Vash and meryl relationship help

A Writer's Take on Trigun: Meryl Stryfe (Character Analysis) ~ September C. Fawkes

vash and meryl relationship help

First off, when Meryl and Milly open the door on Vash, he doesn't see Milly. . about him, who can help give him that sense of direction when he's lost. . accepted name for the relationship between Wyatt Logan (portrayed by. My favorite couple pairing in Anime Meryl Stryfe and Vash the Stampede. The source of Anime & Manga quotes - requested by derpys-advice FB. Ayzia. The source of Anime & Manga quotes - requested by derpys-advice FB . My favorite couple pairing in Anime Meryl Stryfe and Vash the Stampede.

And, he's not a bad person at all, he's a hero. There is this complete contradiction of what she expected Vash to be and how he behaves.

vash and meryl relationship help

I love how the writer, Nightow, plays with reputation in this series. Opposition for Humor At this point Vash and Meryl's relationship provides us with plenty of laughs because they are complete opposites of one another. What Meryl lacks, Vash has.

vash and meryl relationship help

What Vash lacks, Meryl has. One of Vash's weaknesses is that he's not very proactive, but Meryl is extremely proactive--probably the most proactive character in the series. So of course it's humorous to pair that with a very unproactive job: Also, Meryl's also wound tight, while Vash is more relaxed.

Meryl can't express her feelings, but for the most part, Vash doesn't have a problem displaying his own. It's all this opposition that makes their interactions so humorous. One way to create a humorous relationship is to make the characters opposites of one another.

If Vash and Meryl had it their way at the beginning of the series, they would stay far away from each other, but Meryl's job forces them together. So something needs to force your characters together. It can be a common goal, familial relations, or they could be trapped together somewhere like an elevator. Despite their differences, the more Meryl tails Vash, the more she realizes what kind of person he really is.

But, she won't admit it.

vash and meryl relationship help

Milly, who ironically catches on to everything, notices, but Meryl denies it. I think Meryl not only denies it to others, but she denies it to herself.

In a way, I think she's too tough and too job-focused to fall in love, especially with someone she hated only months ago. She uses her job to cover up her feelings for him. What's cool is that prior to that, Meryl's job was pretty much the most important thing to her; it's even implied that it's more important than her family, but it shifts so that she cares about Vash even more than her job.

So she falls for Vash more and more, and there's this nice contrast because she can't verbalize or accept that. It's precisely because Meryl hated Vash so much to begin with that her transition to caring about him is so powerful.

vash and meryl relationship help

She's not romantic toward him by any means, but rather than falling for him out of attraction, she falls for his good qualities and she falls for him as she comes to understand him on a deeper level. I love the part after Vash blasts a hole in the fifth moon and people are cursing him and wishing he were dead, and Meryl hears it. It hurts her to hear it because she's come to realize he doesn't deserve any of the harassment people give him--that they don't even know Vash the Stampede, not really.

They don't know him like she knows him. Honestly, it's because of Meryl--her character role--that we get a better perspective on things regarding Vash, like this example. Her character "stands-in" places that allows us to feel more emotions. Toward the end of the series, Meryl comes to terms with her feelings for Vash. Milly helps Meryl accept those feelings and accept that acting on them, is perfectly fine.

I don't think Meryl fully believed that before. She was too tough. So Meryl moves like this: That's a big change for her character. Like Wolfwood, Meryl eventually takes on Vash's beliefs and ideals as her own.

At the starting of the series, she's not only tough emotionally, but her ideas are a little tough. She kind of has "Gunsmoke" morals--morals bred into those who have lived through the hardships of that desert planet. She expects Vash to shoot and kill people, but by the end of the series, she's preaching Rem's words, that no one has the right to kill anyone. Like so many others, Vash has helped her become a better person. And he can hear it. He can hear her when she goes to move that foot forward to go after him.

But, he hears it. He just told her to choose between her life and her job, and she was prepared to choose him, which is all the more reason for him to run. Meryl wanted to go after him, and he knew that. Vash is almost always moving, talking, or making some commotion when in the company of a woman. He has moments of sincerity, but rarely silence. With Meryl, he can be silent. He can rest and not have to put on a show because she has seen all these sides to him.

While he does go off to visit his friends in the cloud, by the end of that adventure, the four of them are traveling as a unit.

Meryl Stryfe

He could have told them to stay away, but Meryl is persistent, and, I think, he enjoys the company after traveling alone for so long without any permanent points.

The girls and Wolfwood become permanent points in his life. Milly is, again, the number one shipper. We love you, Milly. Of course, ever one to deflect, Vash leaves the conversation before it can really begin, defaulting to goofy mode. Vash was letting his feelings get a little too close to the surface, so he had to deflect, of course.

I just love the tranquility Vash feels from seeing Meryl care for those children. Get the kids out.

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I love how it frustrates her so much that she throws herself against him. He tells her everything.

Meryl Stryfe - Dream Chasers

How many people know everything there is to know about Vash the Stampede? This is trust in action. He trusts her with every piece of him, with the good and the bad, the hidden and the horrible.

He could have taken the path he did so many other times of just leaving, but she asked him for the truth. She pleaded with him for it. He showed her the darkest parts of himself. He opened himself up to her in a way he never had before with anyone.

He knows she wants to be there, at this point. Back at the beginning of the series, he was always alone. He had some friends here and there, but he never stayed long.

He steps around her when he leaves, redirecting her efforts to Milly, giving her a task. Of course, many point to the fact that Vash killed Legato to save the girls.

Meryl is one of his memories. When Vash wakes after ten days of slumber, the most important memories flood him, and one of them is his conversation with Meryl.

I know this is a finer detail, but it sticks out to me because of the weight of the other memories he reclaims.