Breaking bad episode 1 ending a relationship

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breaking bad episode 1 ending a relationship

Relationships Appearances in Breaking Bad Season 1. Gretchen was introduced via a flashback. As Walt and Jesse Pinkman are cleaning up the liquefied. I did not ever think that my favorite character in Breaking Bad would be as the series, marking the end of their intimate yet horrific relationship. Breaking Bad is an American neo-western crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The show originally aired on AMC for five seasons, from January 20, to September 29, Set and filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the series tells the story of Breaking Bad is widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of.

breaking bad episode 1 ending a relationship

Walt was defeated and dying. Yet in his cowardice, he tried to use distorted logic to manipulate Jesse one final time.

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This time, though, Jesse resists. By withholding all emotion and sparing his life, Jesse caused far greater harm to Walt than killing him ever would. However when he was facing a dead end, depending on Jesse one last time, he found himself completely alone. There was no need for any discussion the last time these two interacted because nothing new needed to be said.

Walt now could do nothing else but stare, give a slight nod, and watch Jesse leave him behind. Perhaps even proud or respectful of Jesse, Walt understood Jesse could no longer be influenced, and that he himself was powerless. This silent exchange provided more emotion and closure than any dialogue ever could.

It serves as a fascinating bookend to the first time Walt and Jesse interacted back in the Pilot episode. In both the first and the last episode of Breaking Bad, Walt is surrounded by police officers while Jesse hurriedly flees the scene.

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That much is the same. But the depiction of both Walt and Jesse changes dramatically from the beginning to the end of the series.

In the Pilot, Walt appears as the upstanding and more powerful figure who goes on a ride-along with Hank and other DEA agents to bust a home where meth is being produced on a small scale. Jesse is on the second floor as the bust goes down, and is just barely able to flee the scene.

breaking bad episode 1 ending a relationship

Jesse, who began to operate on a more selfless level, exits the scene literally screaming for joy at being given another shot at life. They bring him to a meeting with Gus, Walt, and the dealers he was targeting.

breaking bad episode 1 ending a relationship

Jesse is furious to realize Walt has revealed his plan to Gus, but Gus tells him that Walt is his only friend in the room. After several tense verbal exchanges, the dealers agree to stop using children, and Jesse agrees to "keep the peace.

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He refuses to speak to Walt in the car after the meeting, and later won't return his phone calls. Jesse waits in his car near their territory, watching them and snorting meth for the first time since leaving rehab.

He grabs a gun from under his seat, leaves the vehicle and starts walking towards the dealers. As Jesse draws his gun, the dealers begin to do likewise. Suddenly, Walt plows over both dealers with his car.

breaking bad episode 1 ending a relationship

He exits the vehicle with one still underneath, and another injured but reaching for his gun. Walt picks up the gun, shoots the dealer in the head, looks at Jesse and says: In IGN 's review, the episode is called "fun, creative, well-directed, well-acted and set us up for what's going to be an awesome finale", and was given a 9.