Ace no diamond ending relationship

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ace no diamond ending relationship

Oct 7, Explore aira avila's board "diamond no ace" on Pinterest. | See more And I just love Miyuki's and Eijun's relationship lmao they're seriously goals. aira avila .. Dia no Ace / "Ace of the Diamond" anime end cap (). Cartoon. Durarara!! ending - Trust me - Ace pf diamond / Daiya no ace Dress Ace of the Diamond Baseball Anime, Haikyuu, Joker Game, Fan Art, Diamond .. Haha Tetsu and Jun's relationship sometimes reminds me of Sawamura and Furuya's. Production IG/Madhouse'Ace Of Diamond' Anime TV Still Anime & Manga event by performing the ending theme for the second season of the anime. . Eijun and Furuya's relationship, and how they fight for the ace number.

In contrast, Sawamura is loud and funny and the crowds are disinterested in him as a pitcher since he does not behave well based on cultural expectations.

ace no diamond ending relationship

Unfortunately for Sawamura, Diamond no Ace Act 2 opens with him messing up his first pitch of the opening inning. Sawamura is constantly overshadowed by his fellow pitcher. In a interview with Terajimathe mangaka talked about the two characters. If Sawamura were a real person, Terajima would admire how he is always working hard and uncompromising in his beliefs. In the end, Sawamura must surpass Furuya to become the ace.

Sawamura currently holds number 18, which is the same number that Furuya held during the spring of Act 1. Sawamura must challenge himself to work his way to the top just as his main rival did in the past. In Diamond no Ace Season 3 Furuya makes a mistake which puts Seidou in trouble and gives Sawamura the opportunity to shine. The creator purposefully wanted the boys to have opposite personalities so their rivalry stood out.

If Sawamura creates comedy by being loud and rambunctious off the field, Furuya will be quiet. If Sawamura throws a moving ball, Furuya pitches a strong fastball. Their very style of pitching is antithetical to each other.

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Despite being very emotional off the mound, Sawamura is very silent on the mound. Furuya is very silent off the mound but is very emotional on the mound.

ace no diamond ending relationship

Sawamura controls his emotions to allow for finesse pitching while Furuya channels his furious emotions into the pitching. Both players have an intense desire to be better than the other and this need leaves them unsatisfied unless outperform the other.

ace no diamond ending relationship

The mangaka says the relationship between the rivals, and how they battle for the right to be the ace, will culminate in the climax before the ending of the Ace Of Diamond manga series. Unfortunately, anime fans will just have to wait until the Ace Of Diamond Season 3 release date to watch how this baseball rivalry plays out on our TV screens. Join our newsletter to get more stories like this. And I too have been in love with you for quite awhile now, okay. I just feel that if we were to date privately, it would help avoid the interferance of our teammates from getting into our business.

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Don't you feel the same? I guess it's a secret. There was no exact way to know what the bespectacled boy always had in mind. The brunet can admit to that because not once did he ever figure him out. Miyuki Kazuya belongs to Sawamura Eijun. But they're the only two people who knows it.

Sure it was nice that the baseball members wouldn't pester him about such troublesome things related to romance. But it was even more frustrating that Eijun barely have time or space to meet up with Miyuki privately. And somehow along the way, they'd often encounter an obstacle that would put their secret at risk to being found out. The pitcher could not help but to think Would it be better if our relationship was open to the public?

Would we be able to see each other more? Because for the past month of dating, I can only be with him twice or once a week. I want more—as selfish as it may sound. Can't we meet up more?

The glasses-boy grinned as he pulled the loose towel down so he can plant a soft kiss on the brunet's exposed shoulder. I just want to be with you. Meet me in the front gate at 7 o'clock sharp. Not too long; he let go at once.

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He hugs me tight. Then briefly—his arms fall limp. He pets my hair.

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He kisses me on the lips. And it does not happen the second time. Because all this time he's been afraid to let anyone know about our relationship. And secretly as we love With the money handed in to the young woman's hand, the two stepped out of the classroom and walked through the corridors.

ace no diamond ending relationship

As they exited the building together, they unconsciously attracted seven pairs of eyes with certain thoughts running in their heads. Did the brat actually get himself a girl? Is it the end of the world already? Stop prying on the kid like some gossipers because you're giving me a headache. Such annoying people," Miyuki muttered before turning around to take his leave. Later that day; by luck, Eijun found himself cleaning the left baseballs on the grass with the help of his boyfriend because they were ordered to by their coach.

He had been thinking about the festival ever since his friends mentioned the tasty food and fun games revolving around the event.

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He had been meaning to ask Miyuki if he wanted to go with him, and now seemed to be the best time. And with fingers fiddling with one another, he anticipated for an answer. If we're going to hide our relationship, we can't be seen together in places like that. Just go with your friends. Nevermind that I asked. From the corner of his eyes, he can identify a familiar bespectacled having a conversation with a girl. Actually, it wasn't just any conversation.


But a talk that left a great impact on how he should view his boyfriend. The second-year made a thinking face.

ace no diamond ending relationship

It only took him a short pause before he replied. The thing starts at five, right? I'll come meet you here at four-thirty. The brunet felt empty inside and he was blanked for many minutes as he watched the two figures disappear into their own class section. What the hell was that? So we can't go together, but we can go with other people beside our close friends who just happens to be If only I was one, Miyuki would undoubtedly announce our relationship publicly, wouldn't he?

Because really, inside, he's scared of what everyone would think of us if they found out.