Detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

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detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

The twenty-second season of the Case Closed anime was directed by Yasuichiro Yamamoto The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening and three ending themes. The first opening theme is . "Dare mo tokenai Kōri no Wana" (誰もとけない氷の罠), February 16, (). Professor Agasa take the. Case Closed: the Fourteenth Target, known as Detective Conan: The Fourteenth Konan: Jūyon-banme no Tāgetto) in Japan, is the second Case Closed movie. . The emergency exit is blocked with cement, leaving no way of escape. names of the characters, the corresponding relationships between the character and. According to Detective Conan producer Michihiko Suwa, Detective Conan . 17 years ago (Movie 2); One of Yusaku Kudo's incomplete novels is stolen — it will .. Vermouth asks Amuro why he isn't leaving the Detective Agency, and Because of this conclusion, he wonders about the relationship.

This marks the beginning of endless encounters and complicated mysteries, most of which only he can solve. I was immediately captivated when I started watching Detective Conan in I was 14 years old and by then it was already a fairly old anime that made its premier 7 years prior. I am now 24 years old. Yeah, i said it.

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Where do I begin with such a flat out brilliant series? Everything about the anime is simply extraordinary. But what really makes Detective Conan, as well as what makes it my all-time favorite anime all comes down to two things. The first one is the exquisite writing. The cases and mysteries in this anime are mind blowing.

I can't emphasize this enough. This show is a sigh of relief from the Scooby-Doo inspired cartoons that presented mysteries to you, that a blind donkey could solve in 20 seconds. The storylines are all well thought out, and the solutions to mysteries are NOT obvious, but can be solved by an observant viewer who thinks, just as Conan does. There will be many cases where you will be utterly stunned by the cleverness of the solution.

detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

Whether it's the murder cases, the romance elements, or the comedy factors, every episode is very well-put together. I learn something new JUST about every episode due to the fact that the writers put so much heart and effort into their work. One example being episode takes place in London. Don't worry, this review is spoiler free, so keep reading. The helicopter later explodes due to a gas leak. The eye drops that Tsuji used turned out to be mydriatic medicine, making Tsuji's pupils dilate and cause him to be blinded by the sun.

Because mydriatic medicine takes from 10 days to two weeks, Tsuji ends up unable to participate in the U. Kogoro mentions that he knows no one with nine in their name, but he knows an eight, Kohei Sawaki.

detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

Sawaki turns out to have a somewhat large collection of wine in his apartment, and while Conan is walking, he notices some damage on the floor. Sawaki mentions that he dropped a wine bottle there. Sawaki mentions that he will be going to Aquacrystal, to have a meeting with the owner Asahi about the restaurant over there. At the moment, Shiratori then notices there is a nine in Asahi.

Once they get to the restaurant, they notice that Shiratori Ninzaburo has a three. Ran mentions that Shinichi is one.

Osani then challenges Minoru Nishina, saying the restaurant Nishina recommended was terrible. Osani gives Nishina a blind tasting challenge, where Nishina incorrectly deducts Chambertin.

detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

Sawaki then correctly deducts the wine, saying it was a Beaujolais Moulin-a-Vent. Conan gets some juice for Ran, and surprisingly Kogoro takes the other juice instead of drinking beer.

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When Conan goes and gets some more juice, he notices Sawaki tasting some chili powder. When the crew later browses the wine chamber, Sawaki narrowly dodges a booby trap apparently set up by Murakami. The police realize that Asahi may be already dead. While the crew tries to leave, Nana notices the drowned body of Asahi, and the entrance to the restaurant is locked. The emergency exit is blocked with cement, leaving no way of escape.

The rest spread out to look for alternate exits, Nana stays behind with Ran and Conan.

Detective Conan Movie 16: The Eleventh Striker Episode 1 Discussion

When Conan tries to look too, he puts down the juice can and tries to run. However, Ran catches him. But then, the power cuts, which sends Nana into a panic. When the lights come back on, Nana is found stabbed.

When Conan notes the culprit grabbed Nana with the right hand, he realizes Murakami is not the culprit. Conan goes and gets some mineral water for everyone. While everyone drinks, Conan mentions he found the true culprit. At that moment, the lights go off by an explosion. Another explosion causes the restaurant to flood. Kogoro saves Nishina, who is a hopeless swimmer, and Conan notices everyone but Ran made it.

Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker (movie 16)

It's shown Ran was caught on the car. When Conan tries to save Ran, he ends up getting his leg stuck and goes out.

detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

However, Ran gives the oxygen that Conan had given to her in the form of a kiss. Conan quickly uses the elastic suspenders to move the car, and save Ran. The crew later finds another exit due to the flooding. He reveals that the culprit was not Murakami due to the fact that Murakami is left-handed, but the culprit was right-handed. He reveals that Kohei Sawaki is the culprit. He notes Sawaki has Aguesia, a disorder that robs the ability to taste. Kogoro then phoned Inspector Megure and was confirmed that it was indeed a suicide which make Misaki burst into tears.

With Conan suggestion, Kogoro allow her to retell what actually occurred.

detective conan movie 16 ending a relationship

As Nagisa had planned to marry Shibagaki after she finished high school, she has no reason to commit suicide. They later arranged for Takagi to share them the crime scene's photo. And when he was searching for progress within the crash case, he found unexpected answer from the scene. While Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Haibara collect firewood, they encounter a man burying a female corpse.

After being discovered by the killer and being chased by him, they find refuge in a cabin in the woods. While in the cabin, they discover that it was actually the crime scene of the murder. Meanwhile, Agasa, Conan, and Sera start to worry about them because their camping area happen to be out of cell-phone ranges. The Gunma police discover three suspicious men wandering alone in the forest claiming that they were innocent for the murder. While the Gunma police investigate the murder, they Detective Boys realize that they had been locked inside the cabin by the murderer while a fire is starting at the back of the cabin.

Although the smoke has attracted the attention of Conan, Inspector Yamamura claims that it was only the smoke of a campfire started by youngsters in the forest for a party.