13 going to 30 ending relationship

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13 going to 30 ending relationship

Apr 23, On April 23, the delightful comedy 13 Going on 30 is going on 10 years old. (Hang in there Jenna Rink, in just 20 years your story will be. Feb 11, I do believe in true love, and in the end, the guy gets the girl and the girl gets the Judy: I loved the entire process of making 13 Going on 13 Going on 30 () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more to her co- workers and friends, and trying to restore her relationship with Matt. Poise is shutting down because the work she put into the relaunch ended up in Sparkle.

13 Going On Fun & Flirty Edition ()

Not such a great image of women. Although she already has Matt, young Jenna aspires to belong to a group of girls; although this is partly to do with their popularity, it recognises that there is something about female friendships that is particularly desirable.

This referential view of the bonds between women draws on a perspective that has replaced more traditional and outspoken notions of feminism among some women. While they are not comfortable with describing themselves as feminists, believing this to refer to man-hating, bra-burning spinsters, these women, including famous names like Jennifer Lopez, Charlene Spiterri and Janet Street Porter, identify their friendships with other women as integral sources of comfort and fulfilment.

RomCom Rants: “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving”

From this comes an understanding as to how to behave towards other women: Although this message of female solidarity is ostensibly positive, since it recognises that women are capable of offering each other support and kindness, it is also reductive, prescribing all women with the stereotypical nurturing and emotive personality traits. It is therefore not surprising that the film ultimately reduces Jenna to the role of typical rom com heroine; she chooses Matty rather than the girls, suggesting that an audience should care more about how her romance fares than her friendship.

13 going to 30 ending relationship

This dynamic also plays out in her professional life at Poise, which Jenna is shown to enjoy: Verdict By examining the adult world from the perspective of a thirteen year old, 13 Going On 30 offers a fresh look at the dilemmas and perks that come with being a grown up.

While this concept could have been disastrous, the plot generally avoids being creepy, and makes for a sweet romance and a memorable heroine. Jenna is portrayed throughout as someone who, despite some poor judgements, is caring and sensitive, but also capable, hard-working and intelligent.

13 going to 30 ending relationship

This is fine, but disappointing in a rom com that seemed to promise a personal development plot. Furthermore, the female friendships Jenna seeks turn out to be less fulfilling than her relationship with Matt, and Lucy becomes a jealous, back-stabbing stereotype.

End of 13 going on 30

Gather some friends, bring on the junk food and enjoy, but take the representation of women as a work in progress. Yet while we admit to having a soft spot for this movie, we couldn't help but be bothered by a few hard-to-miss issues What kind of year old boy is that good at carpentry?

10 Issues We Still Have With 13 Going on 30

But come on people--we're talking about a year-old boy here!! The only things the year-old boys that I know are good at is popping their pimples and getting questionably frequent boners.

13 going to 30 ending relationship

How was Matty's dollhouse that good? If that's how all goobers turned out, I'd have tied down my 7th grade boyfriend years ago. She thinks her longterm boyfriend is a creepy rando, and doesn't even know she's inside her OWN apartment.

13 going to 30 ending relationship

Then, she thinks her best friend Lucy is a stranger and doesn't know what her job is. And then the best justification that Lucy can come up with is just that Jenna's just hungover?!

After a while, blaming her problems on alcohol is going to look like a problem in itself.

13 going to 30 ending relationship

Matt at least reacts more appropriately when he freaks out a little at Jenna's alleged craziness. But then they go through their high school yearbook and Matt just stands there while Jenna asks about what she has been doing the past 20 years.

Was no one gonna rush Jenna to the doctor for a good ol' CAT scan to figure out what the hell was up?? Or call her parents at least!