William wallace and robert the bruce relationship

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william wallace and robert the bruce relationship

As far as Scottish kings go, Robert the Bruce has always ranked very high. wanted Scottish allies on his side that day to undercut William Wallace's cause. There are two men whose names were a clarion call to all Scots. Robert the Bruce, who took up arms against both Edward I and Edward II of England and who. Discover William Wallace and Robert the Bruce Statues in Edinburgh, Scotland: Overlooked by many, the two famous Scottish warriors guard.

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Edward I, whose garrisons held many of the important castles in Scotland, regarded him as a traitor and made every effort to crush a movement that he treated as a rebellion. His wife and many of his supporters were captured, and three of his brothers executed. Robert himself became a fugitive, hiding on the remote island of Rathlin off the north Irish coast.

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It was during this period, with his fortunes at low ebb, that he is supposed to have derived hope and patience from watching a spider perseveringly weaving its web. In February he returned to Ayrshire. His main supporter at first was his only surviving brother, Edward, but in the next few years he attracted a number of others. During these years the king was helped by the support of some of the leading Scottish churchmen and also by the death of Edward I in and the ineptness of his successor, Edward II.

The test came in when a large English army attempted to relieve the garrison of Stirling.

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Edward was however, an ineffectual King which is why he was deposed at the end of his reign. Edward I was actually present and he was known for using Irish and Welsh conscripts, but at no point did the Scots and Irish stop in the middle of the battle to shake hands and make nice.

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But it was the Welsh archers, armed with the latest and most high-tech weaponry, the long bow, that won the battle for the English. They were able to fire from distances far greater than the Scottish archers, some of whom actually used slingshots rather than bows. Like many other famous traitors he was Hanged, Drawn and Quartered: Before the execution Wallace was stripped naked and pulled around town by horse-carriage by a rope around his ankles and after the execution dipped in tar.

william wallace and robert the bruce relationship

This is historically accurate. He gets half of the way he wants to go by murdering someone in a church.

william wallace and robert the bruce relationship

Never officially crowned, she died unexpectedly four years later, triggering a battle for power between claimants John Balliol and Robert the Brucethe grandfather of the better-known Robert. Inhe picked Balliol.

Robert the Bruce: myths busted

Incensed, the Scots formed a separate alliance with France in and continued their subversion of English authority with a attack on the city of Carlisle. Edward retaliated in brutal fashion.

william wallace and robert the bruce relationship

The younger Robert had recently served in the royal household, Michael Penman writes in Robert the Bruce: Whatever his motivations, the year-old Robert marched with the English against the country he would one day rule.

But inan increasingly disillusioned Bruce shifted his allegiance to Scottish rebel William Wallace. Forever cemented erroneously in popular imagination as a blue paint-covered kilt-wearer, Wallace is often portrayed as a more straightforward figure than his successor in the bid for Scottish independence.

He achieves more, but in some ways his hands are dirtier.