Doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

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doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

I would have each of the cinematic endings involve both of the characters After the events of DOA3 (Ayane not killing Kasumi when she could have And romantic relationships are always intriguing, even in fighting games. Ayane (Japanese: あやね) is a video game character in the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden . In his guide to Dead or Alive 3, he wrote Ayane is a very unpredictable and quick attacker, even more than in the previous . At the end of the game, Ayane uses her ninpo ("ninja arts") spell to blow up the DOATEC Tri- Tower. For Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Fortune on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Girl's Relationship Levels". However, if not picked, Kasumi is tough to partner with her closeness declines over time . Seems sorta pointless though, it's the high end of the scale, (which all show up as "3.

Dead Or Alive 4 Ayane's Ending

Kasumi, and Hayate's father is named "Shiden" who was clan leader which makes hayate and kasumi next in line for ownership of the clan. Hayate's, kasumi's, and Ayane's mother was raped by raidou who is also a disgraced runaway shinobiwhich is ayane's actual dad, but hayate and kasumi's uncle, and Shiden's brother. Again, which makes ayane the half blood sister. Before ayane was told, she had a strong hatred towards kasumi.

Because she was the heiress to the clan, she was pretty, she was a good fighter, everyone adored kasumi, and she saw her as a threat to the relatioinship she has with hayate.

Although brother and sisters, in ayane's little twisted head, she also views kasumi as another woman trying to still the attention of her so called man hayate. Now the reason why kasumi is being hunted by ayane and hayate is that their village has a strong like code of honor of running from the clan.

Donovan sets things up for her to face Leon next in the tournament. Interestingly, they actually break through walls and stuff, which references the games well. However, Kasumi wears pants with her most recognized costume.

Leon This fight scene also had some ridiculous wire work. They could at least make it not look completely fake. Tina and her father fight after this scene. Tina wins the fight.

doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

Tina There is a volleyball scene, as I mentioned. Helena and Christie play against Tina and Kasumi. During this scene Ryu goes to investigate and has some cool fight scenes against guards. Then he gets captured. Ayane pops the volleyball with a shuriken when the score is tied and Kasumi goes to fight her.

doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

They fight in this bamboo forest but the fight is interrupted by Tina and Christie, and Ayane escapes. I wonder if she could have portrayed Helena properly if the script had been done correctly. Helena poster After this Tina and Zack are supposed to fight, and they decide to wait until after the party which is why there was a volleyball break.

doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

Zack I do have to say that Zack is characterized well in this film, and the actor looks the part, so it was good to see that got him mostly right. I do think he should have been a little less serious, as he is in the games. The last tournament fight in the film is between Christie and Helena. Christie wins and discovers the tattoo and memorizes it to get into the vault. She passes on the info to Max. Kasumi goes to find Hayabusa and Tina and Christie insist on coming.

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This scene also reveals that Kasumi has some feelings for Hayabusa, which irritates me. Mainly because in my mind the only relationship with Ryu involved is with Irene Lew from the original Ninja Gaiden games. Anyway, the girls all get captured and Donovan reveals his plan to download their fighting abilities and sell them for a high price to buyers.

At the same time Weatherby has revealed the truth to Helena that Donovan had her dad killed and about downloading fighters abilities and Helena has to fight off guards after Donovan sends them to kill Weatherby and Helena. Hayate has been shaved and no longer looks like Hayate, which sucks. He also uses some crazy fighting style that Hayate has never used as Hayate or as Ein.

doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

After he beats Hayate, Hayate is thrown off the tower to be saved by Ayane, and they share a passionate incestuous kiss. Donovan starts the download to the buyers. Weatherby stops the download of the program to the buyers after he and Helena escape.

He also works on freeing Kasumi and the others. Secondary partners include Bass, Gen Fu, and Jann Lee; pairing Ayane and Jann Lee is a scary combination as you have arguably the two fastest attacking characters on one team.

Tenshin Mon and Hajin Mon. Real Ninjitsu originated around the ninth century in Japan and was definitely influenced by Chinese. The actual fighting style of Ninjitsu is actually called Ninpo and is divided into eighteen basic techniques and eighteen advanced techniques.

doa 3 ayane ending a relationship

More than any martial art, training in Ninjitsu is a very comprehensive learning process that includes hand-to-hand techniques, weapon training, and religious practices.

The fighting technique of ninjas has one sole purpose: Thus, Ninjitsu techniques include various leaping attacks, quick hand and kick techniques, and grappling skills that can be performed to silence an enemy very quickly.

Ninjitsu is also one of the few martial arts to apply psychological aspects to their fighting methods; the ability to confuse, stun, or surprise the enemy gave the martial artist a better advantage and that can explain the use of poison, smoke bombs, and other unconventional weaponry of this martial art.

Moves[ edit ] Please view each move's notes as certain moves can only be performed in certain situations i.