creates a powerful fusion of the two people involved, but there is a more powerful form of fusion: By attaching one of the earrings to opposite ears, two warriors can combine to form a fusion that is far more powerful than a fusion dance.

However, potara fusion, unlike the dance, is believed at the time to be a permanent fusion.

Why do we bring this up? For some reason, the combination of Trunks' confidence and Goten's playfulness results in a cocky and strangely eccentric warrior. The weirdest part of Gotenks has to be his attacks. He has made up some "interesting" attacks, usually on the spot.

Because of this, Even though Gohan was born in Agehe is the physical age of someone born a year earlier. This isn't really a problem during his time being homeschooled, but when he enters into the public school system in high school, things get a little sketchy.

Goku takes second place.

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Goku confronts General Blue fight and eventually land in Penguin Village. Arale beats Blue by herself. Goku begins climbing the tower. In Fortuneteller Baba 's battle arena, Goku is reunited with his dead grandfather.

In Chao village he fights Plague and Terror. Goku enters the Demon World and fights Shula. Goku comes in second place. Krillin is killed by Tambourine and King Piccolo appears.

AgeMay 8 Goku meets Yajirobe and soon after kills Tambourine. Goku crosses paths with Piccolo and is easily defeated.